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Susanna Scott is founder of BritMums, the UK’s largest collective of lifestyle bloggers. BritMums has 6,000+ blogger representing more than 8,500 blogs, keeping Susanna busy along with her three children, aged 8, 9 and 11 and blog A Modern Mother.

Before BritMums, Susanna was a marketing director in the IT space. Originally from Silicon Valley, in California she has lived in the UK for nearly 20 years.

Describe a typical day for you?

I get up very early, often at 5 am! It started when the girls were small, and I would go to bed when they did, because I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep. Now it’s become a habit. Mornings are wonderful, very quiet and I can get a lot done before the girls get up and get ready for the school run.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

Raising three lovely girls! This is also my biggest challenge.  My girls were all born within a 2 and ½ year time span. So they either are best friends, or constantly fighting.  It takes time and a lot of energy to make sure each one get the attention they need.

I would also say that starting BritMums was a huge achievement. When I started it in 2008, it was an act of love and involved a lot of my time, then the conference started and now all of my time is spent helping to grow BritMums into a collective where bloggers can share ideas and support each other.

I love hearing all the blogger success stories, and many will come back and thank BritMums for being so helpful and supportive when they started on their path.

What’s in your handbag/satchel etc?

Tube map. Train schedule. Cough sweets. USB stick. Paracemol. £20. iPhone 5 and my Ollpclip clip 3-in1 and Zoom lenses (I use these exclusively for taking photos for social media).

What are your ambitions in life?

To pass on a set of values to my children. To help them realize there is more to life than Rainbow Loom! To help others not so fortunate. 80% of the world lives in extreme poverty. We live in a bubble

What advice would you give your pre baby self that you now know having had children?

It all passes so quickly, make sure that you actually enjoy our kids growing up and spend less time checking your iPhone!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Continuing the grow BritMums to help support and stretch the minds of social influencers.

What advice would you give a budding creative/blogger?

Be true to your values. There’s so much junk out there – make a difference!

Finally, happiness is…

…sipping Pimms in the garden on a sunny June afternoon…


A Modern Mother





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45 Responses

  1. Steph @MisplacedBrit

    WOW! I get the feeling you ladies are very alike!
    You’re both inspiring entrepreneurs who’ve pushed way beyond dreaming about what you want to do, right on into living in it. I can’t wait to see what you’ll both be doing 5 years from now …Britmums to Euromums 🙂
    Honest mum, empowering mums <3

  2. Mel

    Great interview. Vicki, you do amaze me every day! It is so nice to be able to find out more about Susanna. What an achievement to be able to say you are the founder of BritMums… the founder of BritMums! Susanna is an inspiration to new bloggers like me; what she has achieved is an incredible success story. Having done that whilst raising three beautiful daughters and making sure she is not obsessed with her Iphone makes me admire her even more. There are incredible women out there! x

  3. Kate on Thin Ice

    What can I say? You changed my life and made me believe in myself. One of those folks who sprinkle fairy dust in the most magical of ways. I have only just read this and it makes me smile that I mentioned the garden and Pimms in my email today.

  4. Kirsten Hesketh

    Fab photo Susanna!

    Expect to see you looking like that at gym pick-up tomorrow!


  5. Mummy Tries

    Great to get to know more about Susannah. Can’t imagine a two and a half year age gap between three kids, mine have four and a half and it’s challenging enough. Hats off!

    I agree with getting the most out of an early start to the day, especially this time of year 🙂

  6. Michelle @ Bod for tea

    What a great interview with an inspiring lady – and I’m glad that I’m not the only person up tapping away at that time in the morning! *yawns and goes to bed*

  7. Rachael Lucas

    Lovely interview with a lovely person. Susanna has been a fantastic supporter of blogs and blogging and has cheered me on from my first wobbly-kneed session talking at her conference about going from blog to book to inviting me back over the years to share everything I’ve learned along the way to a book deal! She’s a real gem in the blogging world and is so busy working away in the background. She doesn’t often get to be in the spotlight so this is fab! x

    • Susanna

      That’s so sweet Rachel. I do remember us chatting on the registration desk at the first conference thinking what a lovely group of people. And now look at you! Such an inspiration. x

  8. Fiona

    She’s beautiful inside and out – love that about a woman – the inner beauty shines through.
    What lovely things to say about values and to appreciate what you have and to help others.


  9. JuggleMum Nadine Hill

    I went to browse Honest Mum’s latest posts and was pleasantly surprised to see another of my bloggy faves on her page!
    Great interview with Susanna and fab pic Susanna!
    I know that Susanna must be an early riser as I’m the same and have exchanged a few emails in the early morning!!
    Can’t wait to see you and Vicky at BritMums Live!

    • honestmum

      Thanks Nadine for your lovely comment, Susanna is an amazing lady, it will be lovely to meet you at BritMums Live and see Susanna again! x

  10. Carolin

    5am and you look like that? And don’t tell me, it’s all down to Julia 😉 In honesty, you’re a wonderful woman, Susanna. Hard working, kind and inspirational to all us bloggers out there x

  11. Kanchan @ The Intrepid Misadventurer

    I’ve communicated with Susanna once and though she’s probably the ‘oracle’ of the blogging world, she’s been so prompt in replying that you can’t but think the world of her. Britmums has been a great platform…I’m so glad it came into being! 🙂 Lovely post, Vicki! x

    • Susanna

      Hi Kanchan, so lovely to start to get to know you. Somehow I feel we’ll be hearing lots from you in the future. x

  12. Mirka @Kahanka

    Fabulous interview. I have known Susanna since I started blogging, more than 5 years ago, and had no idea she is an early bird. I would be dead at 5 am… and a fab photo!

  13. Helen at Casa Costello

    Aah, love Susannah! She is such a calming island in the turbulent waters of blogging. Really looking forward to BritMums Live to see all her work in action. Great interview and nice to know all Mothers of 3 girls have to put up with the fighting! x

    • Susanna

      What a nice comment Helen. Looking forward to seeing you too, and perhaps at our next Manchester event. x

  14. Emma Clark Lam

    Enjoyed learning more about Susanna and where her interests lie! So that’s where I have been going wrong: not getting up at 5am every morning.

  15. Franglaise Mummy

    A really lovely interview, I’m a massive fan of Britmums, it’s helped me so much as a blogger and I can’t wait for the 20th June 🙂

  16. Capture by Lucy

    You should be incredibly proud of everything you’ve achieved, the most supportive, encouraging parenting collective out there! BritMums inspires so many xx

  17. Kate/WitWitWoo

    5am Susannah?? WHAT? Although I was up at 5 this morning to have a wee … but that’s a whole other story. Gorgeous pic too x

    • Susanna

      Kate, how do you always have a comment that makes me smile? You are a burst of sunshine on a misty morning. x


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