The summer is fast approaching and it’s holiday time (nearly) for this family!

ice cream eating-honest mum

We feel truly lucky to have had quite a few fabulous, memorable holidays both here or abroad since the kids have come along, mostly in Europe and the Med with some closer to home in Yorkshire and Wales too for shorter breaks.

Long haul flights pre-sprogs have taken a backseat though but fun and sun have so far, not been compromised (not counting our holidays to Wales of course)!

Yorkshire-Honest Mum

 Isn’t Yorkshire beautiful?

Yiayia and Oliver

With our first son, Oliver we did a fair bit of travelling with him from a young age (not counting moving from London to Bristol and then Leeds in his first year too) as I flew solo with him to Cyprus when he was 6 months old to meet my beloved Grandma (no longer with us) which was unforgettable, then our first family holiday as three to Tenerife the following Easter (pics below).

Tenerife beach-Vicki

Tenerife family pic-Honest Mum

Soon after, Alexander came along and together we enjoyed a joyous two-week break in Portugal last summer as a foursome for beach trips, al fresco seafood dining and fun with other families staying at the same resort. Oliver also learnt to swim last year, it was incredible seeing the boys blossom outdoors, absorbing and thriving in their new surroundings.

Portugal-Honest Mum

We equally love escaping it all with week-long sojourns by the captivating Yorkshire coast, hiring a cottage and stomping down to the beach, wellies on, buckets in hand, for hot chips and sweet Yorkshire ice cream in the sea breeze. Our happy place on home shores.


Time to relax, recuperate and rest from the every day, the hamster wheel of work, pre-school and routine, the chance to slow down and take everything in a little more.

Cannes-Honest Mum

This month, I am away with girlfriends to the South of France for a week at the Cannes Film Festival for film premieres and market screenings, meetings and ‘eatings’ but mostly for some time to feel me again to let my hair down (the parties are incredible).

Vicki-Honest Mum

The last time I went I was unknowingly pregnant with Oliver in 2010 so it’s been a few years and I’m now more than ready to return with renewed energy and a zest to reconnect with the film world.

We are also, of course, considering family holidays for the year ahead, hopefully, to Marbella where relatives live and a week in London now we no longer live there and can be tourists again, taking in the city on double deckers and black cabs to visit museums and art galleries for a culture/fun hit!

Looking overseas, a love of Italy (I lived in Rome after Uni) means we’re seriously considering Villa Pia for late summer; I’m yearning to stay at this award-winning family villa in Lippiano, set against the beautiful backdrop of Tuscany.

Villa Pia

A perfect destination for families, Villa Pia offers an affordable luxury holiday that’s family friendly to boot. Their all inclusive, child-friendly accommodation is quite simply a haven nestled between Umbria and Tuscany, Lippiano is a sweet town enveloped in the classic landscape that Italy is famous for: sumptuous green fields, olive groves and vineyards as far as the eye can see and deep blue skies: bliss!

Villa Pia

Villa Pia stands on five acres of land, where children can explore and play- with two swimming pools on site, a sand pit, trampoline, indoor soft play room and adventure play space (that will keep them busy).

Beyond the gates lays Lippiano’s 10th-century castle surrounded by stunning woodland ideal for walking, mountain biking and horse riding. Heavenly!

There is also a range of relaxing beauty treatments, adult cookery classes, pilates or yoga sessions, wine tasting and even an on-site babysitting service to help you totally unwind making this a perfect holiday destination for us four. We have to make it happen!

Now where did I put my passport?

So, where are your favourite holiday destinations?

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20 Responses

  1. Charly Dove

    Oh my word I don’t know where to start! What a wonderful post Vicki, must have been great to look back on these holidays and also think of the future too. Cannes will doubt be immense as well (still on my list to get there!). Love the photos, couldn’t pick a favourite they’re all fabulous! Awesome post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Mari

    Some fantastic holidays and what a fabulous villa, I’ve been to Tuscany many a time and it’s beautiful. I am sure Villa Pia would be the perfect place to stay

  3. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    I am so in love with the place! So rustic and beautiful! Breathtaking. I have so many adjectives in my mind but ill stop gushing now. Thanks for sharing photos of a beautful place & your beautilful family =) #whatsthestory

    • honestmum

      Oh wow Luci, we will miss each other. Love South of France, perfect for family holiday (just the festival isn’t!) x

  4. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    Oh my – those pictures are spectacular! A trip to Cannes – with girlfriends – for a week – *salivating* and that Villa and all the rest – bliss! Hope you have a wonderful time – do some partying for the rest of us please!

    • honestmum

      Thanks @Anya it’s 5 days, cannot wait! Will do lots of partying for you and really hope we make it to Villa Pia x

  5. Jenny

    Wow all sounds like a fairytale. I love to travel. The south of france is one of my favorite places. My friends live on the beach in cannes so we go often. I have always wanted to go to the film festival there. I bet it’s amazing. Good for you to let your hair done and be you again! Enjoy. Marbella is lovely too. I want to go next year as this year we are off to america for two months to see my family. Enjoy your full filled holidaying!!! #whatsthestory

    • honestmum

      @Jenny gorgeous isn’t it and South of France stunning, we spent most of our childhood holidays there, bliss. Where in America are you from? Long vacation to see your family will be wonderful x

  6. TheBoyandMe

    What a wonderful post and it really gives a feel of all the different places you go to as a family and a person individually. I’ve got itchy travelling feet now!

    I’m debating taking The Boy to Barcelona in October, he’s never been abroad before.

    • honestmum

      Oh fab thanks @theboyandme yes we travelled a lot to South Africa where Peter is from pre-kids and me to LA with work and play but can’t handle long flights with kids. Ooh reckon he would love Barcalona, my folks adore it there, must visit myself! Thanks for your lovely comment

  7. Citygirlnomore

    I recognise some of those pictures – beautiful! This summer we are taking the car and heading to the South of France, Monaco for a week; then on to beautiful Portofino in Italy for a week. Also booked some lovely overnight stays across France outbound and on the return, so a big explore for us.

    • honestmum

      Thanks @Citygirlnomore, yes you will have seen a lot of the pictures from other posts, oh wow, we love the South of France, you will have a gorgeous time and always wanted to visit Portofino, hope you’ll blog about it all!

  8. Babes about Town

    We are so overdue a holiday, it’s been years since we took a proper family break! We used to stay at this dream like spot in Corsica which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Also visiting family in Nice which is gorgeous and despite how mad it is, I always enjoy a trip to Lagos, the African New York. Pure buzz 😉 Lovely post, really looking forward to checking out Villa Pia some time! x

    • honestmum

      @BabesaboutTown oh wow, amazing destinations there, I really want to visit Lagos, take me! Corsica sounds incredible, love the South (and whole of) France, the food and beaches are stunning. You must visit Cyprus and Greece too-awe droppingly beautiful! Villa Pia looks beautiful doesn’t it! x

  9. Metropolitan Mum

    The Caribbean, St Tropez and anywhere really snowy and mountain-y in the winter. I have become really boring in terms of holiday destinations since the kids came along.

    • honestmum

      All gorgeous choices Metropolitan Mum and you are braver than us re long haul, the kids can just about cope with a few hours on a plane!


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