I recently read an article that said 1 in 3 women LOVE cleaning! Whaat?!

Like Monica from Friends, apparently one third of the female population are hardwired to love cleaning, washing, scrubbing, drying and polishing! *shocked face, need a lie down.

Personally I’m more of a Rachel and whilst I’ve never cried at having to take the bin out like she did, for me household chores are exactly that – a CHORE, people! I’m thinking a man might have written that article now come to think of it.

…As a ‘Rachel’, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I wasn’t a 50’s housewife, when they used to spend a staggering (and pretty depressing) 63 hours a week on housework!!

Thanks to amazing advancements in technology and the advent of electrical appliances over the past 7 decades means that this figure has declined significantly with experts suggesting that due to innovations in technology, wait for it, we’ll be spending a big fat 0 hours on housework in 20 years time! Roll on 2035 baby!!!

In this digital age, innovative software is revolutionising the way we do housework, and on that happy note welcome to the amazing Laundrapp.


Doing the laundry has always been my least favourite of household chores, just seeing a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed sends a shudder down my spine, so discovering Laundrapp is like all my Christmases came at once!


Super simple to use, Laundrapp is an on demand laundry and dry cleaning app, dubbed as the service for people who ‘love life but hate laundry’ – something I can completely relate to!

The service is door to door with free collection and delivery, so it’s completely hassle free and easy on the ol’ purse strings too!

From laptop or phone to pick up and delivery in one easy swoop!


Laundrap van

No more slaving by the iron, have Laundrapp do the hard work for you.

Prices start from £1.50 including delivery right back to your door.

The app is so good, I’m hoping one day the only time I’ll ever see a washing machine is in a museum!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve teamed up with Laundrapp on a fab new competition to win a £50 voucher for them along with a £50 gift card for Ted Baker where you snap up this dry cleanable beautiful Atilla cascading floral cardigan (£50) or anything you like from the site.

Cool huh?!

A wonderful take on the ‘little black cardigan’, I love the stunning floral print on the back. Its the perfect cover up for summer evenings when the temperature drops and it adds some statement style to an LBD.

The figure hugging cut is super flattering and I love the feminine pallet of the print!

Ted Baker

Here I wear it over a classic LBD by Miss Selfridge, teamed with these 70’s style wooden heeled futuristic sandals by Office.

The perfect item to to be dry cleaned using Laundrapp.

Enter to win this stylish bundle via Rafflecopter below

Ends 31st July 2015

UK Only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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192 Responses

  1. Victoria Prince

    I would take mum on a (minor) shopping spree with the Ted Baker voucher – she is always saying she needs some new clothes, but never gets round to it! As for the Laundrapp, I love tech so it sounds fun and I’d love to try it, I’m also disabled and laundry isn’t my strong point so that would be really helpful and remove one task from others!

  2. Joanne Fisher

    I would gibe the ted baker voucher to my best friend as shes wanted a ted baker purse for ages
    I would use the laundrapp voucher to get my winter coats cleaned

  3. Pam Francis Gregory

    I’d use the vouchers to buy a gift for my hubby. I would love to use Laundrapp but they don’t serve my area!

  4. Meiji

    I would love to get a new short purse with Ted Baker and do a good clean up of my summer wardrobe!

  5. adele mills

    id love to get some ted baker baby grows fro my little princess then maybe treat myself 🙂

  6. MichelleD

    I’d put it towards a Ted Baker jacket I saw the other day! I’d get my winter coats done with Laundrapp.

  7. Tammy Neal

    id spend the voucher on my self for my birthday present or on my mum as she always deserves a treat <3

  8. Hayley Colburn

    I’ve seen a gorgeous Ted Baker top I would treat my husband to x

  9. Lesley

    Would love a Ted Baker bag and would use laundrapp for my duvets. 🙂

  10. Barbara madden

    would put the voucher towards some new bed linen and the Launrdapp would be ready for my autumn clean ready for the cold winter months

  11. Felicity Smith

    I would get some new interview clothes, I would love to get my bedding cleaned properly

  12. gemma nisbet

    The app sounds Fab! Would love a go. I would spend the vouchers on a new purse I think.

  13. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    I would go straight for one of the purses and the Laundrapp frees up time, convenience and does a job that isn’t my favourite chore!

  14. Dawn

    I’d put the voucher towards the bridesmaids dresses I have seen in Ted Baker for my wedding next year. With the help from Laundrapp I’d be able to use the extra time for wedding planning!!
    Dawn recently posted…Adventure Weekend in WalesMy Profile

  15. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    I’d love to use the app so I can spend more time with the children & I’d treat myself to a new purse

  16. Jayne T

    Laundrapp would be perfect for all my dry cleaning and I’d love to treat myself to something new to wear from ted baker, such as the lovely Butterfly cluster print T-shirt.

  17. Sharon Mclauchlan

    i really dont know i went being big because of my health to losing it all to getting pregnant so yes some new clothes would be great

  18. Tim Taylor

    I’d buy a new wallet, and the app would be good for cleaning my suits

  19. Mrs Rachel Heap

    I think i would get myself a new purse and this new app sounds great!

  20. Jessica Hutton

    The sully crystal stud earrings in blue would be what I bought. The launder app would come in handy for doing the duvets xx

  21. kris

    would love to give tha laundry app a go, sounds fun! could do with some nice new clothes too 🙂

  22. Keri Jones

    I would use Laudrapp to have my duvets & pillows cleaned. I don’t drive & getting to the laundrette to use the big machines is nearly impossible. From Ted Baker I would get the very pretty Sallina wash bag and plenty of other things while I’m there I’m sure 😉 x

  23. Amy J

    I’d spend the money on a new bag and would probably use the app to get my bedding cleaned

  24. cheryl lovell

    Laundapp would help me with daily boring chores. I would treat myself for once if I won!

  25. SandraB

    The thing I really hate about the laundry is all the folding as it comes out of the drier and deciding what goes where! And it’s never ending! The Shadow Floral canvas clutch bag has caught my eye in the Ted Baker shop and would be great for summer or winter I think. I think I’d be putting it towards one of those if I won. Thanks for the chance.

  26. tina edwards

    id spend the voucher on a bag and i would use launrdapp to iron shirts

  27. Cupcake

    Would love to get a wardrobe of shirts ironed and buy something cool and practical from Ted Baker.

  28. gina sudron

    summer clothing also a new handbag i would love to use laundrapp for my cotton sheets and duvet

  29. Laura Loo

    I put it towards a new bag and I would get my husbands suits cleaned

  30. lorraine stone

    I would get a t-shirt with a logo on, love to use Laudrapp to help me with the day to day boring chores!

  31. Carolin

    I’d probably get a new make-up bag. I’ve had mine for years and could really do with switching it up.

    Like the sound of laundrapp. Really handy when you’re out and about too.
    Carolin recently posted…Things to consider before giving birthMy Profile

  32. Nora Saab

    I would buy a new bag, and use the app for when I need to clean duvets

  33. Lindsey Stuart

    I would love to buy a nice new purse 🙂 I would really like to have my duvets washed 🙂

  34. iona

    I’d treat myself to something summery – too much to choose from. Love the sound of laundrapp – can fit the dry cleaning around my life rather than the other way round. xxx

  35. Laura A farnworth

    Id spend the voucher on a new bag or purse and the launrdapp voucher will come in really handy when getting the duvets cleaned.


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