I recently read an article that said 1 in 3 women LOVE cleaning! Whaat?!

Like Monica from Friends, apparently one third of the female population are hardwired to love cleaning, washing, scrubbing, drying and polishing! *shocked face, need a lie down.

Personally I’m more of a Rachel and whilst I’ve never cried at having to take the bin out like she did, for me household chores are exactly that – a CHORE, people! I’m thinking a man might have written that article now come to think of it.

…As a ‘Rachel’, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I wasn’t a 50’s housewife, when they used to spend a staggering (and pretty depressing) 63 hours a week on housework!!

Thanks to amazing advancements in technology and the advent of electrical appliances over the past 7 decades means that this figure has declined significantly with experts suggesting that due to innovations in technology, wait for it, we’ll be spending a big fat 0 hours on housework in 20 years time! Roll on 2035 baby!!!

In this digital age, innovative software is revolutionising the way we do housework, and on that happy note welcome to the amazing Laundrapp.


Doing the laundry has always been my least favourite of household chores, just seeing a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed sends a shudder down my spine, so discovering Laundrapp is like all my Christmases came at once!


Super simple to use, Laundrapp is an on demand laundry and dry cleaning app, dubbed as the service for people who ‘love life but hate laundry’ – something I can completely relate to!

The service is door to door with free collection and delivery, so it’s completely hassle free and easy on the ol’ purse strings too!

From laptop or phone to pick up and delivery in one easy swoop!


Laundrap van

No more slaving by the iron, have Laundrapp do the hard work for you.

Prices start from £1.50 including delivery right back to your door.

The app is so good, I’m hoping one day the only time I’ll ever see a washing machine is in a museum!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve teamed up with Laundrapp on a fab new competition to win a £50 voucher for them along with a £50 gift card for Ted Baker where you snap up this dry cleanable beautiful Atilla cascading floral cardigan (£50) or anything you like from the site.

Cool huh?!

A wonderful take on the ‘little black cardigan’, I love the stunning floral print on the back. Its the perfect cover up for summer evenings when the temperature drops and it adds some statement style to an LBD.

The figure hugging cut is super flattering and I love the feminine pallet of the print!

Ted Baker

Here I wear it over a classic LBD by Miss Selfridge, teamed with these 70’s style wooden heeled futuristic sandals by Office.

The perfect item to to be dry cleaned using Laundrapp.

Enter to win this stylish bundle via Rafflecopter below

Ends 31st July 2015

UK Only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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195 Responses

  1. Ayda

    At this time due to the busy schedule every day, people hardly ever have time to keep their houses up and focus on other essential things, such as washing dishes, washing the sheets, etc. And they work with others to help them increase their frequent work day by day, especially when they laundry delivery…

  2. Ayda

    Good Day!
    One of the best tips, when looking for companies offering laundry delivery is setting your standard on what kind of services you want for your laundry. ….!

  3. Joy

    Before you begin laundry and dry cleaning, Begin by discovering your zone of service. Do your homework and search for the most business able fields in your metropolis. You can find population figures, gigantic employers in your region and places of laundry and dry cleaners by conducting some research online.……!

  4. liz ferguson

    I’d buy a new bag and Laundrapp would be great for my suits.

  5. jessica newman

    I would love a new dress for my honeymoon! i really loathe ironing so this service would be amazing

  6. Rennene Hartland

    Would put the Teb baker towards a dress and im bridesmaid in september so would use laundapp for a treat for the bride to get her wedding dress cleaned

  7. teresa sheldon

    I’d treat myself to a new handbag and use the Laundrapp , just had my son and I use towelling nappies so would uae it for those

  8. Zoe Warren

    Definitely ironing, worst job to do ever!! Ted Baker voucher would go towards an amazing dress, that I can’t normally afford!

  9. Purmala Shrestha

    I would love to buy a bag. I like Laundrapp because Laundrapp have good dry cleaning and laundry services.

  10. Kelly L

    I hate ironing so would be a godsend! I would treat myself to something nice 🙂

  11. Rebekah Weeks

    I love the felt fedoras on the website, and the laundry app would be so handy because I struggle with chronic migraines. Laundry is not only tedious, but painful!

  12. Laura Vitty

    I’d spend it on some new work clothes for the start of the new term in September. Laundrapp looks revolutionary!

  13. Theresa Thomas

    This sounds great Id love to get my wedding dress dry cleaned and buy some new shoes for my son #MummysNeedsNeverComeFirst

  14. Katie

    I’d put the gift cards away for Christmas presents. I’d use the laundry service for my husband’s dry clean only suits.

  15. Craig Smith

    I would dry clean my work suit as I sit sweltering in it in summer. Would treat my wife to some new shoes for her collection with the ted baker voucher.

  16. Jamie Millard

    To clean my suits but keep them looking good.

    Would buy a gift for my girlfriend Sarah’s birthday in August.

  17. gemma clark

    I would love to treat myself to a new bag and the app sounds awesome! New baby on the way means anything that saves time will help!

  18. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    I would love to get my wedding dress professionally cleaned, so this sounds great! The Ted Baker card would be perfect for my son whose favourite body sprays are made by Ted Baker! So thanks so much for this giveaway! 🙂

  19. Kirsty Woods

    My husbands suit needs a dry clean and i would get myself something nice

  20. ellie spider

    I’d save it until I have reached my ideal weight – 3 stone down 2 to go! and then I would buy myself some nice jeans as I live in them 🙂 I’d love to use the laundrapp to get my favourite vintage style dress cleaned as its the only one I have at the moment that actually fits me the rest are too big

  21. Caroline Signey

    I would get shoes! And LaundrApp would be perfect to get my hubby’s suits done

  22. Julie Booth

    I would love a new dress and I would use the laundapp to get some of my many clothes waiting to be dry cleaned finally cleaned

  23. Tracyann Higgs

    I would treat my daughter to something from Ted Baker, and Laundrapp would be great for my suitcase of holiday washing ?

  24. Kristy Brown

    I would love to buy some Ted Baker Jeans and I have a lovely ball gown that needs dry cleaning

  25. Neil Firth

    My daughter would probably nab both cards 🙁
    I’d have had my suits laundered

  26. Sarah Robinson

    I would love to get my coat dry cleaned and would really like a new top from Ted baker 😉 Fingers crossed! Great prize x

  27. olivia Kirby

    I’d get my coat dry cleaned.
    From Ted Baker I would love to put towards the Pure peony pleated skirt dress – it’s gorgeous

  28. Sarah Lewis

    I would love to buy a new dress and I would love to get my duvet dry cleaned.

  29. Ellie P

    This would be fab! I would love to get some of my dresses dry cleaned, and I’d probably buy a new dress with the gift voucher! 🙂


    I would love to buy the EMII
    Shadow Floral T-shirt. I would love to get my king size duvet dry cleaned.

  31. Jenny Jones

    I would love a new pair of shoes and I would use the laundapp to get some of my many clothes waiting to be dry cleaned finally done lol

  32. Kelly Smith

    I’d buy my lovely boyfriend a pressie as his epilepsy has been terrible lately and it’d be nice to put a smile on his face! The laundrapp would just give me a little while to not worry about cleaning clothes!

  33. Keshia Esgate

    I would get a dress or some shoes. I would love to get some of my dresses dry cleaned

  34. Katy Malkin

    This sounds great Id love to get my wedding dress dry cleaned and some nice dresses

  35. Diana

    Would get a little treat for my second half and an laundapp would be a treat for me


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