Duh duh duh…the truth about going from one to two kids…

A lot of broody friends of one, have been asking me recently what life is like with two kids so I thought I’d write a few things that we’ve personally found changed for us as a family.

My children are 3, nearly 4 and 14 months respectively.

Experiences will differ on children’s ages and age gaps, no doubt.

This is by no means a post to encourage or discourage you from procreating further.

Life with two kids is very different from one (as none to one is too), it’s busier, you’re more stretched as parents meeting the varying needs of two different little people and your time is definitely more sparse than ever before.

You do get double the love though and boy(!) are my boys kissable!

The good of course outweighs the bad and as with your first, once the second comes along, you simply can’t imagine life before.

Well mostly. I do remember being able to use the toilet solo and actually eating breakfast without little ones crawling over me and consuming my food but it’s worth it *I think!

So here are my 5 ways (off the top of my head) in which life changes with two:

1. Your love multiplies-oh yes it does- from the minute your second arrives. I mean how could it not with two doe-eyed cuties made in your image… but so does your frustration, especially when synchronized crying is in full force or relentless fighting has commenced (and the naughty step no longer works) or at the very least, simply having two little voices yelling ‘Mum’ at you rather than one. Good times.

2. Sleep. Erm, if it’s for the weak then I admit it, I’m WEAK, weak, weak because I need it. I want it. I don’t get enough of it. Currently,we have a teething baby (never-ending since 3 months) and both kids have colds and coughs hence disturbed sleep so the husband and I are pretty tired most days. Make that shattered, ratty, in need of 8 hours uninterrupted (when will it happen?).

Funnily enough when the baby was born, life was easier as he slept most of the time!

However, now the baby’s body clock is set for 6 am so I literally nap in the day when he does. With your first, you never bother with that right? Well you learn from your mistakes. Now, I take sleep when I can. In the car (not driving obvs), on trains, watching MIC. I know, MIC!!! I don’t even know who I am anymore?!

3. Eating out. This my friends will never be the same again. One child is tolerable but two, especially if they won’t sit down or stay quiet (sorry fellow diners rolling their eyes) means taking it in turns to eat with your partner. Thank goodness for Grandparents and date night.

4. Childcare/work. This is more of a struggle and cost of course as one child is likely to already be in nursery/Pre-school etc. and on your return to work if you decide to, there’s another person to consider too. Always a juggle. Again thank goodness for Grandparents. I know not everyone is so lucky.

5. Playing together. Yes they fight but they have also started to play well together too and it’s a joy to witness. I also relish the moments where they kiss one another and cuddle up together in front of Cbeebies. Good ol’ Justin bringing brothers together. Seriously though, I’m so glad they’re buddies and have one another.

So that’s just 5 things that spring to my sleep-adled mind.

Not put you off baby number 2 have I?

Just trying to prepare you!

You’re welcome.

Have you two or more? If so, what’s changed for you?

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15 Responses

  1. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    I must admit that I found the jump from one to two the easiest of them all. It was going from two to three that broke me! Ha! But once you’ve mastered three, you might as well have ten honestly, it doesn’t get any harder than three. Now I have four and would never so no to just one more. I must be mad 😉

    • honestmum

      @(Mostly) Yummy Mummy you are a complete superwoman lady and I say fill that house! I’ve heard 2-3 is hardcore…might wait a few more years!

  2. Mark Richards

    Tough one for dads as well. I remember my life being more buggered up by going from one to two than none to one. 21 months between our eldest two and suddenly my wife was breastfeeding our daughter and I was in charge of 21 month old son. Where did my free time go? What happened to the football I used to watch? In the end we introduced a new rule: nothing we said to each other in the sleep deprived hours between midnight and 7am counted in our relationship…

  3. natalie holland

    I am sooo broody for a third! my two are 7 and 4, the youngest has just started school, which is what has stirred it up in me. But I’m also not sure I want to go back to that whole baby stage – not to mention pregnancy eeek!! x

    • honestmum

      @Natalie Holland yes I think when they sort of fly the nest for school, the hormones kick in-yes if only I could hire a surrogate!x

  4. Metropolitan Mum

    You know what’s funny – I never became broody again after number 1. I just decided at one point I should have another one, or I’ll regret it. As you know, number 2 is 14 months old now, just like Baby Alexander. And guess who’s broody now…. ARGH HELP!!! 🙂 xx

  5. Notmyyearoff

    I think I just about manage to cope with z. I have no idea how I’d do two but I am lucky to have my parents about half an hour away and my inlaws closer. It’s like spinning plates permanently isn’t it?


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