Alexander 10 months

The 10 Month Review

Alexander 10 months

So at 10 months old in the UK, your baby gets reviewed by a health visitor and today was Alexander’s turn to ‘perform’, be weighed in those funny sink shaped scales every baby hates and measured as flat as a wriggling baby could be!

At least they had toys to keep him occupied while the health visitor told me most of what I already knew but had forgotten after my first and the inevitable post birth/lack of sleep popping of brain cells and handed me leaflets I promised to read and now can’t find. Sound familiar?

In the roaring heat of that review room with no bin (well they want you to take your dirty nappies home with you) all I could think about was the need for a glass of cold Pimms or Prosecco (or simply an open window) then realised that was probably asking too much from the NHS (the alcohol, obvs).

…So onto the stats, already in 12 month clothes due to those long limbs of his (and possibly the height his bouffant curls give him-that’s my boy) I assumed he was on the tall side and yes he’s rocking in at the 91st percentile when it comes to his measurements (and length of curls no doubt). I’m deducing the former derives from his 6’2″ Daddy and not his ‘nearly 5’6″ more like 5’5 and a half ‘tall for a Greek girl’ Mother (the curls are all me, of course).

Not a heavy baby, just above the 50th and described as a smart little chap with his current word collection including:

Daddy, Yiayia (Grandma in Greek), no, water, Billy (pronounced Biyi by him, our diva cat), birdie and share (if only his older brother would do the latter and perhaps he’d stop wearing the naughty step out …and my patience). I mean the poor boy only has about a thousand cars! I keep telling everyone (my Big Fat Greek Family) to stop buying toy cars for him then end up taking black bin bags full of them to the local charity shop, which no doubt all get bought back again by my Big Fat Greek Family.

Back to the baby talk…Alas, no Mama, Mummy, Mum, Ma from Alexander-nada (apparently it’s hard to pronounce words starting with Mu for babies but this baby said WATER for flips sake)!

All that talking definitely comes from me so I’m expecting some real recognition soon, clapping whenever he sees me just isn’t enough! It does make me feel like Mariah Carey though, I just need to perfect his straw in glass handling abilities and we’re there! (Yes, Mariah has someone who holds her straw, my telly friend saw this with his own eyes).

…Alexander is a mild, happy baby (when he’s not teething so all the hours outside of 2-6am) who is easy going and ever so desperate to catch up with his 3 and a half year old going on 13 brother. He follows him around, pushing himself on his walker or frantically crawling to catch up with him, observing his every move with wide eyes full of admiration (until Oliver wallops him for touching his Thomas the Tank Engine mark 10-we have so many).

Like my first born, Alexander is bright as a button, knows his mind, loves his food and is already one loving little boy, hugging us all and placing his little head on our shoulders when he’s tired. He’s just delightful.

A little Prince was born yesterday but mine has just turned 10 months old!

Photograph©Peter Broadbent.


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