What Does The Budget Mean For Families?

Earlier this month, George Osborne, gave his sixth budget speech with the chancellor's new sugar tax dominating the headlines. This tax sees the Government take on the fizzy drinks industry in a bid to tackle growing issues around childhood and adult obesity.

A Night in A&E

Last night saw us rushing to A&E as Alexander, aged 14 months experienced episodes where he was struggling for breath. As you can imagine, it was an alarming, stressful time for my husband and I. Alexander had already been seen twice by the GP yesterday, once in the morning with a 39.9 degree temperature and then at 5pm with worsening flu like symptoms.
Alexander 10 months

The 10 Month Review

So at 10 months old in the UK, your baby gets reviewed by a health visitor and today was Alexander's turn to 'perform', be weighed in those funny sink shaped scales every baby hates and measured as flat as a wriggling baby could be!