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Some #MSMHomeTruths with & Comedian Mark Watson


Recently I was invited to film with popular and UTTERLY HILARIOUS BBC presenter Mark Watson- but with a frustrating clash of dates, I just couldn’t make it to London for the shoot day- so did want any vlogger worth her salt would do, and vlogged a piece directly to Mark.

Yay for technology hey!

The filming was all part of MoneySupermarket’s new campaign #MSMHomeTruths with exploring the value of items that goes beyond monetary worth.

The outcome of the video where Mark tries to guess my personality made laugh out loud-you have to see it!

The background-

As someone who takes pride in her home, I was excited to share my possessions both here and more specifically in my wardrobe (hello shoes) whose real worth lies in the memories and significance of them to me. They’re irreplaceable really.

These pieces are an extension of myself, my family, the home and life we’ve built together-when I insure my home, I’m protecting my personality, my individuality, my character along with my past and present.

So here are the images Mark was sent before having to decide who I might well be! All very Through the Keyhole huh?!

My lounge-where the family gathers round the box (yay for Netflix) and to lay on the beloved chaise longue of ours.

The chaise longue was reupholstered as a gift from my Mum when we first moved here, after she bought the chair at an auction many moons ago.

The white rose emblems in the wood are a symbol of Yorkshire and it’s one of my most favourite heirlooms passed down from my folks.

chaise longueThe Kitchen: the dining table is my office-I like to work near the fridge and this room really is the heart of the home!

When the kids return from school, the laptop goes away and we bake, cook and eat together. The bold yellow and red accents make me smile, and it’s a real sun trap of a room with a holiday vibe.

My family are originally from Cyprus and the kitchen when bathed in sunlight, reminds me of the many holidays spent there as a child.

Particularly with the fresh herbs of basil, coriander and mint flourishing on the windowsill and giant olive trees by our front door.


Mac Bronzer (obvs). No explanation necessary!

Mac bronzer

Laptop and phone (with my kids faces on of course)! Mama can’t work without these!

personalised phone and laptopDessert (always dessert). I made these myself! Yum!

meringuesShoes (bespoke too daarlings).

When I was offered the chance to create a pair of heels with Upper Street, I couldn’t wait to put my mark on my very own pair. These beauties reflect my style, personality and slightly wild side too of course!

bespoke shoes

Vintage coat

Camera –

As a TV and film director, blogger and vlogger, where would I be without my camera hey?! This had to go in! And ‘Action’!


…I had such a laugh filming my piece for Mark. After seeing my images above (without any explanation), he was asked to create a picture of who I was based on them!

Mark Watsonmoney supermarket

A meringue eating, vintage loving filmmaker in heels is what I’m hoping for!

Go see if he got it right?!

You can watch mine and other videos over on their site HERE too!

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