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Share Your Baby Pictures with Family with Lifecake


Every parent loves taking photos of their children growing up (heck, I’m that girl that shows pictures to random commuters on trains).

I love photos, looking at my own childhood ones (not so much the ones with the epic eyebrows aged 11, but the younger years) and of course my husband Peter and I adore taking photos (and videos) of our kids and reminiscing over nostalgic snaps…

Look at Dad’s mullet below. Hilare!

family photo

Seriously, nothing captures the sweet and not-so-sweet moments like photographs! Just the other day in Tesco I had to take a crazy tantrum shot of Xander to blackmail him with when he’s 15.

Boy do all of these pictures tally up, from the shots I have framed in the house to the (literally) hundreds I have on the blog and on social media and those that haven’t even made it online.

And it’s not just us parenting bloggers who are snap-happy either – research shows that on average, parents upload 973 photos before their child turns 5! The age of the digital camera and smart phone means it has never been easier or cheaper to ‘point and shoot’.

Despite blogging being my full time job, I do try not to bombard everyone’s newsfeeds with endless photos of my kids. I realise not everyone wants to see their every milestone or mugshot, nor mine for that matter!

I don’t always get it right though and know there’s quite a lot of shots of us all out there. The funny or cute ones do always get the laughs on my FB page though so I’ll keep these visible for all to enjoy!

advent calendar eaten


Sleeping kids

Earlier this year, an Australian mother made headlines and ignited serious debate when she received an astonishing letter from her friends saying that she was posting ‘too many photos of her daughter and it was p****ing people off’. Nice friends huh?

Hopefully this isn’t an experience any of you have had, but in case you are a bit more choose-y with uploading pics or indeed, you want to be, you might be interested to hear about Lifecake.

A great new photo-sharing app and website for parents.

Described as ‘time travel for parents’, not only does it allow you to manage and store all of your photos and videos in chronological order, you can also share these photos with family and friends ensuring they don’t miss out on any of those special moments.

As all the photos are stored virtually on the app, you know they are safe and you won’t lose them should your computer crash. You can even create photo books within just a few minutes! Amazing huh?!

A real heart-warming family-brand, Lifecake understand the needs of the modern family, and as such, they’ve released this super-sweet video showing the bond between little-uns and the family, regardless of how far-apart they may be.

Make sure you have tissues to hand as it’s a weeper!

The app itself is free and has no adverts! Wahoo!

Only if you wish to use over 10GB of storage do you pay a mimimal fee of £27 for annual usage, which enables you to have unlimited storage. 

Lifecake has even got a great competition running this month so there’s no time like the present to check it out!

You could win a three-night stay at the fantastic Port Lympne Reserve, not to mention a host of fabrunner-upp prizes like passes to The Eden Project.

All you have to do is enter yourself into their photo contest to be in with a chance of winning. Upload a picture of you with your childhood toy (or borrow your child’s) on Facebook here, or simply share your pic on Instagram or Twitter tagging @Lifecake and using the hashtag #MeAndMyBear. 

Here’s mine with Xander’s favourite teddy ‘Dan the Dog’. Love how we are unintentionally colour co-ordinated here too!


Hope you all enjoy trying out Lifecake with your own families and best of luck in the competition!

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