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Securing Your Family with Life Insurance via LifeSearch

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As macabre as it is might be to think about no longer being around, I have a duty to my family to protect them and taking out Life Insurance allows me to do just that.

I’ve recently purchased Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover after meaning to for a while, and urge everyone to consider doing so too. The later you leave it, the older you become and the more likely you are to become unwell, meaning premiums increase so don’t delay.

I want my kids to be protected financially in the event I’m unwell or pass away.

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These two are my world.

I’m currently working with LifeSearch who I purchased life insurance from last week so wanted to share my experience with you guys.

LifeSearch provide lots of cover from Life Insurance to Criticial Illness, Mortgage, Income Protection and over 50s protection too, all policies available during the COVID 19 crisis (dependent on individual circumstances) and beyond.

According to LifeSearch’s new research, interest in life insurance among those who are unprotected has almost doubled since last year with more than 1 in 5 (22%) planning to apply in the next year compared to 12 per cent in March 2019. Enquiries and applications for income protection and critical illness cover are understandably similarly set to increase over the next year.

LifeSearch advisers report confusion and fear from customers during inbound calls which is supported by consumer polling data with 1 in 10 unprotected people feeling that they wouldn’t be able to access life insurance now, and a similar number (9%) don’t think coronavirus would be covered under new policies.

That’s not the case.

LifeSearch said, ‘It is still possible to take out a new life insurance policy that will pay out for coronavirus, though it’s worth noting that many insurers have introduced new questions to determine your risk. It’s really important to answer these questions truthfully as with any question. In terms of critical illness insurance, at the moment coronavirus isn’t seen as a critical illness in its own right. But, if it was to cause a condition that is covered on your plan, then you would receive a pay out. And this is true of new policies too’.

To discover what’s on offer to you, give LifeSearch a call. There’s no pressure to buy (my handler was the experienced and personable Ben) and LifeSearch’s experts can tailor cover to suit yours and your family’s needs.

LifeSearch state that, ‘for more than 1 in 5 (22%) with already stretched finances, cover feels unaffordable’.

Importantly, LifeSearch is a brand you can trust.

Here are some facts about them:

  • Since 1998, their advice has helped to insure over 657,000 people.
  • They do the hard work and search for the best insurers for you.
  • Their advice is free – so you just pay for your chosen policy.
  • Exclusive personal support and Trust services when you buy with them.
  • They can also fight your corner to get the claim you deserve.

They are also recommended by Lloyds Bank, Money Super Market, Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Revolut Business, BIBA and Scottish Widows.

LifeSearch are authorised and regulated by the FCA so when you call them up, they will ask you a series of questions whether you’re seeking a £10K funeral policy or a £5,000,000 life and critical illness policy.

I’ve listed the questions below:

  • What do you need the policy to do?
  • Who would benefit from the cover?
  • What existing cover do you have in place (either privately or through work)?
  • When do you need the policy to be in place by?

These questions are divided into these key areas:

  1. Family – How many financial dependents do you have (kids or older family members)?  How old are they?
  1. Mortgage/bills/ debts statistics.
  1. Occupation and any free benefits you get from that (death in service life cover/ sick pay for eg.)
  1. Health/hobbies/travel information.

The key factors which impact premiums are age, sum assured, length of the policy term, and the health/hobby/occupation details.

Everyone’s situation is different of course and there are a lot of variables so call them to discover what’s available to you.

Once you feel confident and comfortable to move forward, an application is made over the phone and if it’s successful, you will be covered immediately.

My first phone call (advice-based) took 10 minutes (just make sure you have all your details to hand) and the second call which was a more detailed follow-up a little longer but again for most people it can take as little as 15 minutes.

My life insurance cover is a business expense as I’m a limited company but you can apply for personal cover too of course.

I feel relieved to be paying monthly cover to protect those I love most, my kids.

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You can call LifeSearch on 0800 316 3166 or email them at

Find out more information online HERE.

This is a sponsored campaign but all my words are honest.

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