Honest Mum and Chillmax Pillow

Keeping Cool with JML’s Chillmax Air & Chillmax Pillow


I’ve reshared this post as we’re curently experiencing a heatwave here in the UK so thought it would be useful!

Wow, I spent all of winter yearning for a hot summer here in the UK but I didn’t mean this crazy heatwave which is making me melt right now!

As I work from home, I need to keep cool during the day in order to concentrate on writing and filming. Ditto for getting to sleep at night.

The last few weeks of humidity haven’t been the easiest but thanks to JML’s game-changing Chillmax Air (£39.99 at time of publishing) and their Chillmax Pillow (£11.99), I’ve been able to make deadlines by day and sleep soundly again at night. Yay!

Enter the super products chilling me out (in both senses of the word)!

Compact and easy to use, JML Chillmax Air turns cold water into a cooling mist thanks to a special in-built filter, and that refreshing air is circulated by a whisper-quiet fan with three speed settings that you control. No loud noises, just a cooling machine that makes a real difference.

How does it work?

Chillmax Air cleverly humidifies at the same time it cools your personal breathing space so you can stay cool and breathe cool air whenever you need it, aka all of the time right now. The secret is Hydro-Chill Technology which uses an advanced evaporative air-cooling filter and enhanced cool-mist chamber to pull in warm, dry air and instantly transform it into cool, refreshing air. The filter is resistant to mould and mildew and you can be even put in the dishwasher to clean and sterilise it, meaning you’ll get years of use out of it.

Clever huh!

JLM Chillmax Air

This tiny, discreet product really works.

Most importantly, Chillmax Air uses no chemicals or toxic coolants, just ordinary water, and lasts up to 10 hours on just one filling.

Chillmax Air also has a built-in soft-glow blue LED light that can be set to two levels of brightness so it makes for the perfect night light (something I like on every night so I can find the toilet without tripping up).

So with the Chillmax Air, you get a humidifier, cooler, and light from a single plug socket. I’ve even got one in my kids’ bedroom.

How does it work?

Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall socket and cool the heck down!


Another product I can’t live without in this heat, is the JML Chillmax Pillow aka the Magic Pillow as Alexander, 6, has renamed it. It really is magical too as it’s helped me nod off and stay asleep, on even the hottest nights we’ve had, and I find it incredibly calming, too.

The soft, comfortable gel in Chillmax Pillow (there’s no water so no refilling necessary) absorbs excess body heat and dissipates it away from your skin giving you a cooling, relaxing sensation with it.

It can be placed on top of your pillow in direct contact with your skin or within the pillow if you prefer, and of course, depending on how hot you feel at the time.

Honest Mum and Chillmax Pillow

You can even pop it in your fridge for a few hours before use for the ultimate cooling pillow and it’s the perfect addition to your suitcase when you go away to (even) hotter climes!

Chillmax Pillow

And that’s not all. You can also use it as a sports mat, a place mat under your laptop while working (it was ideal on the train recently when I didn’t get a table) and it can be used as a cushion, too. My kids keep stealing ‘Mummy’s Magic Pillow’ so I’ll be buying them one each asap so we can all survive this hot summer as cool as cucumbers!

Honest Mum and Chillmax Pillow

Have you used these products yet?

This blog post is in partnership with JML Direct.


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