Review of Enterosgel All-In-One IBS and Diarrhoa Relief (+ Competition)

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When ENTEROSGEL (all-in-one IBS and diarrhoea relief) contacted me about their revolutionary product (it’s termed a device not a medical drug due to the way it works) I requested I test it for a month to assess first-hand whether it would work for my family and I before agreeing to promote it(as I do with all brands I work with for the first time. (I’ve actually now been using it for 2 months).

I’d read the glowing reviews (see some below) and as someone with IBS, and a daughter with reflux and allergies, I knew we had to try it for ourselves to hopefully reap the benefits others had shared. And reap them we did!

First, some Trust Pilot reviews:

‘….For the first time in over 8 years I have had normal bowel movements and I have only been using it for two weeks but the difference is just simply amazing. Thank you so so much. I can now lead a normal life I hope and pray it continues to work for me’.

Margaret Dann


‘Having had IBS-D for over 50 years, with increasingly difficult to manage symptoms, I had almost lost heart! Then I read about ENTEROSGEL and it’s changed my life! I feel more confident and don’t have to plan outings in advance by dosing myself with loperamide based products for two days in advance! ENTEROSGEL works!!!’


Game-changer for IBS-D. The only product that has given back my daughter’s life after years of IBS symptoms likely due to overgrowth of toxins/bacteria. Enterosgel has been amazing for her quality of life.

Elena Frankel


I can hand-on-heart state that ENTEROSGEL is one of the most impactful treatments I’ve ever personally experienced.

So what exactly is ENTEROSGEL is and how does it work:

ENTEROSGEL is an over-the-counter intestinal adsorbent suitable for children and adults. It is a gel composed of an organic mineral and water that binds to toxins and harmful substances in your gut, transporting them out of the body via the stool. It’s a tasteless gel you add to water (in a glass, bottle, baby bottle or sippy cup) prior to drinking. It’s a safe and effective treatment for IBS with diarrhoea (IBS-D) and acute diarrhoea.

It is an all-in-One Symptomatic Treatment of:

Importantly, it is non-allergenic and is free from preservatives, gluten, sugar, sweeteners, lactose, fat, flavours, colouring, plant or animal-derived ingredients. It’s suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, adults, children and babies (0+).

After just a few days taking the sachets and Florence took 5g (1 teaspoon), I saw a vast improvement in both mine and Florence’s digestion (she stopped having nightly pain the first night she took it) and by chance, within the month’s trial luckily but also unluckily, we experienced food poisoning from a cafe we dined in.

Taking the gel on the day we first experienced the symptoms of food poisoning and the following day, saw quick results and we felt ourselves again after just 24 hours from becoming unwell. Amazing.

Watch my two Instagram Reels on how to use the sachets and gel and how to prevent and treat stomach bugs


Below, Florence is drinking ENTEROSGEL from her sippy cup, whilst playing football no less!

I love the children’s fun packaging, and both the sachets for adults and the 90g tube for kids (it’s the same product but the sachets are already measured for adults) are must-haves in my travel bag and in what I call my ’emergency Mary Poppins kit’ I transfer into every handbag I carry so it’s always with me, along with regulars of antiseptic cream, children and adults’s paracetamol, antihistamine and lip salve. I know most parents have one of these emergency kits so do add ENTEROSGEL in there too.

After 30 days of taking Entersogel, I am now going to take a couple of weeks break before starting another month again as I feel like it is now part of my healthy lifestyle, a product I will take as I do my vitamins.

Others I have spoken to anecdotally, especially those based in Europe where ENTEROSGEL has been available for decades, have noted improvements with other issues as well as IBS (although these have not been trialled in the UK) but they’ve noted improvements in their skin with a reduction in acne for example and ditto when it comes to alleviating allergies and even sleep deprivation.

I must say I’ve lost count of how many people have told me I look glowing since I started taking Entersogel and I’ve not been this sleep-deprived in a long time as Florence has been teething, so that’s testament to how transformative ENTEROSGEL really is!


You can buy ENTEROSGEL at Holland and Barrett here. It is also available in Boots and online from Amazon.

Always read the storage and care instructions. Take ENTEROSGEL treatment 2 hours before or after taking oral medications and 1-2 hours before or after a meal.  Do not use if you are currently taking modified release orally administered medications or if you have intestinal atony or intestinal bloackage (severe constipation due to bowel obstruction) or if you have an intolerance based on previous use. 

Excitingly, to celebrate how wonderful this game-changing product is and our paretnership, ENTEROSGEL are kindly offering a lucky reader the chance to win a travel kit of ENTEROSGEL and an iPad worth £340 in total.

Enter via Rafflecopter below. Entering means your email address will be shared with Enteromed Ltd.

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This is a sponsored campaign but as always, my words are honest.

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Review of Enterosgel All-In-One IBS and Diarrhoea Relief (+ Competition)

Review of Enterosgel All-In-One IBS and Diarrhoea Relief (+ Competition)

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