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Reality TV I’m Loving


Anyone who follows me here, knows my enduring love for Reality TV! It’s literally the one thing that helps me switch off from life/work/stress/ my kids rejecting my lovingly home-cooked meals and frankly, gives me a break from my own reality.

Reality TV is cathartic and funny and sometimes flipping moving to boot.

For me it comes above yoga, reflexology and even Suits. I know. Soz Harvey Specter. I love all of the above for reals, just not as much as catching up on First Dates and brides freaking out when their husbands decide they should get married on a pig farm. Oink oink.

If you’re new to the genre, firstly, where’ve you been and secondly, here’s my hot list.


Made in Chelsea

Everyone’s fave posh kids prance around dating one another, falling out with one another and holidaying as much as possible with one another. What’s not to love?! I even got to party with the cast recently.


TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex)

Pretty much as above but with an Essex based larger than life cast (who make the Kardashians look shy) I’ve watched the show since the first ep. Think drama, fake booties and a heck of lot of shouting!


First Dates

Get me the Kleenex as I’m always in tears with FD and nothing makes me happier than seeing a match at the end of the show. A genius format bringing together people who are serious about finding love with the most perfectly cast restaurant staff who have become stars in their own right. Catch up on the First Dates Hotel too!


Don’t Tell the Bride

Crazy destination weddings with a new format which has gone a bit loco but is even better for it. As brides dream of beach and church weddings, their other halves opt for drinking fest venues and underwater nuptials to name just two bizarre concept weddings!


Bake Off (Stand up to Cancer)

Addictive viewing with celebs raising awareness and money for cancer through baking (often badly!). My son Oliver is utterly obsessed with this show, and now, so am I. The episode featuring Alan Carr made me cry with laughter. Catch it on


The Real Housewives of Cheshire

A bitch-fest with heart beneath the botox, I literally can’t get enough of these Cheshire ladies and their endless dramas, product launches, luxe holidays and long-suffering husbands. My fave is comedy genius Tanya Bardsley who has unsurprisingly landed her own spin-off show. If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out.

Which are your faves?


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Reality TV I'm Loving

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