spring clean

The Mother of All Spring Cleans

spring cleans

I love a spring clean I do, and WAIT FOR IT, have even been known to embark on weekly ones (I’m truly hardcore) and WHATEVER the season too (told you I was hardcore)! Take Christmas where I sorted through so many clothes and toys respectively that my local charity shop looked like some sort of weird tribute act to us when we walked past the window. ‘Here is the wooden dog Xander liked to walk age 3’. Over there is a shocking pink jacket with intentional frayed edges Vicki once loved but now hates’…’Plus a clutch bag from 99′ etc. The result of relinquishing the excess bag-gage? An uncluttered home but vitally, a calmer mind. That’s how deep a ‘deep spring clean’ goes. With life and work so endlessly busy, I can’t cope with a busy home on top of that too.

My husband is more inclined to horde than I am but over the years he’s slowly relented to my organised ways, and there’s not a lot excess here at home.

I think it helps that we’ve moved house several times and in a short space of time too as with each move, comes an epic sort-through and clear-out. A chance to reflect, re-evaulate and sometimes regret the items that didn’t make the cut.

I can be a little rash in the spring clean rush as I scramble to keep my Feng Sui-ed life intact, particularly when it comes to clothing and bloated PMS days where I have to hold myself back from chucking out my entire wardrobe but on the whole, nothing makes more like I have my s*** together than getting rid of my sh**. A lot of sh**.  Pointless sh**, unflattering sh** and sh** I’ve outgrown of be it in taste, size and love.

….My folks joined us for Easter recently and Mum asked to look through my wardrobe for any upcoming weekly clean rejects. As we went through each piece I realised that I’m not as ruthless as I thought I was and was hanging onto items I wasn’t happy with. Luckily my Mum discovered some gems within and ‘picked up’ an M&S cardi, Asics trainers that fit her despite being a size bigger and a Forever 21 fluffy pink coat I loved online but less so when it made me look twice my size. Oversized and I will never be friends.

The reality is, if you’ve not worn something in 12 months, get rid of it.  Mum left brandishing 6 bags of hand-me-downs, including vintage style wrapping paper, books I’d already read (sometimes twice), aforementioned clothes and a box full of chocolate I’d been sent but couldn’t possible eat in that quantity. Blogger life can be cray at times.

Mum and I both benefited from the impromptu spring clean today, here with newly treasured items I no longer loved and I with lighter shoulders and more space at home that will hopefully stay s***-free!

Oh, and Mum gave me her grandma-but -really- GLAM-MA oversized chunky-knit cardigan from her back I’m a little bit in love with as a thank you (I told her not to but she insisted) so clothes karma does exist and I’ve not had it off since!

Flipping lovely.

Have you done a spring clean yet?

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The Mother of All Spring Cleans

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