Attending The Made In Chelsea’s Press Party

It’s not every day you head to the Skyline bar at NBC Universal Studios, London to hang out with the Made in Chelsea gang but that was how I rolled last Tuesday afternoon  and it was quite the party as you’d expect from that lot, with journo, author and self-proclaimed MIC obsessive Daisy Buchanan kicking off proceedings with a panel discussion with the cast before cocktails and canapes enjoyed to the sound of long-haired Fred serenading us as the sun set.

I excitingly got to film an FB Live with some of the cast which won’t fail to entertain you and it’s safe to say Alex is my new favourite which oodles of charisma and fun-factor. You can also check out the entertaining vlog I made of my day which spans a glorious lunch at Carluccios before getting my barnet done by my BFF and hairstylist to the stars, Jason Collier (who was also my date for the party and even filmed some of my vlog #multitasker), and of course hanging out with my new Chelsea-based besties ;).

Made in Chelsea press party

Check Jason and I pretending we’re honorary members of the cast (love it)!

And just look at this aesthetically-pleasing bunch!

I adored hearing about what’s in store for the new season as I’ve not missed an episode since it first hit our screens and below I share some of  the cast member’s wisdom on everything from fashion to business and beyond.

This gang know their stuff!


    1. Persistency-if you fall down 9 times get up 10.
    2. Business is paid in 2 currencies: cash and experience, take the experience first and the cash will come later.
    3. Never take no for an answer.
    4. Don’t be scared of failure-the prospect of failing is what makes starting a brand so exciting.



  1. Lighting-lighting is everything! Natural light is probably the best and you should always face it rather than it coming from behind you. It also helps hide any bags and gives you a natural glow.
  2. Scenery-when it comes to the setting of your selfie you should either have a very hectic background with you as the central focus or have a very simple plain background. Anywhere in-between the two can ruin your selfie and make it look very average.
  3. Angles-whenever taking a selfie always hold your camera/ phone higher than your face looking down on you and always keep your chin down. When it comes to your expression, natural smiley ones are always the best but as long as it doesn’t look forced.
  4. Filter-don’t over edit your photos because ultimately it can actually ruin them. Keep it simple and dont airbrush too much because as natural as you may think it looks, it really doesn’t….
  5. Quantity-always take loads of photos! It is very rare that you will get a good one on the first try.



  1. Don’t forbid anything.
  2. Offer overly drunk guests a bed. At this point they’re likely to realise they need to go home to their own
  3. Serve champagne. Always have vodka, gin and maybe one simple cocktail.
  4. Never lose control as a host. Drink in moderation until midnight, then who really cares.
  5. If I’m hosting-I’ll wear a catwalk piece by Tom Ford or Gucci that never reached the shops!



  1. Obviously…The Bluebird!
  2. The Botanist-in Sloane Square, perfect for chilled post-work vibes.
  3. Blake’s House-rockier vibes.
  4. Maggie’s-party night cocktails
  5. The Bar at The Ivy.

The new season promises to deliver a whole lot of drama, stunning cinematography as per and new couplings too-oh, and the cast told me that this is the series of FUN, FUN, FUN so don’t not flipping miss it!

I can’t wait.

Thanks to Jason for my locks and my stylist Lauren of LJ Styling for my look!

Don’t miss my vlog of the day either!

Made in Chelsea’s new season (Season 15) starts Monday March 12th 2018 on E4 at 9pm. Enjoy!

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Attending The Made In Chelsea's Press Party

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