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unperfect girl band on set their music video being interviewed by Honest Mum

Back in May (remember May?!) I was kindly invited by Robinsons Fruit Shoot to join brand new soon-to-be superstar girl band unperfect on the set of their new music video for their latest track, I’m a Dreamer. This catchy summer anthem is all about inspiring kids to dream big!

I got to go behind the scenes with my trusty iPhone to capture the day’s shoot and soak up the atmosphere, as well as hang out with the band and the child actors from the Fruit Shoot ads (Darcey, Kit and Geneva), who were the sweetest! Best of all, I got to pretend I was an honorary band member for the day (forget to mention that unlike their incredible voices, I can’t sing a note)!

I even got my own crew which reminded me of my former directing days, and I interviewed the girls about their dreams and their partnership with my own kid’s favourite drink – Fruit Shoot.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will! unperfect have already had radio play, A-listers champion them, and they’re about to explode!!! Put together by Brian Higgins from Xenomania – the management team behind Girls Aloud and Sugababes, these girls can’t fail. Watch the interview!

Smart, funny, self-loving, beautiful and inspirational, I loved every minute hanging out with Chloe, Siobhan, Soipan and Tiah. All in their mid-twenties, the group signifies a new prototype for 21st century girl bands with a frank and formidable attitude that’s a world away from traditional, glossy, major label groups. The name says it all. unperfect are empowering young people to feel free to be themselves and more confident in their skin, and like them, fearlessly go after their dreams.

Honest and child actors on unperfect music video set Honest Mum and child actors

For kids, finding that ‘thing’ they’re really into be it sport, art, music, filmmaking or anything that brings them passion and joy is great for building self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. I loved the band’s attitude that if you can dream it, you can do it! Hope the boys are taking note…

Honest Mum and Fruit Shoot

Robinsons Fruit Shoot x Honest Mum

The release of the single marks the launch of Fruit Shoot’s epic summer on-pack promotion. They’ve hidden little moons within their family packs to give young dreamers a chance to win an epic version of their dream ‘thing’ – whatever thing they are into. Search for the hashtag #FruitShootForTheMoon for more info and buy packs to enter to win!

Fruit Shoot x Honest Mum

I’ve also got a fab competition for my readers too. You can win a summer’s supply of Fruit Shoot worth £75. Simply enter below via Rafflecopter, and leave a comment describing what hobbies and passions your children have, and what they dream to do or be?

Honest Mum kids with Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot x Honest Mum

Ends August 1st 2019.

UK only.

No cash alternative.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of the notification email being sent, a new winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

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This is a sponsored campaign but as always, my words are honest.

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Fruit Shoot

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185 Responses

  1. Catherine Gregory

    My son is coming up 2 and he adores running. As soon as he is out of his pram he doesn’t walk her runs! Faster than me! I think when he grows up he’s going to be a comedian as he’s hilarious

  2. Kirsty Thompson

    My son is football mad and is defo a outside child. Forever climbing trees

  3. Emma Nicoll

    I have six children! My eldest is 12 and wants to be an architect. He is very clever and loves maths and drawing and building on Minecraft. My second eldest son is 9 and loves science. He also does drama and piano. He currently wants to be a chef! My third son is 7 likes films and games. He dreams of having a family and has already named his children. My fourth son is 5 and a bundle of crazy energy and he wants to be famous! My twin girls are only two but they love being outside, the water, playing with toys and watching little videos and describing them. One of them is a force of energy and will change the world! The other twin is more gentle and I can see her going into a career in medicine to care for others.

  4. Carol Boffey

    my son wanted to be a vet for dinosaurs working at jurrasic park

  5. angela sandhu

    My son has no clue at all what he wants to do at the moment apart from play PS4…..

  6. Natalie Crossan

    My daughter hopes to be a singer and musician AND a dog trainer apparently!

    • Lia Burns

      My son is 9, he loves wrestling and studying medical things. He spends his time researching different diseases and tries to find a cure. He says he wants a degree in medical science and to become a medical examiner

  7. EJ Dunn

    My daughter loves singing and dancing. She’s very creative so I wouldn’t be surprised if she went into musical theatre or something of the sort.

  8. Lauren Pilkington

    My daughter would love to be a personal shopper. Shes only 9 and she gets family members giving a few words describing something they want and then she asks for ages the gift is for or what occasion the outfits for and she finds one online! She is actually really good at it

  9. Tammy Westrup

    My son would love to be an inventor – he loves creating things and designing things

  10. Jodi

    My 12 year old son would absolutely love to be a scientist & game developer, he loves music too, a very good guitar player…. my 2 year old daughter wants to be Spider-Man! Lol

  11. sandy lynn ralph

    my grandson loves dinosaurs and says he wants to be an explorer when he is older

  12. Rebecca Townsend

    My daughter loves football and dreams of being a professional footballer when she gets older. My son is interested in the stars and planets and wants to be an astronaut when he is grown up.

  13. Kate Davies

    My son loves writing stories and creating things with his imagination, he wants to be an astronaut.

  14. jessica cook

    My son absolutely loves to play football, everything is a football in our house from teddies to a pair of rolled up socks!

  15. Anna Brown

    My daughter loves to play football, netball, dance, make slime and make videos. When she’s older she wants to be a teacher.

  16. gemma hendry

    my daughter loves playing with her kitchen, animals and bouncing, when i ask her what she wans to be she says vet

  17. Sarah Barnes

    My little boy really wants to be a footballer! His idol is Mo Salah

  18. Simone Griffin

    My son loves to be outdoors and at the moment is enjoying walking, cycling and swimming


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