It’s not every day you get the chance to play tennis with Tim Henman OBE and Wimbledon Head Coach Dan Bloxham, but that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago on a windy Tuesday afternoon. A blogger’s life is never dull, huh and I feel Gwyneth Oscar speech style grateful for the memories.

Joining forces with Robinsons, who have a rich history with Wimbledon, (82 years long in fact with their lemon barley water first being created in the changing rooms at the championships in 1932), my kids and I gathered to play with Dan, Tim and a group of digital creatives and their children (including Simon of Father of Daughters who paired up with Xander in some activities on the day when I was behind the camera).

As the kids hit balls and grew in confidence, the games were interrupted by a tall red-haired chap who joined the party…
I assumed he was another coach from Wimbledon here to help us up our tennis skills… until he peeled off his hair, beard and prosthetic nose to reveal he was none other than tennis star Tim Henman OBE! Flicking heck, we weren’t expecting that!It was an absolute honour and delight to be asked to interview Tim both as a Facebook Live and for the vlog which you can watch below:
What’s more, I even got to play with the man himself for a quick game and much to my surprise both he and Dan complimented me on my skills (how nice is that?).
You can also watch the video Robinsons made I feature in too:

…I actually started playing tennis at the age of 6 and continued until my mid twenties, with my husband Peter, even taking me on a date on court when we first met (game, set, match, he got the girl hey) but I’d not picked a racket up in a while. That day reminded me how much I love tennis and must get back to things. As with painting, some of my passions fell by the wayside when kids came along and time became so limited but I’m making tennis, painting and even a bit of piano-playing a priority for my down-time from now on. Self-care means just that and I’m dedicated to find time to do more of what I love from now on.

Quick aside too but I must share a tennis-related story my Mum likes to remind me of as after my very first tennis lesson aged 6, I boldly asked my tennis coach in all seriousness how long it would take me to get to Wimbledon. Bahahah! Talk about a girl with ambition. Well, I made it didn’t I, 30 years later!!! Not quite in the way I’d imagined all those years ago, of course, but I think my young self might well be high-fiving me right now. I GOT TO PLAY WITH TIM HENMAN!!!

It’s not just me who feels inspired to pick up a racket again either as both the kids had so much fun with the MAN THAT IS DAN that I’ve booked some lessons this summer for them, after they tried it last year.

After all the fun and games, we guzzled the delicious Robinsons refreshments (all Robinsons products have real fruit in every drop by the way and make water more exciting) and headed off on a tour of Wimbledon Tim kindly gave us. It was not just any tour either as we were taken to areas you can’t book in public tours with the kids checking out ice baths (Xander thought the freezing water was hilarious), the gym the pros work out in, and the press conference room too. It felt all kinds of magical. A piece of history right there for this family to feel, see and touch.

We felt privileged to be there.

Press, and a film crew covered the day’s event too and you can watch the film I feature in below. Ever the wallflower 😉

What a day which ended with more yummy drinks and food before we headed back to York.

What a glorious day we’ll treasure.
Thank you Robinsons and huge thanks to Tim and Dan too of course!

Now you’ll able to have a day you’ll treasure forever too as I’m giving away Two (2) ground passes to Wimbledon on Saturday 15 July 2017 and two (2) Centre Court tickets to the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Final on Saturday 15 July 2017! Enter via Rafflecopter below, not forgetting to follow the entry requirements. Good luck! <
Terms & Conditions

Two (2) Centre Court tickets to the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Final and access to the Robinson Suite as prizes (the “Prize”).

The Prize includes:

  • • Two (2) ground passes to Wimbledon on Saturday 15 July 2017
  • • Two (2) Centre Court tickets to the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Final on Saturday 15 July 2017
  • Access to the Robinson’s Suite as follows:o11.30am – welcome drinks reception on Robinson’s suite terrace (Centre Court tickets will also be distributed then)

12:45pm – Lunch served with wine to accompany

1.45pm – Guests depart suite to take seats on Centre Court

2.00pm – Ladies final commences

3.30pm/4pm – Following Ladies’ final, afternoon tea will be served in the Robinsons suite.

o The suite will close 30 minutes following the end of the second match on Centre Court.


The ground passes and Centre Court tickets are for the winner and their companion only. They are non-transferrable and not for resale.

The date of the Ladies’ Singles Final may change for reasons beyond the Prize Provider’s control (e.g. due to bad weather). If the date of the Ladies’ Single Final changes for any reason, the Prize Provider will provide the Prize for the revised date. If the winner is unable to take up the Prize on the revised date no alternative will be offered.

The Prize excludes:  Travel and accommodation

The winner must be 18 years or over and the winner’s companion must be no younger than 11 years old.

Competition ends 6th July 2017.

You must reply to the notification email within 48hrs.

…Don’t forget to check out Robinsons’ delicious products which are made with simply real fruit and no added sugar. Robinsons highlight the goodness in every day, like the one we had, allowing you to enjoy special moments with your family, whatever you’re up to. We’re making a flask of the original lemon barley flavour for a picnic on the Yorkshire coast soon. I love that it’s history dates back to 1932. Amazing!


I’m working with Robinsons in a paid relationship. Find out more about Robinsons here:

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Playing Tennis with Tim Henman OBE & A Tour Around Wimbledon with Robinsons

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  1. Miguel Peters

    You are very luck lady! No doubt Timo is a great tennis player and a coach. I also had a playing experience with him back in 2018. That was a lucky day for me. I must say ‘what a lovely prize’ because I love Wimbledon.

  2. Timo

    Super awesome article, thanks for sharing!
    The robinson fruit waggon looks amazing, I’d love to have it in my tennis club 🙂
    How are Tim’s volleys? Still as sharp as always?

  3. roger payne

    What a lovely surprise if I won as it is my sons birthday

  4. Theresa Cooke

    What a lucky lady you are! We love Tennis and Wimbledon. We once was in Australia and watched the Australian Open which was fantastic but the atmosphere in Wimbledon is unbeatable. You can feel the passion and the lush Green lawns are just beautifully British

  5. Finn

    Great post. Would love to get to Wimbledon one day just for the experience. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  6. Susan Jane Gray

    What an ACE Competition. My best friend Suzanne is the most kindest and helpful person that I know. She simply deserves the best and as she is a tennis fanatic this would be the ideal pressie to give her please. XXX

  7. linda curtis

    i have never been to wimbledon and would love to go ,
    it looks like you all had good fun x


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