Get kids to sleep with Sky Kids App on their tablets

A good night’s sleep is essential to children’s health and wellbeing, yet – as many of you guys will know – convincing your little ones to get their ’40 winks’ is never easy. So much so, my husband and I call our two sons, Oliver, 6, and Xander, 3, ‘the sleep thieves’.

Thank goodness for The Sky Kids app which has transformed bedtime! More on that in detail in this post soon.

First, let me tell you a bit more about my background and our new sleep routine here!

…I’ve always been used to surviving on little sleep. When I worked as a filmmaker, I’d often spend up to 12 or more hours on set on shoot days, meaning only get 4-5 hours per night. However, in comparison to parenting, that now feels like a luxury! My poor eye bags hey!

Our kids are not the greatest of sleepers to be honest, although the youngest is better than his big brother and he’s been that way since he was a baby.

baby sleeping

Getting them to bed is difficult (they have crazy energy levels like their Mama) and once they’re both asleep, one of them, or both will most likely wake at around 4 or 5 am and find themselves in mine and Peter’s bed! Thank goodness for the King Size is all I can say!

My mum reminds me this is payback time as I was exactly the same as a kid. Sorry Mum!

Apparently, I never wanted to sleep and only slept solo when I turned 7! Eek!

Oh, and let me not forget to mention that Oliver and Xander, like their Mama before them, are adept at using every excuse in the book to get out of going to bed too. ‘It’s too dark.’ ‘We’re hungry’. ‘We’re thirsty’ ‘There are monsters in the cupboard’… The list goes on and on and on…

Just go to sleep already!

toddler sleeping

We recently installed black out blinds to keep the sun out during the summer months as we were finding it tough to get them to sleep when it’s still bright daylight outside at 10 pm. And (naughtily – oops!) Peter and I have started telling a few little white lies to get them into bed. Our favourite being that Santa Claus is watching (all year round) because as we all know nothing motivates a young child like presents on Christmas morning!

Our favourite being that Santa Claus is watching (all year round) which admittedly works better during the winter time!

My eldest Oliver is also losing his baby teeth though so we’ve started saying that if he wants the tooth fairy to leave him something under his pillow he’ll need to go to sleep. So far, so good!

Toothless wonder below!

6 year old smiling with teeth missing

We also once told them after a day of face-painting that they would both turn into superheroes the next day if they went sleep; however, when they awoke the next morning minus the powers we ended up with two stroppy tots instead. Beware of the lies you tell folks!

child superhero

We have found, not surprisingly, that the most effective method for a good night’s sleep is simply establishing a regular pre-bedtime routine. Routines are an essential part of kids’ development and although it might be a struggle at first, the rewards are worth it.

Sleeping kids

Consistency is key, so with our two, we start their routine from teatime.

First, we fill their tummies with a nutritious, hearty dinner (protein, veg (often grown ourselves), good quality carbs and dairy), then get them out in the garden to exercise a bit before a bath together and time to wind down for bed, watching their favourite kids programmes then reading before bed.

boy holding runner beans

child eating spaghetti

child running outside in the garden

kids having a bubble bath

…And, this is where the marvellous Sky Kids app comes in and in the last month we’ve been using it, it has made a BIG difference to our routine!

Its brand new sleep mode function literally is a parent’s BFF. It allows you to limit the amount of screen time putting you firmly in control of how much TV your kids can watch and when they should be switching off.

Activate Sleep mode on the Sky Kids App to help kids wind down before bed

Sky Kids app helps kids get off to sleep
When the sleep mode is turned on, kids get a five-minute warning that it’s nearly rest time and then five minutes later their favourite Sky Buddy appears, alerting them that it’s time to go to sleep! The Sky Buddy will then snooze on the screen until it’s time to wake up again in the morning. Genius huh?!

Sky buddy tells kids when to go to sleep

We’ve found that the brand sleep mode new function has really helped our own kids learn to switch off at bedtime so Peter and I can actually get a good night’s sleep! Once the boys finish watching a short programme, it’s time for a book then bed.

The Sky Kids app is packed full of amazing content for kids, It includes thousands of shows and features 16 of the 20 most popular kids shows, such as Nick Jr.’s Paw Patrol, Boomerang’s Scooby Doo, CBeebies’ Octonauts, Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and even a personal fave from when I was a kid, Morph!

All the content is specifically developed for young kids, so there won’t be any inappropriate shows for young eyes and parents can filter content depending on age making it a fun and safe way for kids to watch their favourite shows. Brilliantly, you can also download the content offline too so kids can watch anytime making it perfect for long car and train journeys or when you venture to restaurants!

train journey

kids eating in a restaurant

We love it!

The Sky Kids app is free for all Sky families and can be downloaded on Apple and Android tablets. Head to the Sky website here for more information and details on how to download it.

This is a commissioned post but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

Updated post.



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20 Responses

  1. Mel

    The app looks absolutely brilliant and would be a godsend for my little monkeys. They watch a bit of TV before they go to bed 4 or 5 times a week and they love it, always asking for “one more episode of Peppa Pig” or Mister Bean. I can see the app working beautifully as a parent’s best friend. Love your iPad stand too. Where is that from?

  2. Emma

    Totally agree on the bedtime routine thing. We’ve always had one and been pretty lucky that it seems to work. My youngest though is the one that always tries an excuse as to why he shouldn’t go to sleep! So an app that isn’t Mummy or Daddy telling him it’s bedtime gets my vote – he might actually listen to it and do as he’s told! #brillblogposts

  3. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Routine is definitely the key and reading before bed has always helped my two. Recently though the 7 yr old has decided he doesn’t want stories at bedtime and I have noticed a big difference in how well he settles afterwards, stories are definitely the way forward, just need to rekindle his love of books!

  4. Susan Mann

    Routine is definitely key in a peaceful bedtime. We like a read a lot but when one of the boys is at training we do watch some tv first. Looks fab x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Susan, we read too, we watch a programme then it’s reading time before bed. This really helps them know it’s time to wind down xx

  5. Kat

    Interesting! B is a little young for this, but I love the concept! I too am a terrible sleeper, always have been and my parents would also agree that B is exactly the same as me – very high energy! Luckily, once he IS asleep, he’s pretty good on the whole. So, it’s just getting there that’s the issue! Hah!

    Kat x

  6. jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I love the idea of devices that automatically shut off at predetermined times. Not sure about screen use right before bed thought. I’ve found it to be too stimulating. #brilliantblogposts

  7. Eb Gargano

    So with you on the routine thing. I am a firm believer in routines for kids…especially at bedtime. And do you know what, I think the kids actually like routine – I mean, it’s not just a device for making parents lives easier…I think kids (or at least my kids) are actually happier when they know what will happen next. Sort of makes them fell secure, I think. On the odd occasion when we get home late and they have to go straight to bed or we have to skip part of their bedtime routine we get complaints now!! We have a no screen time just before bed rule, so this app wouldn’t quite work for us at bedtime, but I can see other times in the day when it would be great for us – for some reason kids see to accept the authority of an electronic device so much better than a grown up!! At the moment I use a kitchen timer – when it goes off they have to switch the TV off – works a treat! Much better than me telling them!! Xx

  8. Rach

    Routine is absolutely key and has been for my little one since birth. Although sometimes it’s not always the easiest to stick to! I’m deffo gonna download this app – it sounds like it’s right up my street! #brillblogposts

  9. Ebabee

    Routine is so important – couldn’t agree more. But I am constantly running behind time – always, everyday. Maybe I should try the sky app – might help me keep to time better!


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