Aubaine Hyde Park

Last week saw myself and my Designer Amee D’Souza enjoy a festive lunch at Instagram haven, French brasserie Aubaine Hyde Park, (one of several in London) I’ve been a fan of for years. Aubaine have kindly invited me to review them many times before and even partnered with myself and friend and business collaborator Jessica Huie MBE on our very first Passion Into Pounds event in collaboration with Stylist Magazine.

Aubaine Hyde Park

I adore everything about Aubaine: the decor, the delicious and authentic French food they offer with their visionary menus and the ethos of the brand: accessible, tasty, seasonal French cuisine for Londoners.

Catching up with my brilliantly smart and oh-so-wise friend and colleague Amee who I’ve hired as a freelancer for several years now and who has contributed to elevating my Honest Mum brand with her awesome eye and flair for design (whilst being one of the most amazing people to brainstorm and collaborate with) was an utter joy. You know those meals where you simply feel content in someone’s company and wonder why every meet-up isn’t this easy? It was one of those meals.

Super company and gorgeous grub. What more could a work party a deux need?

This is what we scoffed:

Baguette (well we actually both abstained this time as gluten isn’t my friend and Amee wanted to leave room for the 3 imminent courses but we wanted to eat it)!


Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan, truffle oil and rocket.

Beef carpaccio

The Burrata of dreams and a starter I can never say no to. This one was uniquely tangy with heritage beetroot and a blood orange dressing I need to try and recreate at home. This dish alone encouraged me to buy beetroot in this week’s food shop!


Sea bass

Seared sea bass, carrot puree, tenderstem broccoli with a confit lemon, sundried tomato dressing (of which you can rustle up at home by following the recipe below).

sea bass with carrot puree

Wagyu burger

Sliced beef fillet, Gruyere, shredded iceberg lettuce, beef tomato, honey and truffle mayo tucked into a brioche bun. I can’t eat egg due to an intolerance so the mayo was omitted but do lather it on if you can eat it, as it sounds divine.


Succulent and delicious-what a treat this mammoth burger was!

Wagyu burger

Amee and I are both HUGE mashed potato obsessives so we ordered the creamy side dish over chips.

Dessert was a glossy, creamy chocolate eclair for Amee selected from the beauties below, and a cheese platter for me.


cheese board

We waddled out of there, happy as can be.

Honest Mum

Do go eat at Aubaine, it doesn’t disappoint. The staff are attentive and up-beat, the surrounding are beautiful but relaxed and the food is excellent. Close your eyes and you could well be in Champs-Elysées.


The recipe below c/o Aubaine has been slightly modified. The lemon and tomato dressing used in the restaurants’ dish has been modified for an easier take on the dish. Bon appetit!


Sea Bass & Carrot Puree by Aubaine


Sea bass and carrot purée recipe

Serves 1



  •  1 halved sea bass fillet (2 pieces)
  • 40g tenderstem brocolli
  • 15g tomato salsa
  • A small-medium sized carrot
  • A small knob of butter
  • A teaspoon of salt
  •  A drizzle of lemon oil
  • A small handful of chives to garnish







To make the carrot purée:

Peel and roughly dice the carrot.

Place in a pot, cover with boiling water and cook until softened.

Blend the carrot and butter together in a blender and season.

Keep warm until ready to serve.


To make and serve the rest of the dish:

Boil or steam the broccoli until al dente.

While the broccoli is cooking, season the sea bass fillet and sear it in a pan.

Place the carrot purée onto a warm plate, followed by the tenderstem broccoli.

Top with the sea bass fillets and drizzle over the lemon oil.

Roughly chop and sprinkle over the chives and serve.


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