Baby Talk


My little 8 month old likes to talk. Like the rest of this loud, non stop jabbing, big fat Greek family.

I wanted to jot down his first words so we don’t forget them and of course give you a little update on my darling’s first feats. He’s a wonderfully chilled out, happy baby who is always smiling when he’s not teething of course and loves nothing more than kisses and cuddles. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love. (It’s great, we get lots of attention and all the best seats in restaurants).

So “Daddy” was the first word (it’s so easy to say, right *not annoyed at all-humf) at 7 and a half months on the dot. We couldn’t quite believe it, although this motor mouth (moi) said “Look” at 6 and a half months and had said 30 words by 9 months old. I was a little bit of a baby genius (not sure what happened since though!)

Then came, “Yiayia” which means Grandma in Greek and I know what you’re thinking, that may well have been baby gibberish but Oliver calls my Mum Yiayia daily and it was said with purpose directly at my Mum.

A week or so later a hot day last week, Alexander suddenly blurted out “water” and proceeded to drink. A lot. Cue guilty but Oh so relieved Mum for the communication.

…Yesterday, the child grasped crawling forwards after a lot of frustrated backwards motion and today he looked at our diva cat Billy when I was calling him to eat and stated “Biiillly”. I did a little (erm) cat dance in my slippers at that point.

It really is the cutest thing hearing your baby speak and is somewhat surreal to boot. Wow, do they grow up fast. I feel like only yesterday I was lying back and thinking of Cyprus (WAIT A MINUTE)…when he was born dirty minded dudes (thank you elective C-sections).

He lights up my whole flipping world along with my sweetheart Oliver of course and I’m grateful to have these wonderful little people in my life. Mwah x

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