Alexander in cot

This is Alexander in his cot on holiday. I tried to take a picture of him last night but the lack of light due to black out blinds meant it was out of focus. You get the idea.

Last night was a big deal for my little family in my little world.

Baby Alexander aged 10 months old, moved out of our bedroom, into his own.

I know for some, 10 months is a ripe old age for a baby to sleep solo but not for us. I mean I slept with my parents until I started school. I know! I even uttered these words to my husband on my wedding night, “Does this mean I can’t sleep with my Mum anymore?”! Who doesn’t love a bit of a mummy cuddle at night.

My first son, Oliver followed in my footsteps and took ages to move into his own room (partly due to relentless ear infections and more than likely due to ‘anxiety separation’ (more by us than him!)…Oliver isn’t the best of sleepers, again not helped by Glue Ear as he needs to sleep with one of us when ill and infections average every few months, inevitably disrupting his sleep routine over and over again.

Only the other night, he wandered into our room and after failed attempts to get him to sleep in his own bed, the husband and I have settled on ordering a Queen size. I’d move Super Nanny in if I could but I figure a Queen Size from IKEA is cheaper.

So, back to baby Alexander and his big move…I spent most of last night up and out of my bed checking he was OK asleep in his cot in the nursery down the corridor. He slept fine for most of the night. My final check (I woke up upright at 3.30am) rushing in, woke him up though. Big fat fail.

I changed him and he fell back asleep. My little baby looking all grown up asleep in his nursery. This letting go business is tough isn’t it, despite knowing it’s for the best. Little 3 year old feet kicking my ribs at midnight confirm this.

Tired but unable to sleep after all that, I flicked through my phone, browsing at pictures of my boys when I saw this (below). Oliver was so desperate to pick and carry his little brother over to me yesterday and as you can see Alexander loved it. Aw brotherly love.

Baby crying

…I eventually nodded off, promising myself I wouldn’t be up and down like this every night. And I really hope I won’t be.

When did your kids move into their own rooms or are they still there, aged 24…I mean 4 like I was with my folks? (No judgement).


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9 Responses

  1. Becky

    Hi Vicki, thanks for article I found it very interesting. Little Alexander looks very happy.
    We have a super king size bed and I have to say that is the best solution so far. 🙂
    Hope you do too. 🙂

  2. Jen aka The Mad House

    Maxi moved to his own room at 11 months when he started sleeping though, as did MIni. I loved having the boys in with me and MIni (at 7) still comes in to our bed each night. This is why we have a super king size bed

    • honestmum

      @Jen aka The Mad House, thank you, your comment has made me feel so much better. Not sure Peter and I make kids that sleep. Def ordering a super king size. Is that bigger than a Queen then?

  3. Mummy Plum

    My first boy (now 4) moved at 6 months but as soon as he could get out of bed by himself he was always sneaking back into our room for a cuddle – and still is (every night). My younger boy is now 8 months and we moved him into his own room a month ago – he is quite a light sleeper and we couldn’t even cough or whisper without him stirring. He still wakes quite alot in the night so I’m in and out of his room regularly, but the weird thing is…if he doesn’t wake I find myself going to check on him anyway! I’d have loved him to stay with us a little bit longer – I miss seeing his little face beside the bed – and he isn’t really sleeping any better for moving either. Husband was however, adamant that it was time for him to go – he wanted ‘our’ room back and a better night’s sleep. He’s definitely the one who’s been the winner in our situation :0)

    • honestmum

      @Mummy Plum well done, sounds like you have the right balance…haha lucky husband. I am awful with sleep deprivation so Peter would rather get up too than deal with my moods!

  4. Richmond Mummy

    Oooh this particularly resonates with me at the moment as in the back of my mind I have been pondering when we should move baby Claudia into her own room. Allegra moved at 5-months, but mainly because she’d outgrown the beside-the-bed crib and needed to be in a bigger cot. She was fine with the move but I was up and down all night for the first week! In the end though we did all sleep better for being in our own rooms/beds. Claudia is now 6-months old and still sleeping beside me in a crib and I have no intention or desire to move her any time soon, although the OH would have happily moved her out about 4 months ago I think!! I’ll see how we go but I think she’ll be in with us for another month or two for sure – don’t want to let my baby go solo just yet! ps. that photo of your two boys is hilarious! poor Alexander! Allegra has just started wanting to pick up/carry Claudia, I foresee similar pics ensuing… xxx

  5. Growing Up Madison

    My toddler moved to her own room around 10 months but she’s now 18 months and still comes in and sleep in our bed. If the door is closed she stays outside and holler until we open the door. I’m hoping that stops soon but who knows? Found you from your beauty blog. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Katie

    Both my boys moved out at 5 months largely because they were so noisy and I could hardly sleep at all. I think you always have a bad night or two worrying at first but we all sleep much better now. Hope you do too! X

  7. Colette

    I must admit to being rather strict with my two. Both were in our room for the first 6 weeks then promptly moved (amidst controlled crying) to their own rooms. Having this routine helped us all.

    Though now they are older they will often have “sleepovers” in my bed for a treat when dad is on nights, but none of us really sleep that well


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