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July has been an interesting month, new work collaborations have come in, projects have moved in different and exciting directions, new friendships formed and my kids are growing into little boys from babies. What a month!


Photo by Ambir Tolang on Unsplash

Here are some things July has taught me:

Everything that is wrong with the media and society was embodied with that OK magazine cover pressuring Kate to lose her baby weight the day she came out of hospital.

Proudly showing her bump (yes the majority of women have bumps and usually for quite a long time after they give birth) on the steps of the Lindo Wing when debuting Prince George no doubt helped countless women worldwide to feel better about themselves post birth.

Kate looked glowing and gorgeous. I just hope women/new mums are firstly kinder to themselves now more than ever and to one another. Please. Hopefully we’re at a tipping point and change is on the way. Which leads me to…

Go with your gut. Always.

When it comes to parenthood especially, there are so many backseat parents happy to tell you how to raise your family or impart that their children are doing with this or that…block out the noise, do what is right for your family and simply trust yourself.

Try to always be sensitive too, having babies is a hormone wrenching, sleep deprived mess at first. Thoughtfulness and understanding goes a long way.

Friendships. Some last a lifetime, others are just not meant to be. If you’re not happy, have outgrown one another, feel people are negative or just not for you, after careful consideration, simply walk away. I have done.

Not everyone will ‘get you’ and vice versa. People change, you change. Try not to judge people as everyone is different but be sure that with kids particularly, you have to prioritise the relationships which make you happy and are worth working at.

Saying goodbye to some, leaves the door open for others and I’ve made some great new mates this month as well as nurturing long standing ones too!

Similarly don’t sweat the small stuff. Live in the present, right now. Question whether what upsets you today, right now would bother you in a year or even a month! If it’s unlikely to, forget about it. Simple.

Live your life with integrity. Be true to yourself and your beliefs.

Structure your day better. I feel too much time is wasted on social media for me. As much as I love connecting with Twitter friends and dropping into FB, post holiday, I’m restructuring and prioritising, so I have more quality time with my family and can focus on the the work that puts bread on the table be it my screenwriting or this blog.

Freelance life like all working life is one big fat juggle but writing lists and being stricter on myself with what is possible and when, seems to be the best way forward for me.

So when I’m working on my blogs or media related projects in the morning and evening, I will pop online, chat, promote my posts… but during the day, social media buttons are taken off my phone and it’s time to switch off where possible.

My babies are becoming little boys! Look at Oliver above ‘reading’ the Culture Magazine. I brim with pride at what sweet, considerate, smart little men Peter and I created/ (working progress). They are our world. The downside to procreation however is…

PMT post babies sucks balls big time. Wow, normal Vicki compared to tearful, ‘the world is over’ for 2 days PMT Vicki is not a fun person to be. I’m just hoping my Evening Primrose Oil and Vit B6 capsules start kicking in for me and I find time for more exercise. Either that or I might need a 2 day vacation each month. Actually that doesn’t sound so bad…

Sunshine makes everyone happier…might need to take note of my wise husband and consider moving abroad at somepoint in the future!

So what did July teach you?

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7 Responses

  1. Babes about Town

    Fabulous post. Just what I needed to read actually as we move into a new month, the second phase of the year that seems to have whizzed by faster than ever.

    Restructuring is where it’s at for me now, trying to take time (and breaths!) in summer to streamline and make stuff a lot more doable, not feeling like I’m constantly letting someone down! Glad you’ve got the right formula to sort the PMT lady. That ish ain’t no joke 😉 x

  2. Mary

    What a great blog well said and agree with you that need to prioritise and spend less time on social media and be more organised. Must stick to what needs to be done first and not get too easily distracted x

  3. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    Great post Vicki! Really admire your honesty.

    Also, it’s amazing how much we can learn in such a short space of time, as you have demonstrated!

    I totally agree with you on the friendship thing. If a friendship isn’t working for us for whatever reason, if it can’t be fixed, it’s always best to walk away politely and respectfully.

    Love your social media structuring too. I try to do this as much as I can but you’ve just reinforced how I need to try to stick to it. It’s amazing how much it sucks up our time!

    Thanks for sharing x

  4. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    I so ‘get you’ – even the PMT thing.Hadn’t thought of putting it down to post baby PMT – but you must be right. I don’t recognize myself for a day or two. Such a relief to go back to my normal bright and breezy self afterwards! This is a thought provoking, positive post, thank you 🙂

  5. Aimee

    Love this post, so true, and I might follow lead on the social media side of things when the kids are back at school!


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