Open Grilled Halloumi Sandwich With Balsamic Reduction


Open Grilled Halloumi Sandwich With Balsamic Reduction


What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?


So now we’ve got the Dad joke out the way (and it really is my Dad’s joke), it’s once again time to share a simple recipe. This is my husband’s favourite and while I’m plant-based, I share all the family’s favourites here whether I eat them or not.

hallumi cheese open sandwiches with fresh herbs, peppers and tomatoes

Being of Greek Cypriot heritage, halloumi was a staple part of my diet from a young age, until I became vegan and it’s strange to see it in all the supermarkets when it was a delicacy found in specialist continental shops only, when I was growing up.



Peter photographed this so I thought you might like to see the set-up.

food shoot

An easy snack, even the balsamic reduction is simple to make – taking less than 10 minutes. I tend to make a whole bottle up in advance which then lasts the family a few weeks.

halloumi open sandwich

Open Grilled Halloumi Sandwich With Balsamic Reduction


Open Grilled Halloumi Sandwich With Balsamic Reduction

Ingredients (for 4 slices)

For the balsamic reduction

  • 250ml of Modena balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of an unrefined sweetener, I use coconut sugar or maple syrup.

For the open sandwiches

  • 200g of good quality halloumi cheese, sliced.
  • 4 slices of rye bread or gluten free bread
  • A handful of garden leaves
  • 2 large salad tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 fresh chillis, de-seeded and sliced
  • A handful of fresh chives, diced
  • a sprig of fresh coriander.


Start by making the balsamic reduction by adding vinegar and honey to a medium sized pan. Bring to a simmer over a medium high heat then adjust to a low heat for around 10-15 minutes whilst the liquid thickens and reduces.

Keep an eye on the syrup – you don’t want it to burn. Reduce until you reach your desired thickness and then store in a glass bottle.

For the open sandwiches, start off my heating the grill. Line a baking tray with foil and place on your halloumi slices. Grill until golden brown – which should take around 3-4 minutes.

Lightly toast your bread and then top with leaves, tomatoes, halloumi, chilli and chives.

Drizzle a generous helping of balsamic.

Finish off with a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper and the coriander leaf as garnish.



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77 Responses

  1. Mel

    It look amazing Vicki! Totally my kind of lunch. I love the fact you shared a little ‘behind the scenes too.’ I’m always curious about people’s set-ups. Those herbs look so good too! Mine always look a bit sad 🙂 x

    • honestmum

      Thanks Maria, I ended up making it last night after posting it as it made me so hungry! Halloumi is such a versatile, delicious cheese xx


    Halloumi still tastes like a treat to me even though you can get it easily these days. I’d never tried it till I moved to London 16 years ago, and our local Turkish shop sold it as their special lunchtime sandwich. Yum! Fond memories.

    • honestmum

      Oh so glad it’s brought back memories, I love it still feels like a treat and I adore how food can instantly transport you back in time too, it’s so emotive xx

  3. Sarah-Jane

    This looks so tasty. To be honest I’ve never heard of halloumi before. (I lead a rather bland/sheltered life). Its definitely something I’ll keep an eye out for next time I’m out shopping 🙂

    Thanks for hosting. Its been a while since I’ve linked up

  4. Amy @ Feeding Finn

    Love hulloumi! Finn calls it “squeaky cheese” and loves it too, probably due to the saltiness. It is def one of my favourite things on a BBQ. Will def be giving this a sandwich a try. Lovely photos 🙂

    • honestmum

      Yes we call it that here too, it really is squeaky as well! So happy you enjoyed the post, thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Ness

    My husband loves halloumi but I’ve never tried it. I think I’m afraid of cooking it at home in case the kids don’t like it.

    • honestmum

      My kids adore it, try it, sure you will all enjoy it and you don’t have to cook it all, keeps in water and a bowl with celophane on top in the fridge rather like mozzarella x

  6. Amber

    Halloumi is one of my favourite meals! I like mine on olive bread, with spinach and rocket. So simple but delicious.

    That joke is so rubbish that I actually laughed out loud. I love it!

  7. Notmyyearoff

    Hehe I am so going to tell my husband that joke tonight. He thinks I have a terrible sense of humour. That looks so nice, I love halloumi and chillies and that combination looks fantastic!

  8. Mandy

    I LOVE halloumi – can never get enough of it. It’s perfect on the BBQ too. This sandwich sounds absolutely incredible – can’t wait to try it. #tastytuesdays

  9. Mel

    Sob, sob, sob…..sob some more! For some ridiculous reason halloumi seems to not exist here in Ibiza and oh how I miss it. But i WILL be making this the moment I get back to the UK. Thank you for sharing looks beautiful x

  10. Ebabee

    Ooh, this looks SO good. I love halloumi and you’ve paired it with some of my favourite flavours – chilli, coriander, chives… what’s not to love. I shall be trying this very soon. Thanks for sharing x

  11. Hannah

    I literally had this in salad form yesterday! It’s so damn good! Haloumi is one of my fave cheeses. Gee nearly speaking we are paleo’a but evey now and again I have to make room and allowance for haloumi! Think I’ll probably link up with your linky! X

  12. Helen

    I have this kind of sandwich quite often – I absolutely LOVE halloumi! As a vegetarian it’s a great alternative to meat too 🙂

    Helen x

  13. Alison

    I’ve linked up (My very first Tasty Tuesdays, yay). That sandwich looks gorgeous. I love halloumi, and we don’t have it nearly often enough for my liking. Thank you for showing the photography set up too: it’s very interesting to see as I’ve only just started trying to improve my photography.

  14. Jemma Chambers

    Looks delicious! I adore halloumi; but I cant leave without this joke to add to your collections. Which cheese should you use to get a bear from his cage? Camembert. This had me in stitches last Christmas when it came out the cracker! Small things 🙂

    • honestmum

      Bahah! LOVE THAT, it tops my joke too, will save that for a future Camembert post! It really is the little things, thank you xx

  15. Corina

    What a lovely healthy and tasty sandwich! I love halloumi but haven’t bought any for a while. IT’s made me want to go out and get some!

  16. Jenny

    Oh this looks absolutely heavenly and sounds so delicious. I have never had halloumi but know people that absolutely love it. Will have to try this for lunch one day. Thanks for hosting my lovely.

  17. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Vicki, I love the joke! I giggled to myself, let your dad know! I have never heard of Halloumi cheese. I love cheese, I’m going to look for this, and I love grilled cheese, and balsamic! This is a recipe right up my alley. Especially with tomatoes getting ripe in the garden. Thanks!

  18. Angela at Daysinbed

    Now this looks tasty. I haven;t had Halloumi so it’s something to add to my “to try list”
    We love chicken meal ideas so I’m looking forward to trying this one! Thanks for hosting #TastyTuesdays

    Angela xx

  19. Sarah

    Awesome photos Vicki! Makes your sandwich look so appetising. My little ones love cheese but haven’t actually introduced them to halloumi yet so will definitely have to try out your recipe 🙂

  20. Sarah

    This looks amazing. I also try and stay away from wheat, but having an open sandwich on rye might be something that would work for me – it’s definitely tempting enough to try!

  21. Charlotte Oates

    Ooh I’m jealous of Peter’s lighting setup. Mine looks so adhoc in comparison – might be time to impulse buy some more photographic equipment!

    This sandwich sounds delicious. I love quick sandwiches for lunch so this looks just perfect.

    • honestmum

      P is pro though so don’t feel bad in any way, we love adding to our lighting equipment and I have gear from my directing days too x


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