Vicki-Honest MumThis is a totally normal way to pose for a photo right?

Ok so we all know ‘normal’ doesn’t really exist but surely everyone can relate to that very real pressure to fit in, you know, feeling like you’re doing the right thing, ticking the boxes of thriving at life, parenting, your job….this oh so common weighing yourself up against the ‘norms’ and trying not to feel the odd one out…

I’m mostly confident in who I am and what I’m doing, not letting others sway the way I lead my life or how I parent… yet sometimes I do find myself wondering how flipping normal we are in this family…

I mean most nights my kids sleep with us. They like it. So do we. They go to sleep in their beds and magically find themselves in ours. Yes I’d love to not have tiny little feet in my back but realistically we do all get a better night’s sleep when we’re together. And no one wants to waste a King Size bed right?

We all seem to SHOUT a lot in this house (sometimes when talking excitedly, usually because shouting drills my point home and I’m originally Greek and we like to shout (disclosure not all Greeks shout, just every Greek in my family).

I’m also totally guilty of shouting at my eldest NOT TO SHOUT! Fail.

Disclosure 2 my husband never shouted before he met me. He says I ruined him. Ha!

We buy too many toy cars, balloons that last a day, soon to be flat footballs and those extortionate kids magazines from Tesco Express no one ever reads that I promise myself I’ll never buy again (every single time). I even end up buying toys sometimes hours after I’ve threatened never to buy toys again.

Can someone please help me to stop controlling my kids through the power of Matchbox £1 car purchases.

There must be another way to get round the supermarket in peace. Thanks…

Oh and sometimes I swear a little and if the kids repeat it, I blame my non swearing husband. Shit, I hope I am normal. Are you?

Photograph by Kirsty Mattsson Photography.

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120 Responses

  1. Clare

    Oh darling I LOVE this – so flipping honest! I do like a bit of honesty Cx I think you’re amazing and your kids are lovely…. just keep on being your ‘normal’ I also intend to do the same. Big love Cx

  2. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    Hehe this post made me giggle!! I’m sure we all do things that aren’t ‘normal’… yet they probably are more normal than we think, we all think everyone else is doing it right and we’re not quite getting it right lol x

  3. Angie @Reasonstodress

    I realized maybe 20 years ago that people think their own family is “normal” and everyone else’s is strange. But shouting, buying toy cars and swearing all seem very normal to me! And i agree you can totally blame the fact that your kids swear on your non-swearing husband!

  4. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Normal, shnormal, who wants to be normal?! Sounds rather dull to me! You are fabulous and full of passion and life, and it sounds like that is exactly what your family is too! We shout and laugh all the time, I love it! Thanks for linking again to #AllAboutYou xx

  5. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    No darling you are not normal but I mean that in the very best possible way! Because come on, what is normal? And if such a thing exists, who wants to be normal anyway?! Certainly not us right?

    You are FABULOUS as is your family so embrace your quirks and traits and just be you. Much better than being boring ey? Lovely post which made me chuckle.

    With love and pouts xxx #allaboutyou

  6. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Oh Vicki, this did strike a few chords, (or it is cords?) with me. I swear far too much, but somehow the worst my eldest says is ‘stupid man’. (Too much time spent in the car with me). And the bed-sharing: stay tuned for a post on my blog dedicated to the woes of my sleepless toddler (you may remember me telling you that my kids sleep beautifully? Guess what, no more!). Anyway, cutting what could be a long comment short, you’re pretty normal by my standards x

    • honestmum

      Ha thanks Fiona and oh no, yes please let me know when that post is up-I don’t think kids can always sleep well, can they? Alexander did at first then it went down hill, he also says “Stupid man” haha, at least we can be normal together!

      • Fiona @ Free Range Chick

        Haha, would love to know under which circumstances you say ‘stupid man’. You’re right though, kids don’t always sleep well. I think my biggest frustration is not knowing what is ailing Finley when he’s struggling. Anyway, the post is up if you fancy having a peek at what’s been going on x

      • honestmum

        Ha it’s actually my Dad who has been saying it and Alexander picked it up-most recently when a doctor was pretty awful to Alexander (terrible bedside manner) and afterward my Dad kept telling him he was a stupid man. Now whenever we go to the doctors, I’m bright red with embarrassment as it’s repeated. Right heading over now to your blog x

      • honestmum

        Ha it’s the toddler (19 months) that was saying it-he talks a lot (like me)-been speaking in sentences for a long while now! Proud Mama (not so proud in the doctors) x

  7. Californian Mum in London

    I don’t think I know anyone who is normal. If I did, I am sure they would be really boring. I’m a bit sweary and shouty and no one has run away screaming from me yet. 😉 #allaboutyou


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