Ninjago the ride

What an epic weekend it’s been celebrating my bambino, Alexander’s 5th birthday.

Our best friends Rebecca (Badazz Mother), Oli and their boys Joshua and Brandon came over from Leeds so we could spend a super-fun day at LEGOLAND Windsor who’d kindly invited us over on the Saturday.

It was the first time my friends had visited our new home and we were so excited it felt like Christmas. Becky and I couldn’t stop hugging each other. It’s a heart-wrench being away from them all.


best friends


slide at LEGOLAND Windsor

kids playing at LEGOLAND Windsorcool kid

enjoying LEGOLAND Windsor

kids enjoying LEGOLAND Windsor

Legoland is literally 6 minutes in the car from us and it was a joy to ogle at whole cities made of the kid’s favourite, magical bricks and it was brilliant fun to jump on rides and visit the worlds of LEGO Ninjago and the kids were certainly LIVING THEIR BEST LIVES on rides that blew their minds as did the Lego Star Wars display (another fave was the Laser Raiders ride in the Kingdom of the Pharoahs).

LEGO figures on display LEGOLAND Windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort



kid does Ninjago moves

Star Wars at LEGOLAND Windsor

Star Wars at LEGOLAND Windsor


Star Wars at LEGOLAND Windsor

Star Wars at LEGOLAND Windsor

Light saber at LEGOLAND Windsor

Light saber at LEGOLAND Windsor

light saber at LEGOLAND Windsor


The sun came out to play thankfully, the park wasn’t manically busy as it’s off-peak season as we roamed around lapping up the buzzing atmosphere, fully appreciating being able to jump the queues and enjoy the rides whenever the kids fancied it.




climbing frame at LEGOLAND Windsor

arcade games at LEGOLAND Windsor


LEGO building at LEGOLAND Windsor

climbing at LEGOLAND Windsor

seesaw at LEGOLAND Windsor



Once home we dressed, headed out for a bit to eat at a local Italian restaurant in the centre and the following day was chilled with slices of delicious chocolate cake by Kerry of The Berkshire Bakesmith. What an incredible Star Wars cake with an Alexander Yoda on the top. Alexander’s face is the happiest I’ve seen it in 5 years and the cake was so big, our neighbours are currently enjoying a slice too with a cup of tea no doubt!

The Berkshire Bakesmith 5 year old Happy Birthday cake

Star Wars cake by the Berkshire Bakesmith

The Berkshire Baker birthday cake

Star Wars 5th birthday cake

birthday boy blows out candles

Before bed, we baked up these monster cupcakes thanks to Bake with LiLi and Dex who sent us a make-it-yourself pack the boys decorated the next day. It was epic to have two incredible mumbosses I’ve met via my FB page as part of this special day! Thanks ladies, you both rock!

Bake with Lili and Dex

baking with Lili and Dex cupcake mix

Lili and Dex cupcake mix

Lil and Dex cupcake mix

Lili and Dex cupcakes

Aw magical memories for a loveable, very grateful little 5 year old!
Thanks everyone x

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Alexander's 5th Birthday Celebrations at LEGOLAND

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2 Responses

  1. Cassie Parish

    Goreous piccies. We visited recently too and there’s just so much to do isn’t there. G doesn’t really like rides at the mo but we still did a fair bit. Me and hubs get super competitive on this laser ride though lol. I need one of these at home ???

    Glad he had a fab birthday x


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