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We were kindly invited to visit LEGOLAND® Windsor  for a fabulous family day out on Sunday and it was the most gloriously sunny day to be outside and enjoy the wonders of LEGO.

I have to kick off by stating the resort is a little bit mind-blowing and this applies even if you’re not a fan of LEGO. Do non-fans actually exist though?!

Playing with legolego for kids

With over 55 rides and attractions where children can find themselves flying through the treetops, escaping dangerous dragons to riding on jaw-dropping rapids with a Viking fleet, there REALLY is something there for everyone.

In fact, there is SO much to do, you need a whole weekend there to appreciate it all, or make that a week.

legoland attractionslego sharkboy at legolandlegoplaying at legolandlego sculptureslego giraffeplayground sliderubber duckslego houseviewing legoland

Now visiting on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far and on a Sunday too, meant we were fully prepared for the queues- and were seriously grateful for priority tickets on some of the rides for the purpose of this review.

I would recommend getting there as early as possible to avoid queues but do go expecting them. You can purchase Q-Bot ride reservation passes at different levels so get near instant access or reduced waiting times on queues.

…The boys were beyond excited for receiving their driving licences after a few laps in their LEGO cars with Oliver even offering to drive us home at the end of the day!

Lego carDriving a lego carDriving at Legoland WindsorDriving License Legoland

I loved that you could wonder around for hours and just marvel at the size, scale and attention to detail of what can only be described as LEGO sculptures everywhere- the iconic recreated landmarks were simply dazzling (look at London and Paris-wow)!

Lego LondonTrafalfga Square of legoLego changing of the guardsLego London V&A Museum

We were in awe!Lego Land in Windsor

Amazing huh?!

Lego Paris The LouvreLego Notre Damelego land London Bridgelego London EyeLondon as legoLondon made as legoLondon Skyline made of lego

Xander and Oliver literally oohed and ahhhhed their way through the whole day.

I loved that the boys could fit into a large buggy easily so while the resort is vast, Peter and I could easily push them around. Don’t they look cute?!

lego buggyBuggy at Legoland Windsor

Whiles there, we took in a high energy show (can’t remember the name but various women in pastel outfits that made me want to be 12 again, sung and danced in the sunshine for us). We also enjoyed fairground games (losing them all), took boat rides around a LEGO lake that saw us all getting sprayed-sounds of me shouting, ‘my hair, my hair’ are still echoing round the place and ate more our body weight in sandwiches and crisps!

lego lakelego figure on lakelego coast guardLego Lake

I actually can’t remember laughing as much as we did on Sunday.

Such a super day out for all the family.

We’ll be back.

Watch the vlog!


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62 Responses

  1. Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    What a fantastic day out. I love it when the whole family can have such a fun tim and clearly there is a lot to do and see there. I really have to take my daughter to Legoland – think she’d love it – and I think I will too! All those model cities and Lego figurines are so impressive! x

  2. Silly Mummy

    I’ve never been to Legoland. I keep hearing great things about it though, so will have to take the kids one day – they’d love it! #brilliantblogposts

  3. Jade

    I have not yet told my five year old there is such a place because we will have to move in. I think non Lego lovers live in a secluded part of the world with people who dislike chocolate..The pictures are stunning as per usual, the one with little man in a sharks mouth made my heart melt! I like the possibility of ride reservation to minimise queuing as they tend to bring out the Hulk version of my son..I think I have to go to the Legoland driving school, I may be able to park one of those! The buggies are a great idea as even eager little legs get tired and carrying 3 stone worth of child is getting tricky..glad you had a marvellous time, thank you for linking up #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Honest Mum

      This might just be the best comment of all time, had me cracking up! I literally asked if I could drive one too-I want a Lego licence. The best day ever! x

  4. Franki ~ Little Luca & Me

    I remember going to legoland as a child when it first opened. I’d love to take Luca as he too loves Lego (how could he not his Daddy has forced it upon him ;-)). Looks like you had a great day out and that buggy will be handy for Ant to push me and Luca round the park in. X

  5. Joanna @mumbalance

    I didn’t know there is a LegoLand in Windsor! Once Big F is a little older we’ll have to go. At the moment I don’t think he is capable of dealing with queues…

  6. Charlotte Oates

    It sounds like you had a really lovely day out. My boys both love lego (Daniel in particular) so I know they would really enjoy themselves too. They had a lovely time when we took them to the discovery centre in Manchester last year but I’d imagine that it doesn’t really compare to toe “proper” one.

  7. Lauren

    Looks like you had a great time and those LEGO sculptures look fantastic! Can’t wait till my son is old enough to enjoy it so we can visit there! #fortheloveofBLOG

  8. Let your light shine Mummy

    Legoland is great, we went last year for our Eldest’s 4th Birthday. He loved it, we are really looking forward to going again this year. The driving school was a definite favourite of his too. We managed to go out of school holidays, and it made the queues much better. x #fortheloveofBLOG

  9. Kate

    ooh this looks great! What age do you think is the best to appreiciate it? I have a 4 year old lego fan, but I might wait till she’s a bit older #brilliantblogposts

  10. brummymummyof2

    It really is one of our favourite places to go! My two crack me up on the driving thing as all they do is crash into walls and look at me in fear!!! I can’t wait to go again over the summer! x

    • Honest Mum

      Haha, it’s so brilliant isn’t it! Just managed to get the vlog up finally, think it’s my all-time fave vlog, can’t wait to go back xx

  11. Ann Molyneux-Jackson

    Sounds like you had a great day. We took my daughter to Legoland for her third birthday three years ago and had a fantastic day although I do remember it being very busy. We had to queue for at least half an hour for every ride so I can definitely see the benefits of having Q-Bot passes. I was wondering if they have any Lego Friends models or attractions at the site now as they are one of my daughter’s favourite things at the moment. x

  12. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, I’ve never been to LegoLand, but it looks amazing! I can’t believe what can be built from lego! I have visions of Oliver helping you test drive the BMW all the way home!


  13. Vicki Montague

    That looks like so much fun! We went a couple of years ago in the summer holidays and I have to admit it was torture! There were soo many people there, each ride had at least an hour’s wait so the kids only got to go on about 4 rides all day. It was rather a shame. I really want to take them back when it is quieter. There was a restaurant that did gluten-free food too which was a real bonus.

    • Honest Mum

      Fab about the restaurant, sorry to hear about the queues, those q bots make life easier but not everyone wants to pay extra I know x

  14. Sophie from Franglaise Mummy

    My parents live quite near to Legoland so when we were living back in the UK we used to go there all the time – I’ve been there in snow, in scorching sun and everything in between and we’ve loved it every time! I was a massive sceptic before going as I’m not a lego fan (don’t shoot me!), but even I fell in love with the place, and despite going there so many times it never got boring, for any of us, which in itself is quite impressive.

    The only downside is it’s quite expensive but for those in the southeast it’s worth getting an annual Merlin pass so you can go there and to lots of other places that the kids love as much as you want.

    So glad you had such a great day 🙂
    Sophie xx

  15. tracey bowden

    Legoland looks fabulous I have only been to the Discovery centre in Manchester before. It looks like you all had a great family day out from your pictures #brillblogposts

  16. Helen @ family-friends-food

    My daughter has been desperate to go for a while now, having heard reports from her friends. I must admit, having read your review, I’m a bit more enthusiastic about it myself! We’ll have to plan a day out during the summer holidays 🙂

  17. Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    I love Legoland! we last went a few weeks ago with our 5 year old and our 3 year old niece. They had a great time, but agree with you that you do need a weekend to get everything done! Great photos 🙂

  18. Mess and Merlot

    Spud has asked to go in Sept for his 8th birthday and I’ve been dreading the queues as we’ll also have Flump- his VERY impatient 5yr old sister! I didn’t realise they offered a priority pass so will definitely be having one of those thank you very much!! Those buggies are such a fab idea, not too babyish to put the older kids into and save their wee legs – nothing worse than having a grand day out with a tired, grumpy child in tow.
    To be honest I think they’ll struggle to get me past little London – how impressive is that??!! So glad you posted this, I’m actually looking forward to it now- thanks! 🙂
    (Were the girls ‘Lego Friends’ by any chance?? Flump has zero interest in Lego but has the Lego Friends app and constantly plays the ‘catchy’ tunes. OK I admit it, I sing along too….. “Meeeee and my girls, best friends for everr….” 😉

    • Honest Mum

      Ooh they might have been lovely, yes you’re right. We absolutely loved it and cannot wait to return, you can paying for different passes which either offer you instant access or cut down waiting times. Off to Google Lego Friends now! You guys will love the resort!

  19. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    We love Legoland, have been a few times before, and always love coming back. Getting the Q-Bot ride reservation passes is a must as the queues can be never-ending, so worth it. Shame we were away as we live not too far from Windsor xxx

  20. Everything Mummy

    Ah this is defo on our to do list I have never been to Legoland and I think the girls are just coming up to the right age for it now! Great post love your photos xxx

  21. A Mum Track Mind

    Isn’t LEGOLAND just the best! We always stay over when we take the kids because it’s quite far from where we live and we make a whole weekend of it. It never ever fails to disappoint! Fab weather really is the icing on the cake isn’t it 🙂 Looks and sounds like you had a blast – reminds me to book tickets, we haven’t been for a while! x

  22. Eb Gargano

    Oh, Legoland sounds awesome – I so want to go!!! And, you know – take the kids too of course 😉 Love that your little one wanted to drive you all home afterwards – so cute! Eb x

  23. One Messy Mama

    Wow, that looks amazing! The boys (and you), must of had a wonderful time. I’m sure they slept well too! 🙂 #brillblogposts

  24. Monica Gilbert

    I took my 3 year old daughter to Legoland for the first time (for her and me) today. She loved it, and I’m looking forward to going a few more times on her Preschool pass. Happy to see how much you all liked it.

    • Honest Mum

      Such a wonderful resort and so much to do for all ages Monica. Glad you guys love it too. That Preschool pass sounds fab x

  25. Sarah - Craft Invaders

    You couldn’t have had a lovelier day to visit Legoland 🙂 Love all your pictures, it looks like the boys had a fab time. We love it too, last year we stayed in the hotel which the kids thought was amazing x

    • Honest Mum

      Ooh we want to stay at the hotel next time, it looked amazing when we passed it. Such a fun place for the all the family isn’t it!

  26. jodie filogomo

    What a great outing!!
    The creativity has got to be so inspiring! I bet we could so a blog series on the coloring for legos!!
    Thanks so much for hosting


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