Hill and Friends store launch

Life Lately

Vicki and Bianca at the Hill and Friends store launch

Life has been pretty intense lately, and mostly in a good way.

With my big Mumboss book deadline looming (it goes to print soon and the pre-order link is now LIVE )! life has been NUTS!

I delivered my 2nd draft last week and get one more polish of it this week before it’s let loose in the shops next year. It’s happening, people! I’ve poured my heart, soul, energy, time and know-how into this book so I hope you find it both useful and inspiring. I want my manifesto on how to survive and thrive at work and at home to empower….

I literally can’t wait to get my art out into the world in May next year. A labour of love, it’s a dream-come-true and it will be a special moment to see it in the supermarket!

In between all the book-writing, I’ve luckily let my hair down with wild (ish) nights (and days) out (so needed) and there’s been shoot-days and vlogs completed as well as settling my kids into their new schools routine…Life has frankly felt on ‘fast forward’ lately but whilst it’s busy, it’s been rather life-affirming too.

I’m doing what I love every day so ‘busy’ is GOOD, right?!

I do however, feel that I’ve not been able to blog as much as usual due to cheating on my blog with my book (Soz guys, it will be worth it, promise) and below’s a little run-down of what I’ve been up to in more detail.

Oh how I loved the Hill and Friends store launch I popped by to with the utterly hilarious and brilliantly smart, Bianca of This is Everything. We danced to old school R ‘n’ B and made the biggest birthday wish-list of all the bags in the collection!

I also attended Julien Macdonald’s exquisite show for LFW before that, and the family made a recent visit to LEGOLAND to celebrate Xander’s birthday when my best mate Rebecca (Badazz Mother) and her family visited us from Up North.

On top of all of that, we’ve obviously moved to Windsor from near Harrogate in Yorkshire (I forgot how stressful moving is) and I’ve been filming for global brands to boot. Casual. And breathe…

It’s fair to say that we’re all lapping up life (every second of it), appreciating the fun times and feeling grateful for the milestones.

Bianca of This is Everything and Vicki of Honest Mum

Photos of Bianca and I by Nick Harvey.

Oh and Jason Collier, my good friend dyed my hair dark. You likey?

Vicki Psarias and Jason Collier

Alexander's birthday cake


Honest Mum in Julien Macdonald

Meeting superstar Emma Bunton at her eco baby brand Kit & Kin Bloggers’ Lunch was awesome too. The most genuine, down-to-earth, super-talented lady, I loved every minute of hanging out and interviewing her!

Emma Bunton

We also had a chilled weekend at The Royal Garden Hotel (I’m their resident blogger) and got to play in the autumnal sunlight at the achingly beautiful Kensington Gardens…

Kensington Gardens


lamp post in London

There’s also been great sadness and worry behind-the-scenes too with an unwell relative I adore, and being far from my friends and fam in the North has literally made my heart ache…But, I’ve found comfort in the love that cushions us all and I won’t lose hope that things will be OK for my family member…

I went to church in Windsor yesterday and said a prayer for my relative, and others I know who are hurting right now. I gave thanks for all that we have because I feel so incredibly grateful. Grateful that I, and my husband and kids are healthy, happy and are leading the lives we’ve worked  so hard for. I will never take any of this for granted. The fact that I live at a time where I have a platform to call my own is available and free to me, to communicate and create every day, that allows me to make friends and connections with people all over the world. A place I can be myself.

I will never take any of you reading about my life and work, for granted either, and hope my book gives you the insight you need to LAUNCH. You deserve to feel confident to GO FOR ALL THAT YOU DREAM OF because at the other side of fear is opportunity…and the potential for unbridled joy. To jump out of bed and feel pleasure in all that you do and strive for.

What have you guys been up to, too?

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Life Lately

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