Honest Mum with the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

A Review of the Life-Changing (Really) Vorwerk Kobold Vacuum Cleaner

I know what you’re thinking, a life-changing vacuum Vicki, whatever, but hear me out please guys.

I’ve been using Kobold for 3 months now after the personable advisor Barry came over to give me a detailed demo in the comfort of my own home, and not only did I stop my previously relentless itching after one use, thanks to its anti allergen feature which removes house dust, pollen (and pet hair if you have a pet) but our flat has never looked more spotless, and I’ve halved the time I used to clean too. True story.

I don’t have bags of time to vacuum (nor do I need lots of bags to vacuum with this beauty as they’re highly economical and roomy) but I do clean daily and being able to mop and vacuum at the same time with the SP600 attachment, has made chores for the whole family, a whole lot easier. Plus, side note but thanks to the fragrance chips you plug into the vacuum, your home smells pine fresh. Dreamy.

The vacuum set I have been using truly is like the James Bond of vacuums – ready to tackle anything! The VK200 Ultimate Floorcare Set includes both the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner and the SP600 attachment along with a range of other handy and helpful extras, like the fragrance chips I mentioned earlier! With the SP600 attachment retailing for £400 on its own the set makes total sense if you’re in a home with both carpeted and hard flooring!

the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum bags

Kobold fragrance chips

With two engines, it’s not a light machine but you quickly get used to it, and even Oliver, 9, cleans the carpets with ease and enjoys it, to boot.

the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

We’ve actually integrated more chores with both my boys vacuuming as natural part of daily routine with a quick clean after breakfast before school and later, after, dinner (when our monochrome rug seems to catch all the kids’ crumbs and dinner).

the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

My sons are not being paid for these chores as I feel it’s vital to naturalise helping out in the home, it’s an important life skill. We all live under one roof so need to share responsibilities as well as the space and our lives here.

child uses Kobold vaccum

Both have been cooking more, too. Oliver surprised my husband Peter and I, espresso, from the coffee machine last week and we couldn’t have felt prouder.

I want my boys to be as self-sufficient as possible and it’s never too early to harness those skills.

With supervision, the kids (Alexander recently turned 7) are now confidently toasting bread, making soups, cooking stir-fries, vacuuming and polishing.

They love being more independent, too. Oliver was fascinated with Barry’s demo and asked for more questions about the machine and how to clean, than I did. Well done Oliver!

kid vacuums with the Kobold

The vacuum I have here, is called the James Bond like Kobold Hard Floor Set (VK200+ SP600). This Kobold SP600 simultaneously mops and vacuums hard floors as is a whizz on our carpets too!

the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

The head of the SP600 is used with a cloth attached to the bottom plate and the version I have is the Universal Cloth (for most floors). All cloths benefit from being washed before use (no conditioner) and by adding 3 ml of fluid to the chamber (which comes with).

cloth Kobold

KobocleanCleaning the kitchen and bathrooms take literally minutes now! Kobold cleans hard floor Kobold

So you can see what I have in detail, I’ve listed the items, below. While the products are not on the cheaper side of the market, Barry informed me that many people use theirs for 20 years plus. There’s a 5 year warranty too. Well worth the money, then!

the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

Ultimate Floorcare Set – £1199

As the set includes both head attachments it really is ideal for all types of flooring. Further options, such as the individual VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner (£749) and accessories are available too.

If you mostly have carpets, the Expert Set at £1199 is ideal and includes both of the main heads. Further options and accessories available too.

I never thought I’d actually enjoy vacuuming but here we are. Thank you Kobold!

Honest Mum with the Kobold Vorwerk Vacuum

This is a paid campaign but as always, my words are honest.





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