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Review of the ProPlus™ 36 inch VARIDESK® Standing Desk

The Varidesk

The ProPlus™ 36 inch VARIDESK® is a smart and health-boosting addition to my home office in my bedroom, enabling and supporting me to work standing up as well as sitting down. It’s meant I mix up my work day, veering between sitting, and standing during my MUMBOSS related hours working from home.

Sitting down for long periods isn’t good for anyone with the NHS even sharing a page dedicated to why we should sit less, advising we reduce sitting time as much as possible it’s linked to type 2 diabetes, some cancers and early death.

The site reads that, ‘Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. This includes watching TV, using a computer, reading, doing homework, travelling by car, bus or train but does not include sleeping’.

We’re all guilty of spending far too much time sat on our backsides so must look at ways to move more. I need to put the hours in with my job so luckily the VARIDESK® can get me out of a literal slump!

With zero need to assemble because seriously no one has time for that and no complicated instructions or tools required as it’s fully ready to go on arrival, this simple and sleek desk takes you from sitting down to standing in just 3 seconds and works with your existing furniture/desk. A bestseller for the brand, it’s a height-adjustable way to switch a standard desk into a standing desk and comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your home/ workspace and doesn’t stand out like an eyesore making it the ideal minimalist choice for any decor.
Honest Mum
Its two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area to place your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup I often use particularly when editing, while the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and even a cup of tea (no spills now)!
Its features include spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual handle design making it super easy to lift, lower and adjust to any of the 11 height settings you might need. My husband and I share the ‘hot desk’ as I veer between that and the kitchen table so we change the height settings to suit ourselves when we use it.
The company also provides a no-risk 30-day guarantee too for peace of mind and at £365 it really is worth the money to help keep you moving and mobile while you work.
It comes in 30, 36 and 48 inches and in black or white. It’s sturdy, secure and safe even when fully extended so don’t fear leaning on it and it makes a super addition to a home or work-based office. Have you tried it?

Photos by Jerry Syder. Thanks to Paisie for the gifted dress, styled by Lauren Jobling.

The desk was gifted but my views are honest.


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