Christmas Done

Well Christmas was a super day-my little boy's first one-he will be 1 in 2 weeks so we tried to stagger the presents somewhat. Failed.
Friends-Honest Mum

Who’s the Mummy? I Am!

10 Things which Differentiate you from your Non-Mummy Friends. For Better or Worse:
Vicki-Honest Mumn

All in a Day’s Work (OK 4 Weeks)

Something funny happened to me...I was feeling a bit down and sorry for myself the other day. You know, the usual: sleep deprivation, 'hormonies' a bit all over the shop and above all, I'd kind of lost my confidence a little, in me, in my work, did I mention in me.
Friends-Honest Mum

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10 1. Do stuff your face with the food you feel like, especially in those first few months post-birth. It's hard enough getting up a million times a night to feed your baby as well as  having to keep yourself awake by day with only...
Vicki and Peter

Oh Santa Baby….

Dear Santa, Hear me out. I've been a good girl this year. I've tried to be the best Mum (and wife) I could be and let's not forget I've produced another Greek for the world. So as well as world peace and an extension to maternity pay, please can you arrange the following. Thanks.
Peter and I-Honest Mum

Just the Two of Us…

You know that bit in Sex and the City 2 where Miranda and Charlotte have that huge heart to heart about how hard motherhood is-the scene where every mother watching, cried? Yeah that one, well that's pretty much how I felt before I left for my birthday weekend in London-exhausted, in need of a decadent trip to Abu Dhabi (I got Notting Hill)-not too shabby, in need of quality time with the hubby and most of all SLEEP.