Christmas Done


Well Christmas was a super day-my little boy’s first one-he will be 1 in 2 weeks so we tried to stagger the presents somewhat. Failed.

He did get quite a lot of goodies but that’s what happens when you literally have a Big Fat Greek family of about 100 people and are as popular as I am with lots of friends wanting to shower your little one with lovely toys *wink.

Truthfully he did get some very cool pressies from walkers to toys you hit with hammers, a toy car (although the husband was too drunk on Bolly to build it so think we’ll save this for his birthday) and my personal fave: a baby Vtech phone (thank you lovely Julie) with it’s speaking voice of ‘let’s call Mummy, let’s call Daddy’ glowing numbers and flashing shapes, I actually prefer it to my iPhone, other than the fact it doesn’t actually make calls. Details, details.

The Mummy (moi) got some lovely treats- Links of London charms for my sweetie bracelet-a red heart and silver star (because naturally I am one!), Versace Bright Crystal perfume (amazing bottle), Aveda hair treats, some lotions, potions and the rest but best of all lots and lots of dribbly kisses from my gorgeous boy (who weirdly looks more like a baby boy version of Jessica Alba by the day).

My Mama got some Creme de la Mer moistouriser and eye cream. I think Santa got confused or clearly didn’t read my list. Bad Santa/husband. I will be pinching the cream slowly and discreetly over the year. What? Don’t look at me like that. Christmas is about sharing after all.

So we ate lots, played lots, watched the only good things on the box: Corrie, Eastenders and Come Fly With Me then all got tonsillitis on Boxing Day. Whoopie! We weren’t so merry then! Little man (do babies even have tonsils?) seemed to escape this bacterial infection with a bad cold and cough so happy days all round with no sleep, a concoction of antibiotics and a hangover of pink champagne, port and baileys overdose.

All on the mend now though and ready for the excitement of the new year 2011. What exactly do couples with a (nearly) 1 year old do on New Year’s Eve? Answers on a postcard please.

Oh I nearly forgot, Papa G did behave himself if you can call straddling my Mum (quite non sexually) thank goodness so she could do row the boat with him whiles I did it to baby O. Baby O did laugh and despite ourselves so did we! You gotta love Papa G.

…I’ve got a few new things happening with the blog in January so watch this space, subscribe to keep up with me and do vote for me on my homepage for a Brilliance in Blogging award if you think I’m slightly brilliant. Of course you do. Thank you, please.

Belated Merry Christmas

Honest Mum


Photograph © Peter Broadbent.

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