Are you ready? Here are 20 Funny Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

1. I played an old man in a school play when I was 11. I’d observed old men feeding pigeons in parks for weeks beforehand in preparation and this was well before I even knew the meaning of ‘method acting’. Despite a standing ovation and seemingly a gift for playing the elderly, my parents still wouldn’t let me go to drama school when I reached 16. I never forgave them.

2. I came 4th in the North (of England) in the regional heats of Junior Masterchef aged 12. They only needed 3 contestants for the TV show and Papa G was so upset I’d missed out, he stomped up to the judges in front of everyone and started shouting that I should have got through. Embarrassing was not the word.

3.  I love gangster movies… and Coronation Street. I didn’t say I was normal.

4. I’m happiest when I’m with my the family, talking (aka shouting to the rest of the non Greek world), laughing, eating …and erm, shouting.

5. I don’t understand people who don’t kiss on both cheeks when they greet one another. Continental is best. For breakfast and kissing.

6. I can sometimes say the wrong thing especially when it’s ‘the time of the month’  (you know that time you don’t quite recognise who you are anymore when the ‘hormonies’ take over) but despite being too sensitive and a little hot headed (I am Greek after all) I’m a warm girl at heart who is fiercely loyal to her family and friends, oh and I make a great cup of rooibos tea to boot.

7. I hate tight people, I just don’t get it. I was brought up with the ethos that generosity is key in life and quite honestly would give away my last penny. My Dad always reminisces about the time I was a student with little money yet I had 3 standing orders to various charities. Warm-hearted indeed.

8. I learnt to speak English and Greek at the same time as a baby but announced to my Mother after my first day of school that I was no longer Greek.  I felt ashamed to be different. That all changed when my friend Yiannis invited me to his house, played me old Greek records as well as a few Madonna hits (I know she’s not Greek but she’s part Italian so she’s almost Greek) and made me realise speaking another language was actually pretty cool. Especially if no one else understands you. From that day forward, he made me proud to be Greek and although we’re no longer in touch, I will never forget what he did for me.

9. I did however protest about having to go to Greek school every Saturday from the age of 4-16 but looking back those were some of the best times, laughing with my Greek friends particularly when our teacher Maria would shout, ‘everyone in the glass’  instead of class when lessons began. (Oh the hours of fun mispronunciations gave us, we were terribly simple minded then!) Now looking back, I’m glad my folks forced me to go as I learnt to speak and write Greek which enabled me to have such close relationships with my grandmothers. Priceless.

10. I used to entertain my Big Fat Greek family with impressions of Margaret Thatcher.  They loved it. But not enough to send me to drama school.

11. I feel naked if my toenails aren’t painted.

12. I have won awards for my short films, TV dramas and documentaries which have screened at film festivals worldwide, on the telly box here and the US and Channel 4 even heralded me a ‘future creative hero’ giving me an award for Best Filmmaker. Nice.

13. I once danced the night away at a very glamorous film party at the Cannes Film Festival but by 6am we had a long walk back to the villa so I (dare I write it) took my heels off. The French thought I was crackers and kept stopping me in the street and asking me to put them back on. They had a point and to this day I feel personally to blame for the often difficult Anglo/French relations.

14. My hair was poker straight until I was 13 then it went curly. Bloody hormones again.

15. I’m a big baby and cannot watch horror movies. I get scared watching The Simpson’s Halloween Special. True Story.

16. I love shopping (who doesn’t) especially shoes and bags. A girl can never have too many. My husband disagrees and would like his side of the wardrobe back.

17. I once stroked a ‘tame’ cheetah on safari in South Africa. Despite supposedly being ‘tame’ I was convinced he’d instantly love the smell of me (who could blame him?) and want to eat me. He didn’t, but I won’t chance that again.

18. I can do the splits. Don’t ask me to though.

19. Gerard Butler once flirted with me at a film company I was a runner at many moons ago, commenting in front of the whole office that he’d been watching me in the cafe beforehand and was captivated (ooh lala)… I didn’t even know who he was at the time and honestly didn’t fancy him. A few stars have tried it on over the years (check me out!) but this is the story my friends hate the most. Jealous bitches (kidding).

20. I think I’m allergic to pineapple, my lips blow up whenever I eat it. Being Greek I could do with bigger lips so some people might say that’s a good thing.

Now tell me about you….

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias.

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74 Responses

  1. lifeloveanddirtydishes

    It’s nice to learn more about the person we link up with each week. I used to love horror films but can’t watch them since becoming a mum. Why is that? and as for number 19 #jealous!

  2. Mrs H

    I love this post. I wouldn’t mind Gerrard Butler flirting with me and I love the fact that I am not the only girl who got cast in male roles when they were at school. In my first role my character was hypnotised into thinking he was an ox. I had to walk around the stage with a yoke on. I am sure that was child abuse. Ha ha! The things we do for the arts, darling! Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  3. ghostwritermummy

    Oh I love this post! How funny that your hair was straight until you turned 13! Thats my favourite fact- you hair is a constant source of wonder!
    x x

  4. Rebecca U

    Totally agree with the toe nails being painted thing! And so jealous that you’ve met Gerard Butler *swoon* #sharewithme

  5. Jenny

    Vicki this is absolutely brilliant. I love getting to know bloggers more and it’s hilarious as so many things we have in common that I wouldn’t have thought but there you go that’s why these posts are amazing. I am also from a big family, mine as well be greek with seven other siblings. Big I know. I also am a baby can’t even look at a clown at all, Stephen King It ruined me for life and they are remaking it next year. AHHH the adverts will kill me. i could go on and on about how many things I can relate to it but this is about you. hahaha and so lovely you seem like an amazing person and I am so very excited to meet you on Friday!! Thank you so much for all the blog support and linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  6. MyLifeMyLove

    I love this. I too agree with the painted toenails! And the curly hair thing! Ooh Gerard Butler and ooh the splits! fanbloodytastic! xx

  7. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    My math skills are being tested everytime I visit you =P

    I am super scared of horror movies too. I am still finding the courage to watch Walking Dead no matter how I want to watch it im just too chicken. #brilliantblogposts

  8. PottyMouthedMummy

    Vicky you are cracking me up today.

    11. I feel naked if my toenails aren’t painted. — YESSSSSS. I don’t think mine have been naked for more than a day in the last 15 years ha ha.

    Also nearly wee’d myself a bit at the jealous bitches. Awesome xx #brilliantblogposts

  9. mummytries

    Love this Vicki, what a fab idea for a meme. I think we’d get along, I could have written half your list myself. Might have to join in and do some reminiscing 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

  10. Sam

    Oh this made me laugh Vicky! This is what the All About Me linky should be intended for as far as I’m concerned (I’m not really that bothered by fashion! – although bags and shoes are a different story!). I was great friends with a Greek Cypriot girl when i was at College (many moons ago) but we’ve lost touch now. I loved experiencing the Greek way through her – her wedding was bloody amazing – getting draped in all those strings of – hmm, I want to say tenners but they could have been 50 pound notes for all I know! A very generous community, definitely! X

  11. thelifeofwife

    Great post – I don’t think I could even think of 5 interesting things about me! I so wish I could speak a different language, I always thought that children who were brought up speaking were two languages were so lucky – its like being guaranteed a GCSE! lol

    • honestmum

      Thanks @lifeofwife bet there are lots of interesting things about you. Funnily enough I got an A for French GCSE and a B for Greek (probably thought I would walk it)-has been useful being able to speak more than one language though! Thanks for your comment!

  12. Downs Side Up

    Fabulous post amazing lady, and made me giggle. Papa G sounds wonderful. Thank goodness you have never entered the X Factor or it might have got ugly.
    BUT I too am scared or horror films and can do the splits. Ta da, we have much in common. Sadly (for me) amazing hair is not one of them :/

    • honestmum

      @Downsideup that’s not true, I’ve seen your hair and it was FABULOUS! Thanks for your lovely comment, Papa G is hysterical! x

  13. Mama-andmore aka Zaz

    Absolutely brilliant post! I can’t even decide what my favourite was – Madonna is practically Greek, who knew?! Heh heh heh! I’m allergic to pineapple too and honestly can’t bear seeing people’s toenails without polish (even just light pink people, c’mon!) and certainly not my own. Super impressed about your masterchef almost-credentials too; think I may need to come have a cup of tea with you again soon! Thanks so much for linking this to #AllAboutYou xx

  14. mel

    Haha, you made me giggle! I feel like I know you a bit more now… and I like you even more than before! x Mel

  15. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Oh Vicki, you have made my day. I have been laughing for minutes now. love the Madonna is almost Greek mentioning …… you are SO GREEK, and should be proud of it 😉 As I know you are.

  16. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    Lovely post! And I’m with you and Franki…naked toenails are a no,no. I can’t even remember the last time I saw mine without varnish *shudders*

    Just a thought but it might be worth you hooking this post up to your ‘about me’ page if you haven’t already x

  17. Babes about Town

    Ha, fab post, glad I stopped by to read (even though I know so much about you already hehe). Love the bit about shouting… you Greeks are so Nigerian 😉 And your hubby is waaay cuter than GB! Love you lady xoxo

    • Honest Mum

      @Babesabouttown haha, aw you’re right there and thank you for your lovely comment, Greeks & Nigerians are sooo similar. Love you too x

  18. Luci - Mother.Wife.Me

    14. My hair was poker straight until I was 13 then it went curly. Bloody hormones again – SAME, except I was just turning 12! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou with this oldie but goodie!

  19. Angie

    I always worry that at some point my son with reject English because it makes him different from the other kids….I hope he finds his Yiannis!

    Angie from reasons to dress

    p.s. I’d love to hear from you! I’m hosting a reader survey and LUXURY GIVEAWAY for a $245 pair of earrings from the Paris brand Satellite. Please stop by and enter!!

    • Honest Mum

      @Angie he will and I think rejection at some point is normal as kids just want to fit in but he’ll rediscover his culture and become very proud of it x

  20. Sarah (@tamingtwins)

    What a brilliant post, you’ve inspired me to think of some interesting things for another #AllAboutYou in the coming weeks. Must start to do something interesting between now and then…! All of the best people are terrified of horror films 😉

    • honestmum

      @Katy thanks so much, your own post blew me away, you write like a dream…everyone needs a Yiannis growing up for sure, we’re no longer in touch but he madfe a real impact on my younger years.

  21. Ma

    Lovely list, number 1 is hilarious – I tend to meet a lot of mathematics/economics types who also learn many of their behaviours from pigeons (but I don’t think they regard it as method acting).

  22. Helloitsgemma

    Great post love the honesty. Been meaning to visit your blog for ages. So glad I finally got round to it

  23. Vegemitevix

    Wow how cool we have so much in common – I can do the splits too, I have long dark curly hair, I’m Greek, and we share the same first name* (One of these things may not be true!) Great to meet you, I came here from Becki’s blog! So pleased you reclaimed your Greek heritage, I think it’s important to keep our homelands alive. I know I feel very passionate about being a New Zealander. xx

    • honestmum

      @Vegemitevix thanks for your comment-congrats on being able to do the splits too. Aren’t we clever! I’m thinking maybe the Greek bit might be a white lie but that’s ok, you can be an honorary Greek! Great blog too. I love the Kiwis and work with quite a few super talented ones in the film industry. x

  24. Metropolitan Mum

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Do you want to be my friend? I am Austrian with Hungarian roots running in the family, so I am practically Greek as well 😉
    (Who cares about geography anyway?)
    And I am naked without painted toe nails, toooo!!

    • honestmum

      @Metropolitan Mum thank you *takes a bow then pisses herself laughing. Would LOVE to be your friend and you are so practically Greek. Admittedly had a small girlcrush when I saw your pic on your blog! Pretty lady! When I’m next in London we should meet…and get pedicures!

  25. Mandi

    Re No.20, are Greeks known for having thin or non-existant lips? Really?

    I shall have to carefully study the Ovver Arf and his family over the Christmas holidays… ….just so long as they can stop their mouths moving long eniugh!

    • honestmum

      @Mandi Re: lips. This was kind of an in joke between my friend mentioned in the post Yiannis and I, as a lot of Greeks we know have thin lips. Mine aren’t really that thin as it goes. So funny about your partner’s family-same here I’m afraid!

    • honestmum

      @themamabirddiaries lol! I think I am currently being hated on forums the internet over but yes I did find a better man!

  26. Sharcasm

    Love this post. Brilliant! I can totally relate to the not wanting to be Greek thing, but in my case I just wanted to be Dutch and nothing else. But it’s amazing that your friend Yiannis reaffirmed your Greek roots. I also reaffirmed my Asian roots and love how it makes me different.

    Oo la la, Gerard Butler though, well jealous.

    As for horror movies, yeah can’t stand them either and love Gangsta flicks as well. Godfather, Goodfellas, love it.

    Would love to hear you do a Margeret Tatcher impression lol. As well as see you do the splits, very impressive.

    As for walking home barefoot in Cannes, that makes perfect sense to me, why walk in pain? The French are weird, remember that -;) x

    • honestmum

      @Sharcasm thanks Chica, it’s great to hear from people who relate to wanting to be like everyone else. I wonder if things have really changed now as being ‘different’ seems to be so cool! And it is. I don’t think I’d have much to write about if it wasn’t for my Greek family and funny experiences/culture clashes! I seriously can’t do a Margerate Thatcher impression anymore! I love the French so can’t agree there but walking barefoot is terribly freeing!x

  27. Maria

    Brilliant! Love that your friend Yiannis reaffirmed your greek roots. I think every bilingual/bicultural child at some point wants to pretend they’re not just to be ‘normal’ but actually it can be rather handy (speaking in front of people you don’t want to understand). I remember my sister and I stopped speaking spanish for a while but stupidly we ended up forgetting rather a lot and when it came to be useful – we had to make a bigger effort!

    Love that you tried walking home barefoot in Cannes! It seems so logical – but the french are so different yet they’re happy doing stuff we would never do in public – like smoking with baby in their arms…

    Love that you can do the splits. I feel so unbendy – what’s your secret?!

    • honestmum

      @ Kiki so glad you enjoyed the post. Miss you sooo much. ‘Hormonies’ are evil! Evening Primrose sorts out those naughty devils. @Maria thanks for your comments, so good you can relate. Yiannis is one of my best friends to this day and really owe him a lot. Always been a bendy lady! Probably how I bagged my husband. Kidding!

    • honestmum

      @Maria thanks so much, I think it’s hard to kids to feel different but ultimately that difference made me feel special, once I’d accepted it and realised how fun it could be! Always been a bendy girl! Ha x

  28. Kiki

    What a brilliant post! It made me cry, laugh, sigh, smile all at once! I see a lot of me in you Vee -especially the bit about drama school (my parents were so against it *weep*), and a complete intolerance of horror flicks (I can’t watch any horror films, I require therapy afterwards -highly time consuming)..
    I had no idea that Monsieur Butler and you go way back!!! (joke!) Oh la la! 🙂 Count me in as one of your jealous girlfriends!
    And I know you can do the splits (I saw you do them in the MPC!) and you do make the best tea ever. I loved having tea at your place 🙂
    I really think we have parallel lives and ‘hormonies’ sometimes too. I also used to have lovely dead straight hair until I hit puberty, and then pow-wow the frizz set in! (Thanks to John Frieda my frizz is under control) As to those inconsistent ‘hormonies’, well at least they make us fun and unpredictable! In other words, we ain’t boring! lol..


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