Ox Pasture Hall Hotel-Honest MumWe’re often kindly offered breaks away thanks to this blog here but they’re usually a little far for us to head to for a weekend now that Oliver has started school…

However,  thanks to the lovely The Boy and Me who recommended us to review the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, we found ourselves not too far from home, in the picturesque seaside town of Scarborough for a gloriously sunny weekend of fresh country air, fine food and family fun!

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

A luxurious country house hotel enveloped in seventeen acres of dreamy forestry, farmland (with mooing cows) and rolling Yorkshire hills within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, you start to feel soothed the minute you arrive.

My husband, Peter, and I shared the photography with him mostly snapping away at the view and I, the food! And it was all glorious and hot too-we were so lucky to have picked such a sunny weekend!

Yorkshire-Honest Mum

views-Honest Mum

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel-Honest Mum

…A stunning vintage-style wedding reception was in full swing when we arrived on Saturday, showcasing the Ox Pasture for the romantic setting that it is- so much so, I wondered if Peter might consider renewing our vows there, it really is a fairytale setting for a wedding or ceremony!

I know we’ve already had a wedding in South Africa and a Greek one in Harrogate but another ceremony won’t hurt! Go on, Peter! Just look at the backdrop!

back of Ox Pasture Hotel

We were quickly shown to our epic king size family room (surprisingly apt as it was named Ikley-where I grew up), stopping to enjoy the pretty waterfalls scattered around the hotel patios on the way…

The Ox Pasture Hall Hotel-Honest Mum

waterfall-Honest Mumchairs-Honest MumAnd then there were two…

kids on chairs-Honest MumA huge room, it was both luxurious and functional with lots of space for the kids, two small beds for them and one gigantic one for us (although we all ended up piling into the big one of course).

Ilkley sign-Honest Mum

The open plan room was divided into a lounge and bed area with an adjacent wet room style shower and bath- I spent a lot of time relaxing in that tub I can tell you! Bliss!

With tea and bottled waters (still and sparkling), a huge flat screen and breathtaking views into the open countryside, we couldn’t have asked for more.


A room with a view and what a view it was!

Yorkshire views-Honest Mum

And pretty furnishings at every turn..

lamp shade

clock-Honest Mum

…Someone liked the mammoth brown leather sofa and being in charge of the remote!

Alexander in the family room-Honest Mum

…Stunning en suite with marble finish-dreamy!

bathroom-Honest Mumensuite bathroom-Honest Mum

bathroom-Honest Mum

And plenty of soaps for little hands!

bathroom-Honest Mum

After watching some TV, we roamed around the area with a trip to the pretty seaside close by (Scarborough and Filey are not far), before heading for afternoon tea in the homely parlour on the ground floor.

parlour-Honest Mum

An array of sandwiches including gluten free ones for me, along with tasty cakes from parkin to brownies and gigantic scones- with wheat alternatives of mango-adorned rice pudding, clotted cream and strawberry meringues and raspberry milkshake, it was the pick-me-up we all craved at 3 pm!

Nothing was too much trouble, decaffeinated tea and coffee offered if we wanted it, delicate smoked salmon with cucumber and finely cut roast beef among other sandwiches and light, creamy desserts we lapped up, loving every single bite!

afternoon tea-Honest Mumafternoon tea-Honest MumGluten free sandwiches above and desserts below-delicious!

gluten free desserts-Honest Mum

…My milkshake definitely brought all the boys to the yard and this one nicked it!

drinking raspberry milkshake…After watching some kids’ films back in our room and taking the chance to relish the sun set, it was time for more eating. Tough job I know, but someone’s got to do it.

Vicki Honest Mum

…Dinner was out of this world, staggeringly good- it’s no surprise the hotel restaurant has been listed in the Michelin Guide over the years and being food-obsessed, it was definitely one of the highlights of our stay.

Courtyard Restaurant-Honest Mum…These £2 toy trucks from a shop nearby also came in handy, keeping the boys entertained throughout dinner and most of our stay…

Alexander-Honest Mumrestaurant-Honest Mum

Now back to dinner, it was course after sumptuous course of tasty but never heavy dishes including creamy tomato soup, tender lamb shank, delicate fish pie, hearty sausages and mash with seasonal salads and vegetables followed by heavenly crème brûlée, vanilla and white chocolate ice cream and Yorkshire cheese for dessert, washed down with deep house red wine. Feast your eyes on it all below!

tomato soup-Honest Mum

Mini version for the kids in coffee cups-cute!

mini tomato soup-Honest Mum

salad starter-Honest MumFish pie-Honest Mum

Lamb shank-Honest Mum

salad-Honest Mumsausages and mash-Honest Mum

creme bruleevanilla and white chocolate ice cream

cheese-Honest MumAs you can imagine, we all retired to bed happy little campers and fell fast asleep in that enormous bed as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

…Coming from a family of expert foodies and award winning restaurateurs, I have high standards when it comes to fine dining and this award winning Courtyard Restaurant truly met those!

What must also be noted is that children are made so welcome at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, absolutely everywhere, there’s no discomfort or formalities that can intrude on family time and although the boys were well behaved, it made the stay so relaxed and enjoyable for all…

It is also no wonder the Courtyard Restaurant is widely regarded as the best restaurant in the Scarborough area, and with an (EVEN) more relaxed adjacent gastro pub style Bistro if you prefer, there really is something for everyone at the Ox Pasture.

bistro-Honest Mum

We actually dined in the bistro for breakfast, another veritable feast consisting of porridge, fruit and full English for myself and the boys.

breakfast-Honest Mum

Peter plumped for the goats cheese and sundried tomato omelette-all flavoursome, faultless food that will make you come back to the Ox Pasture time and time again!

fruit salad and prunes

fruit salad-Honest Mum

breakfast-Honest MumAfter our epic breakfast, we roamed the hotel grounds, taking in the lake on the back fields, mooing at the cows and basking in the bright October sun…We left the Ox Pasture feeling so utterly relaxed and invigorated, it was as if we’d been away for weeks. Must be all that fresh sea air in our lungs and the wholesome food in our tums! Just joyous!
 The perfect stay for families everywhere.
sweet-Honest Mum

20141011-DSCF8697Alexander-Honest Mumhappiness-Honest MumThanks so much to the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel for the most wonderful weekend away, we simply can’t wait to return.

Disclaimer: we were offered a nights stay and all meals covered by the Ox Pasture in return for this honest review.


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95 Responses

  1. Mandy Flynn

    Oh my goodness I am completely in love with this place, it looks beautiful. We have had many many lovely holidays in Scarborough over the years. I adore North Yorkshire. I will definitely be looking this place up!

  2. Amy Treasure

    Goodness, the food looks AMAZING. You as always look gorgeous! Sounds like you had a super stay and spent some lovely quality time with your family. xx

  3. Mum Reinvented

    What a gorgeous place! I must admit to having a preconcieved idea of what Scarborough is like (I’m a Southerner) and this place certainly never fitted into the picture in my imagination, it’s beautiful! And the food……I’m practically licking the screen (I’m on a diet can you tell!)

    • honestmum

      Scarborough is a seaside town and the centre is pretty commercialised but this part isn’t-it’s heavenly. I adore Filey as a beach location as it’s untouched without any tack and really is beautiful x

  4. Olivia

    What a setting! Yes, ideal for a vow renewal, I agree. That view of the the green pasture looks like it was painted. Unreal.

  5. Emma

    It looks like you had a wonderful time and all of that food looks really tasty! I love the mini versions for the children too.

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

  6. Debbie

    It sounds as if you had a thoroughly wonderful time at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Both the scenery and the food looks stunning!…My favourite photograph has to be the one of the cows! I do miss seeing fields of mooing cows!

    • honestmum

      Must say it’s my husband, not the camera-it’s not on auto haha-he’s a genius behind the camera and I’m not too bad x

  7. vanessa Cameron

    What a fantastic location. Your review was glowing. Amazing photography, don’t we live in a fantastic county! I’m feeling very hungry now…. I am certainly going to check the place out, didn’t know it was there. Thank you

    • honestmum

      Thanks Al but it’s not free advertising, we were given a night’s stay and all our meals in return for an honest review as disclosed, thanks.

    • honestmum

      Thanks Al but it’s not free advertising, we were given a night’s stay and all our meals in return for an honest review as disclosed, thanks.

    • honestmum

      Thanks Al but it’s not free advertising, we were given a night’s stay and all our meals in return for an honest review as disclosed, thanks.

  8. Ebabee

    Breathtaking photography. Just stunning. Loving the matchy-matchy stripes on father and baby son. I really must check out more of this country instead of running abroad at every opportunity. You showcase such beautiful places – making me want to go now! x

    • honestmum

      Ha there’s so much to see darling Nomita, we love our hot countries too but Yorkshire is simply stunning, you’ll be here in November too x

  9. Katrina @ Beau Twins

    WOW WOW and WOW! this place looks stunning. What a lovely way to spend the weekend. Which reminds me, we could do with a break soon! Fantastic photo’s as usual and you’ve captured a lovely family weekend perfectly!

  10. Sophie

    What a wonderful review! The food alone would make me want to go there but the rooms and setting look dreamy too. You were very blessed with weather. It’s also lovely to hear that they were so family friendly, that’s a quality so many people are looking for.

  11. Mel

    Sounds like a great week-end. What a beautiful place to go to. The food looks divine and I love the sound of the goat’s cheese and sundried tomato omelette.

  12. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Looks like a gorgeous place to stay and sounds fantastic that it was so family friendly, families need a bit of luxury too! Gorgeous! Will definitely keep it in mind!! Xx #brilliantblogposts

  13. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Wow this looks like the perfect family getaway! Stunning photographs (from both of you I might add) especially the one of the field behind as he’s running towards you – gorgeous! You clearly had fantastic weather while you were there too which can make or break a family holiday but with surroundings like those I bet it you’d have had a lovely time even if it rained – even just snuggling up in that enormous bed with the TV remote! (Do the boys actually sleep if you’re all in the same bed by the way? Don’t think mine would…) Glad you had such a good break x

    • honestmum

      Thanks Michelle, we were so so lucky with the weather. Oliver went into the small bed in the end but yes they all sleep really well together! Such a fab weekend, thanks for your lovely comment x

  14. Mackenzie

    Wow! This looks totally amazing, and your shots are fabulous. We always want to escape somewhere like this with our girls, but you need a recommendation as there are so many and you never know which are any good. Will definitely look into this one!
    Thanks xx

  15. JoyandPops

    I’ve been lucky enough to attend two weddings at Ox Pasture and can concur that it is a lovely hotel, my mum was actually a registrar in Scarborough for many years and conducted wedding ceremonies there, it was her favourite venue!
    I looks like you had a lovely weekend and were so lucky with the weather. Beautiful photos, I’m feeling quite hungry now!!

  16. Jenny

    This looks absolutely beautiful. Sounds like you all had a brilliant day out and I love all the fun filled photos. You are a great photographer. I am always in awe of your photos of your kids. Wish mine would look at the camera or even stay still for more than a second so I can capture their innocence and not their blurs. lol Food looks great too! Right up my street wish it was closer to me. 🙂

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, was a fab weekend-so relaxed, my husband takes incredible pics, I’m not too shabby but his are the glorious views and kids’ portraits mostly! This time I snapped the food! Was hard to resist!

  17. John Adams

    This made me chuckle, for all the correct reasons. Back in my journalism days this hotel would have been squarely in the patch for one of the newspapers I wrote for. I know the area well, although I haven’t visited in years. I really should. It is stunning andI can see why you had such a good break.

  18. Jess Paterson

    Wow, looks like an amazing place, and interested to hear they are child-friendly even at dinner. Your photos are all fabulous, especially the food ones (haha, as I know you took those). Glad you had a nice break. x

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much, yay the food ones were mine although Peter’s views are amazing! Thanks so much, that’s what stood out so much, a beautiful hotel we could all enjoy!

  19. Bella

    Now this is my kind of weekend getaway! the hotel looks beautiful and you’ve really captured the mood perfectly. Lovely photos as always. xx

  20. Phoebe @ lou Messugo

    It sounds like an ideal mini break, lucky you! As always your photos are gorgeous, you’ve got me wanting to go there right now! (How lucky were you with the weather?!)

  21. TheBoyandMe

    Oh I’m so pleased you had such a wonderful break, it looks so relaxing and really high quality. I’m seriously impressed with the food, such a great range.

  22. Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    My goodness what beautiful pictures! It looks like such a lovely place and the food all looks and sounds amazing too! You definitely picked the right weekend to go, it looks beautiful xx #brilliantblogposts

  23. The DADventurer (Dave)

    Looks fab! As always, some great photos that you’ve captured. Love that area of the country – our last hol (when Hay was pregnant) was to the Scarborough / Whitby / Filey area, but we didn’t stay anywhere as nice as that 🙂

  24. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    Amazing. What a stunning hotel and grounds. I’ve never been to this part of the UK before so your wonderful review has made me even more excited! I better not eat anything and save it all for dinner x

  25. Coombemill

    I was looking forward to seeing this post, it certainly looks like the weekend was all you hoped it would be. a lovely escape for you all as a family.

  26. Notmyyearoff

    Wow that’s a really beautiful place. We were looking for a little pretty place for a few days she this might be ideal. Must check it out 🙂

    • honestmum

      Thanks Samantha, got another post on the seaside coming soon but wanted to focus on the hotel in this-so much stunning countryside there too, thanks for your lovely comment!

  27. Mini Travellers

    What a fabulous place. They really spoilt you rotten which is just what you want when you’re taking a break away. Perfect that they looked after the kids so well too.

  28. Hannah Mums Days

    I don’t know where to start! What a fabulous weekend!! I was going to ask, how were they around the kids?! But looking at the none fussy setup in this fabulous hotel, I had a feeling they’d be great. The food looks incredible and soup in a coffee cup? That’s a bloody genius idea!! Reuben might actually try some if it was survey like that. Thank you Ox Pasture Hall Hotel for that brainwave 🙂 as for the location, amazing – Pete’s photos are stunning!! (As were your food shots, of course!) the cows, Alexander on the hill, the sun shinning through the tree. Gorgeous!! Great post hun xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, his photos are dreamy, it took a lot to snap the food before diving in let me tell you! Such a lovely place, thanks for your gorgeous comment x

  29. Seychellesmama

    Ah it looks absolutely stunning!! What perfect weather you had for it too!! It’s places like this that make me miss England, just beautiful!!

  30. Mummy Tries

    Wow lady you sure do get some sweet gigs! This place looks incredible, and what a stroke of luck to have the sun shining as well. Fab review 🙂


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