Blog Camp-Honest MumHere with fab bloggers at Blog Camp (photo copyright Tots100). I’m wearing gifted Harrison Jersey dress by Fever London.

It was an honour to be asked to speak on two panels about my professional blogging career this weekend at the Tots100 Blog Camp in Birmingham and share what I know.

It was fabulous to meet so many of you and I’m so glad with the feedback that my sessions informed and inspired so many of you.

For those who couldn’t make the brilliant event (I hope you can book the next one), I wanted to share 10 of my top blogging tips from my sessions.

As you know, I write a lot about raising your blogging game-you will find all my posts if you click here or on the sidebar badge which reads Blogging Tips!

For those finding my blog for the first time, I’m a multi-award winning filmmaker, mother of two and full time professional blogger working with global brands from Selfridges to bareMinerals, Yahoo and beyond. I also write weekly for Grazia Daily.

I model and have ambassadorial positions with luxe baby bag company Nova Harley (and online for Fever London) featuring in ad campaigns in store and in editorials, modelling in Vogue and Grazia Daily.

I also carry out consultancy and mentor work with major brands and small businesses.

I will be speaking on behalf of Cosatto at John Lewis this week and will be on a panel at the IAB, the Internet Advertising Bureau (The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing most of the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies) in November for Mode Media who represent my above the fold advertising.

Hope my tips are useful:

1. Confidence

Getting confident can be tough, however self-assured others might appear, myself included, we all have confidence lapses, become riddled in self-doubt (as all creatives do) but we must push through it. The more you ignore those self-sabotaging voices in your head, the more you beat them.

You need courage and confidence to share your story, your life with your reader and must be true and honest in order to resonate and connect with your audience.

By writing as much as possible, even lowering the odds, telling yourself you don’t have to publish if you don’t want to and asking people you trust to read the odd post to build your confidence, you will start feeling better about your work before you know it.

Being a blogger means giving something of you away-not everything of course, there is so much I do not and will not share but the hardest posts I’ve written, through tears like this one here on my son struggling with nursery, seemed to connect most with my audience.

Cinema is emotion on screen and guess what, blogging is too.

2. Write what you know

Write what you want to read, what you know (or what you don’t, but you’re passionate about and can research)- that passion rolls off the page will connect with others who share that with you be it food, fashion, family-life, train spotting-whatever!

To be easily found via SEO (which you’ll find is where most of your traffic comes from), install Yoast plug in to check the SEO of your posts before publishing. Ensure you tag everything, your images with alt tags too and track which posts were your most popular via Google Analytics and Jet Pack so you can give your readers what they want.

I often ask my FB Page readers which posts or genres of posts they enjoyed the most so I can continue to please them.

3. Be Professional

You, your blog, what you say on social media are all part of your brand. Be professional and be kind. That also means making sure your blog looks professional too and if you want to monetize it, make sure it’s self hosted. It can be relatively inexpensive (and worth the money) to give your blog a make-over, making it clearer, cleaner while injecting some of your personality.

I used Amee D’Souza to redesign both blogs and my film site and I work with her regularly to keep my sites updated and looking slick.

Do also create your own logo that can be incorporated in your header and on your business cards.

Tell yourself you ARE a Professional Blogger until you are one. And act like it.

Emails arrive asking for free content, reply that you’re a pro so always charge. Work out fees that feel fair for your work. Not everything has to be paid, no, if you feel you are getting value back for your time or family, fine but on posts and sharing pr, do ask if there’s a budget there then negotiate from there.

Along with a clear, easy-to navigate blog, get your social media buttons up top with a contact page and hyperlinked email address so readers and PR’s can find you easy. Won or were nominated for an award, appeared in an interesting piece of press or another blog, make that known-add a Work with Me Page, a Press Page and get your USP’s on your sidebar.

Want more opportunities, search for hashtags like #journorequest on twitter to see if you fit the brief for editorial and press opps that might help your brand.

Connect with companies on twitter and interact, make conversation, create relationships and  work will come. Do ask too though, email from brands’ websites and really get good at your own PR.

Parenting bloggers, whatever your stats, you have a concentrated audience that are highly valued by advertisers: parents ready to spend, so know your worth. You’re powerful.

4. PR-Get more American

I’ve had experience working in LA as a filmmaker and I love the energy there-the can-do approach, the way everyone is simply their best publicist.

You need to apply that to you.

I get it, parenting is hard and it’s so easy to not feel at you’re best but when it comes to your other baby, your blog, it’s important to make sure people know about it.

Content is king of course, great posts will lead to readers, if you want to work on your voice, read widely and write, write and write some more.

However, you could have the most distinctive voice in the world, the most captivating photography and thoughtful or funny posts but if no one knows about them, they will go unread.

Comment on other blogs, join linkies, schedule tweets, pin your images, utilise instagram, tag lots. If there’s one thing you do, make it Google + (works like FB but make sure you upload the pics so they are larger and more engaging)-this is the only tool which helps your SEO use it!

Don’t tweet a million people your blog post URL as it will appear spammy or badger people to read, just share several times a day on twitter, once of twice on your fb page and people will come.

Lots of readers and PR’s will discover you from tweets too, be professional on there and engaging and don’t sweat how many followers you have or don’t have.

When I started Mummy’s Got Style a year and a half ago even with not many followers at the start, I was offered great work opportunities and reviews via twitter.

Write about brands you love, mention them in tweets and via hashtags and you will be discovered!

5. Be kind to yourself

We’re all busy, you must not make yourself ill or push yourself to crazy limits when it comes to blogging or PR. Do what you can and make sure it feels good. Blogging should be fun.

This is my full time job. I write prolifically and quickly because it’s a skill I’ve developed since university and going straight into the film industry after my MA. I was asked to give feature film screenplay coverage (reading then detailed notes on major scripts) when I worked at Redbus, now Lionsgate and several sometimes with one evening to spare, along with all my other jobs for the company.

I then became a full time screenwriter and director working to crazy deadlines. My work editing a Film Magazine harnessed these skills further. I run my blogs like magazines, I might post 4 times a day. I schedule posts so advertorials are not all together and I tell PR’s I mostly only put ad posts on p2 and not my homepage….

It usually takes me 20 minutes to write a comprehensive blog post. Of course there are times I take longer (this one took an hour) but it’s important to realise every blogger is different. Simply be the best you, you can.

Which leads me to…

6. Healthy Competition

This is a vital, stimulating part of business and life-competition but it must stay ‘healthy’-channel envy and jealousy into inspiration and motivation.

It’s hard when your readers are your competition and there’s not that many careers in which this is the case, but there are wonderful, supportive friendships and partnerships to be made in the blogging community.

I have made so many real friends from blogging. I want EVERYONE to do well and try and take that view point too, there will always be people out there more skilled than you, better cooks, photographers, publicists but there is room for all of us, your voice is your niche and no one can take that from you-you are original so remember that.

7. Images

I personally think the bigger the better when it comes to visuals on your blogs-if you don’t own a camera, buy one, again it doesn’t have to be expensive (short photography courses don’t need to be either and are worth doing) and you can shoot on auto but anything is better than a phone pic usually.

Blogs are visual mediums so make sure your theme accommodates decent sized pictures, it’s a great way to draw a reader in and to keep coming back.

Think about the blogs you love, I bet most have enticing visuals as well as captivating words.

8. Building Work Relationships 

When you’ve worked with PR’s, say thanks, send a card if it’s appropriate, have manners don’t be scared to follow up.

Send emails to your leads every couple of weeks or monthly to see if there are more opportunities as campaigns never stop and are mostly monthly so you’ll find the beginning and end of the months are most manic.

Don’t wait for people to come to you.

Don’t harass but do politely enquire if they might need you and add a link to your updated work page or briefly list some of the latest campaigns you’ve worked on to remind them who you are.

PR’s are busy and work with tonnes of bloggers so make sure they don’t forget you!

9. Think Outside the Box

Got a great idea, pitch the brand, think of ways you can add value to them, however huge they are. Be brave! Keep a notepad on you so you can jot down those light-bulb moments and heading back to no 1-get confident, start making your dreams a reality!

10. Work Hard but enjoy your life

Sounds ridiculous as it’s obvious and inevitable, but you need to get out and live life and have fun in order to be inspired and have anything to write about.

Let blogging empower and stimulate, but also free you. My job doesn’t feel like work because I love it but let me tell you it is a lot of work and it takes graft to achieve results but it’s also about balance. I’m strict about my time and don’t work from pick up to bedtime so my kids have my time and I schedule my paid work so I always meet my deadlines but it’s manageable. Yes I love pressure and burn the midnight oil some nights but on the whole I feel my career works for my family-full time job in flexible hours.

You don’t need to have been blogging for years to achieve success (I’m coming up to my 4th year) or to make this your career, the blogging world has been consistently exploding for the last few years, building to this exciting crescendo in the creative landscape where we are regarded as more influential than ever and it’s only going to get bigger, so the time is NOW and isn’t it exciting?!

What you waiting for, the world is waiting!

…A quick reminder, to read more of my Blogging Tips click HERE!


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91 Responses

  1. Heledd - Running in Lavender

    Wise words and some I definitely need to take on board. I’m still only a few months in, so confidence is something I really struggle with and as for PR, well I just need to get myself sorted really! Thanks for sharing all your tips xx

    Heledd – Running in Lavender recently posted…The Perfect Coat for PoppyMy Profile

    • honestmum

      My pleasure, you are doing so well and like everything, it feels so new at the start because it is, don’t put pressure on yourself, things can happen quickly, just tag a lot and don’t be afraid to mention brands in tweets and reach out x

  2. Jess Paterson

    Brilliant post, Vicki! Loads of great tips and I love your inspirational tone and attitude. No surprise from the daughter of Papa G – give him my best! ;)) xx
    Jess Paterson recently posted…How To Carve An Angry Bird Piggy Death Star PumpkinMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Bahah! Will do Jess, you crack me up! Papa G is such an inspiration! Will have to arrange a meet and greet for him and his fan(s) soon 😉 xx

  3. brummymummyof2

    As per a brilliant post on blogging. Maybe you should consider a book????? (SERIOUSLY!). It was so fab to meet you properly at Tots and so fab to hear you speak too chick. I love how positive you are and you clearly love your job which is always fantastic to watch. Sorry I’ve not linked up to BrillBlogPosts for a couple of weeks but I am in the half termly marking doom so can’t commit to commenting to lots xxxxx
    brummymummyof2 recently posted…I heart BirminghamMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Oh thanks so much lovely, a book or e-book is on the cards-as soon as I find more hours in the day. Thanks for your lovely words and support, always fab hanging out, look forward to meeting up again soon! Yay! Never feel pressured to link up ever and hope all that marking gets done xx

  4. Kohl Mama

    SUCH an informative post thanks so much! Posts like these are so helpful for bloggers like me who are just starting out! Thanks again xx
    Kohl Mama recently posted…Milestones That MatterMy Profile

  5. Steph @MisplacedBrit

    You are one of my absolute favorite sources for awesome, well rounded, realistic, butt kicking, positive tips and how to’s with blogging… I don’t even need to pop over to Pinterest! Something for me to act on in EVERY post!
    Thanks AGAIN for just putting yourself out there and laying out your experience on the table for the rest of us to learn from.
    Steph @MisplacedBrit recently posted…5 Instant Pick Me Up Tools for ParentsMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thank you so much Steph that means a lot, I’m just honest (ha good job with my blog name) and want to empower bloggers, particular parenting bloggers of our worth, you rock too lady x

  6. Sophie Lovett

    Great tips! I like your sense of balance, it is sometimes so easy to get caught up and lose sight of where your priorities are (or should be!). You’ve reminded me again that I really need to sort out my Google+ account too. The end of this round of edits on the novel is in sight so hopefully I’ll get a chance soon! X
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…From Austin to Boston to the South BankMy Profile

  7. John Adams

    Great advice. Shame I couldn’t get to Blog Camp. Hopt to make it to the next one. #brilliantblogposts
    John Adams recently posted…Short story; Opposites attractMy Profile

  8. Yvette @ Big Trouble in Little Nappies

    This really is a brilliant blog post! Very inspiring, I have bookmarked as know it is full of golden information and have to digest it bit by bit :0) Thank you for sharing, and a bit WOW at all you do – when do you sleep??!! #brilliantblogposts
    Yvette @ Big Trouble in Little Nappies recently posted…The Big Baby’s Guide to Newborn BundlesMy Profile

  9. Shannon

    This is a fantastic list of blogging tips. I love that it doesn’t include the standard tips that most “How to become a better blogger” posts feature. Really useful. Thanks.
    Shannon recently posted…Forward Motion Achievement unlocked! Level up.My Profile

  10. Mummy Tries

    Another fabulous set of tips my lovely! I agree with everything you’ve said here… especially about letting blogging empower you but not letting it take over your life. Wise words lady xxx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Book Update: Nearly There!My Profile

  11. TheBoyandMe

    Brilliant, so relevant and completely spot on! You have taught me so much and I’m grateful to your neverending cheers and perspective on situations.

    Popping over from Brilliant Blog Posts.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted…Lessons From Parents’ EveningMy Profile

  12. Steph

    Such a motivating post! Yours is one of a handful of blogs I visit to kick myself into shape every so often. I admire your positivity and the way you inspire confidence in those of us who are somewhat lacking 😉 xx
    Steph recently posted…The dark side of InstagramMy Profile

  13. El and Baby A

    Great tips although I don’t think I’m anywhere near confident enough to approach any brands. x
    El and Baby A recently posted…My Water BabyMy Profile

  14. Vicki Montague

    Great tips again! Since reading your last lot, I have been braver about asking for things from PR’s and companies. Usually it means I don’t hear back from them, but as you say, I need to start valuing myself!
    Vicki Montague recently posted…Cocoa Libre: A Competition & ReviewMy Profile

    • honestmum

      You really do and believe me, they will start responding, even tweeting mentioning brands and adding them in hashtags is crucial to getting you noticed.

  15. Phoebe @ lou Messugo

    Lots of useful and helpful tips here. I’m bookmarking it for future reference when I need some extra inspiration and push.
    Phoebe @ lou Messugo recently posted…Daily Bread – the French BaguetteMy Profile

  16. Helen | cocomamastyle

    Brilliant tips! Some new things I’d not thought of before and importantly, things to keep the motivation going.
    Whenever I’m having a ‘meh’ day ill come back and re-read these!
    Helen | cocomamastyle recently posted…Updating your LBDMy Profile

  17. Mandy Flynn

    Excellent, thank you, I am a complete novice and not very confident so struggle when it comes to ‘pushing myself forward’ I hope this is something I will improve on. Thank you for your tips
    Mandy Flynn recently posted…Elf on the Shelf – Is it time to start your tradition?My Profile

    • honestmum

      The more you fake that confidence, the more it will come honestly, we all started at the beginning! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  18. Tom @Ideas4Dads (and Mums Too!)

    Some great tips here and it just goes to show where there is a will (and some hard work) there is a way to create a fantastic flexible income from blogging – well done you – i’m sure you had an audience doting on your every word of wisdom 🙂
    Tom @Ideas4Dads (and Mums Too!) recently posted…’10 Tips For Surviving Halloween With The Kids’My Profile

  19. Katie @mummydaddyme

    A great post Vicki with lots of helpful and interesting tips that I know will help a lot of bloggers just starting out. I have been lucky enough to make blogging my career as of January of this year, giving up my job in travel marketing to fit blogging and social media around my girls. I am not full time nor do I class myself as a pro by any means but I can fit my work round my girls and I make as much now as I did when I was working which is great. I feel very proud of what I have accomplished with my blog but I am not very good at self promotion nor do I shout it from the rooftops, I lack confidence in myself and my abilities.
    The blogging world is such a fantastic community and I too have made real life friends from it, I think the main thing is to support each other and remember we all started somewhere, it’s something I try and do as much as I can. Congrats on being so successful with your blog, you should be very proud. Xx
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…So It’s Autumn…My Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks for your lovely comment Katie, I would consider you a professional blogger so you should own that and feel proud of yourself too. I too believe the support and sisterly relationships I have are so key, in real life and in the (real) blogging world. I’ve made so many great friendships from blogging, women I consider family. I absolutely love sharing what I know but we are constantly learning, this is such a dynamic, exciting field and as parenting bloggers we are all so influential.

      …The feedback I received from Blog Camp was really touching. And I still felt nervous beforehand but I channelled that energy-something I’m used to doing since my directing days. I do think the more you work at feeling confident, the easier it becomes too, faking the confidence until it’s there.

      PR is such an important aspect of blogging but it doesn’t have to mean shouting about your work and achievements from the rooftops (although that’s great too), it’s also about sharing your blog, tweeting your posts, posting on instagram and building relationships with your readers, something you do so well xx

  20. Katie Portman

    Absolutely amazing post darling. Another corker! You are such an inspiration. I am honoured to know you as both a blogger and a friend xxx

  21. jenny

    Thanks for all these fantastic tips Vic. I was so very sad that I didn’t get the chance to go to blog camp, I found out about it way too late unfortunately but definitely wanted to hear your talk. I have so much to learn and so much more I want to do and get better at. Always great to hear that I can make a career out of it if I try and work hard enough because that’s what I want to do.
    jenny recently posted…Chicken & Cheese Croissants RecipeMy Profile

  22. Mel

    Once again, fab tips, beautiful. I cannot believe you manage to write posts in 20 minutes! Mine always take me days (slow, moi?). Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Great photo; we all look so happy! I am glad we finally met on Saturday and managed to have a good chat. Xxx
    Mel recently posted…A Present with a DifferenceMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Mel, you write amazingly well and I think it’s just down to practice, really working to deadline and training myself to write quickly! We were so happy we weren’t we-all surrounded by positive, smart woman, it was a joy and a privilege!

  23. Pinkoddy

    Great post. And I love how you say not to spam everyone your blog url on twitter – isn’t that one of the most annoying things to see in your timeline.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…10 Ghost Crafts from The Weekly Kids Co-opMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Ha it really is! Odd tweet to your friends, fine but constant, repetitive url tweeting is not the way to go! Thanks for your comment!

  24. Leslie Rickerby

    A very insightful post. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Been blogging for about 2 years now. Only really for myself but lately I’ve been making a huge effort to make more of it and these tips wilk certainly come in handy
    Leslie Rickerby recently posted…Dexter’s first visit to ElyMy Profile

  25. Mrs Darling

    Brilliant and practical tips. It was great to see you speak at Blog Camp – you spoke with such passion and knowledge it was inspiring and made me feel all the more empowered as a blogger. Thank you so much x
    Mrs Darling recently posted…This one time, at Blog Camp….My Profile

    • honestmum

      Thank you so much for your words, they’ve really touched me. It was a real honour to speak at Blog Camp, thanks again x

  26. Louise

    Fantastic post – thank you so much for sharing your tips here – I really enjoyed your talk at Blog Camp and whilst I did make some notes, it is great to have it all summarised here as there were a few things I didn’t write down. Have come away feeling very inspired and looking forward to the next blogging event! 🙂
    Louise recently posted…Blog Camp – thoughts on my first blogging eventMy Profile

  27. Sarah Barnes

    You know how, you sometimes get to know people online and they are totally different in person? V, you are everything and more that your blog promises! Inspiring and hilarious in equal measure. A joy to meet you and thanks for all of the advice xx
    Sarah Barnes recently posted…Wyre Forest Gruffalo HuntingMy Profile

  28. Colette B

    I missed your talk at the end as I was busy tinkering with my camera upstairs so it’s great to be able to read your tips here! x
    Colette B recently posted…tommy & lottie t shirt – reviewMy Profile

  29. Jenni - Baby Chaos

    Wow another great post, I am going to bookmark and reread this and hopefully put some of your tips into practice over the weekend when I get some decent blogging time!
    Jenni – Baby Chaos recently posted…A few difficult weeksMy Profile

  30. Beth Twinderelmo

    It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday – I look rather strange on this photo! Thanks for all the amazing advice you gave then and also here. You speak with such passion and tell it like it is. And have amazing hair hahaha xxx
    Beth Twinderelmo recently posted…Blog Camp 18th October 2014My Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Beth on it all (especially the hair comment)-kidding, I don’t think you look strange at all you pretty lady. Thanks so much for your touching words on your blog post too, meant so much to me x

    • honestmum

      Thanks Nomita, so pleased, I really wanted to share my top 10 tips with those who couldn’t make my sessions, so glad you like it x

  31. Amber

    Can’t believe that I missed Blog Camp and then DIDN’T give birth after all! Very annoyed. 😉

    Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and inspiration. It takes a very kind person to share like you do!
    Amber recently posted…We Three – AmberMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Haha Amber you crack me up-how selfish of you to miss Blog Camp in case you went into labour ;). You are too sweet, so glad you are finding this and my blogging posts useful, means a lot to me x

  32. Emma T

    Some great tips. Not sure I agree on the ‘most are better than camera phones’. I’d challenge anyone to guess which are my camera phone photos and my camera pics (allowing for the rubbish low light ones which I’m rubbish at on any camera – a course for manual is on my Christmas list!)

    Wish I’d been able to make it to say hi, but N has chicken pox. Nothing like children to put a spanner in the works for exciting plans.
    Emma T recently posted…Living Arrows 42My Profile

    • honestmum

      I did say usually Emma as I’ve seen some absolutely great camera pics but on the whole standard camera shots, even the lesser expensive cameras generate the best results. Shame you could make it, hope to meet you another time and hope N recovers quickly x

  33. Katherine Kowalski

    Great tips Vicki, thank you for sharing. I’m guilty of lacking confidence because I think my blog topic is so niche that only those ‘in my world’ will be interested, when what I really want is to reach those outside it! I used to be guilty of thinking disability wasn’t relevant to me but now I see how it’s relevant to us all and requires all of us to be involved to create a world where everyone is included. I don’t want to be ‘soap-boxy’ about it! More positive, engaging, different…

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much for your comment, looking at your brilliant blog I think you’re a captivating writer and I’m interested to read more, I think you should feel empowered many people are interested in what you have to say, not just those directly affected by disability. The fact there are so many children with undiagnosed conditions, makes it all the more important to share your journey. Do plug all your posts with the confidence we are here and we want to read your blog x

  34. Mama and more aka Zaz

    Your tips are so spot on, especially about being proactive and approaching brands with confidence. Xx
    Mama and more aka Zaz recently posted…Weekly Yoga Series – YogaMamaZee What You Need to YogaMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks Zaz, very true, once you begin to feel confident and things happen for you, suddenly there’s a domino effect that spurs you onto the next thing x

  35. mummyofboygirltwins

    Great tips. You give out such great advice. Thanks. For me, one of the things that sets you apart from some of the other big bloggers is that you are approachable, friendly and always comment on other people’s work (no matter of their blogging status). This sort of attitude goes such a long way. Great post and thanks for the tips. Jess x

    • honestmum

      Thank you so so much lovely lady, I don’t consider myself a big blogger, just a blogger who works hard and does this for a living, I believe we are all bloody awesome, your comment has really touched me Jess, thanks xx
      honestmum recently posted…My Top 10 Blog Camp Blogging TipsMy Profile

  36. Julie's Family Kitchen

    I’m sorry I missed BlogCamp so I’m really pleased you have written this helpful blog post. Thanks.
    Julie’s Family Kitchen recently posted…Giveaway: Win a signed copy of Mary Berry Cooks the PerfectMy Profile

  37. Zena's Suitcase

    Love your tips Vicky and really enjoyed your talks and getting the chance to hang out with you at #bcuk! Your enthusiasm is infectious and I’m definitely feeling more inspired Zx
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Our Octonauts Mission at Birmingham National Sea Life CentreMy Profile

  38. Franglaise Mummy

    So sad I couldn’t make it to Blog Camp this weekend – I was at a good friend’s 40th in the Peak District. I bet you were amazing! Thanks for sharing this with those who couldn’t make it x
    Franglaise Mummy recently posted…Raising feisty femalesMy Profile

  39. Hannah Mums' Days

    You powerhouse!! I love your tips and your support, such essential reading for all bloggers.

    So, glad you had a great time at Blogcamp and it’s lovely to see you with some of my favourite bloggers up there!! hxxx
    Hannah Mums’ Days recently posted…Baby Birth part 1 – Katy’s fast first babyMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks lovely Hannah, was so great to meet so many fab blogger friends and make new ones too, thanks for your kind words x

  40. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Another great post, shame I missed the blog camp, I am sure you were FABULOUS!
    Mirka Moore @Kahanka recently posted…Carve a Heart in a Pumpkin as a Lantern of Hope this Halloween #ANightOfHopeMy Profile


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