Papa G illustration

Tom Casson Illustrates Papa G

Incredible illustrator, magazine founder and creator of Financially Hard Times and utterly all round wonderful young man, Tom Casson is kindly closing my Blogging Carnival with an illustration of my Dad: Papa G. The drawing which perfectly captures Pops was inspired by one of my early and most favourite of posts: Dad and a Little Case of Chicken Pox.

Papa G aka George Psarias is a charismatic, caring Dad, Grandad and owner of award winning Greek restaurants The Olive Tree in Leeds. He also dabbles in TV cookery. You might have seen him on ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish-The Chefs the other week. If not, you can watch it here.

He makes a delicious Greek custard tart (galatoboriko) in the last 20 minutes and there’s lots of drama. (As if there wouldn’t be drama when my family’s around!). Papa G has also done a guest post of his recipe for Lamb Kleftiko on the fabulous Babesaboutown blog today too. Enjoy!

Papa G illustration

To view Tom Casson’s fabulous blog and other illustrations click here: Tom Casson

Thank you to all the fabulous bloggers, journalists and filmmakers who have contributed to my 1st year of blogging, celebratory Blogging Carnival: you have all been fabulous. Full list of contributors in order of appearance below. Thanks to everyone for reading too of course.

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Image ©Tom Casson.

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