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The Square Mile Awards

Square Mile Awards
Just over a week ago, (yes it’s taken me that long to write this)- I won an award! *Jumps in the air Rocky style at the memory. It was for the Square Mile 30 Under 30 London Talent Awards to be exact and I won my category: Media, Entertainment and the Arts.

I actually won 2 awards *just showing off now- as the 30 finalists from 8 categories ranging from Finance to Sport were given an award for making the finals too!

award-Honest Mum

What a night. Arriving at the Museum of London, dressed in a midnight blue number kindly leant to me by the fabulous Brit designer Ele Horsley and jewels by House of Harlow also leant to me from online jewellery and handbag rental store Kennedy Purple, I was overwhelmed by the Museum’s transformation. Were we at the Oscars?

Now I’ve been to the Baftas and some INCREDIBLE parties in Cannes which could rival weddings but this was something else. Red carpets, champagne as far as the eye could see, couture cocktail dresses and men in Black tie… and a three course Michelin style meal to follow as we sat round tables adorned with lillies with yes more champagne.

We were in the City after all and Square Mile Magazine is a printed luxury lifestyle magazine that is ‘the Voice of the City’. I could get used to this!

awards-Honest Mum

My guests were some of my friends including Amancay Tapia– and of course my ultimate supporter and inspiration: my Mother Vasoulla.

All looking stunning in their evening wear, we took to our seats to discover if I’d won. Now Mama gets very nervous at awards ceremonies and I’ve been very lucky to have won the odd award-a talent award from Channel 4 a few years back and some film festival awards, but granted Mum has come to ceremonies where we’ve walked away emptied handed. That’s OK with me. You can’t and should not win them all.

But you see Mama gets upset if I don’t win and I could feel the pressure building by the time dessert arrived. We were sat near the stage and were on a table with some of the sponsors- City Jet so Mum was feeling more confident than usual. “We are near the stage after all Vix” she said. I just hoped I’d won for Mum’s sake.

I didn’t know who had nominated me as they wanted to remain confidential and I had no expectations from the night other than yes it would be great to win, I was honoured to be nominated, but let’s have a great night with my friends-it’s not often I get to stay away from the little one and as much as I love him, Mummy deserves a night of fun!

Krishan Guru Murphy hosted the evening which was extra poignant for me as he presented a TV debate about a documentary I directed a few years back titled Brit Camp about divided children in Bradford so I was excited to introduce myself. Mum actually went up to him at the end of the night to tell him she loved him. He blushed through a thank you. What a man. (Hope Dad’s not reading this!)

We were informed before the event that there would be no time for winner’s speeches but when my name was called, the maverick that I am-I gave a small speech-to raptous applause. There are too few female directors in my field who desperately need a voice so I made sure I had one that night. Mama was beaming with pride. I was so happy to have won for her!

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur *cough as more champagne flowed (my award was sponsored by Louis Roederer Champagne), then the goody bags arrived filled with moleskin diaries, Elemis goodies, silver pens and more (that’s the Christmas presents sorted then)… followed by a night of dancing at the after party at China Whites and the cool lady that my Mama is, she joined us too. I don’t remembering laughing as much that night in a long time. It was so great to hang out with my friends and Mum and celebrate together.

My awards are now pride of place in the TV room. I can’t wait for my little toddler to be old enough to understand that Mummy won a Square Mile Award so one day he can be as proud of me as I am of him. I never thought 3 months from returning to the industry after maternity leave, I’d win an award. Heck at some points on my maternity leave, I didn’t even know if I’d make it back intact to the industry at all.  But I have. More champagne anyone?

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


Square Mile Awards


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