The Berkshire Bakesmith’s Egg-less Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake Recipe

The Berkshire Bakesmith's Egg-less Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake - Honest Mum recipe


egg-less fudge drip cake recipe by The Berkshire BakesmithUpdated post. My fabulous friend Kerry of The Berkshire Bakesmith is one heck of a culinary genius so I hired her to make my husband Peter’s birthday cake last week, and boy does that woman know how to BAKE!

You might remember that Kerry made my unicorn birthday cake of dreams back in November and she is literally the first person I turn to for special occasion showstoppers.

unicorn birthday cake recipe

She is based in Berkshire as her name suggests but can deliver (for a charge) outside the area and she creates wedding cake masterpieces as well as cakes for all kinds of celebrations as well as putting on cake making classes too. What a mumboss!

Go check out her recipe for this egg-less beaut below. My son Oliver can’t eat egg so Kerry always makes the cakes egg-free. I have turned plant-based (post my birthday cake above) but since this one so didn’t sample it (I’m avoiding sugary treats anyway) but she makes amazing vegan cakes too.

Egg-less Chocolate Fudge Drip Birthday Cake

chocolate drip fudge cake recipe

Cake Ingredients:
  • 550g plain flour
  • 600g caster sugar
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • 3 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 250ml vegetable oil
  • 700ml water
  • 3 tbsp vanilla extract
Buttercream Ingredients:
  • 100g unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 300g icing sugar
  • 40g cocoa powder
  • 40ml whole milk


Cake Covering:

  • Black fondant icing 900g (I always use Renshaw)
  • Fudge Effect Ganache Drip:
  • 150g good quality white chocolate
  • 75g double cream
  • A few small drops of brown food colouring



  • Selection of good quality fudge
  • Cake topper



fudge topper

Preheat your oven to 180°C/Gas 4.

Grease and line two 8” baking tins.

Mix the flour, sugar, cocoa, bicarbonate of soda and salt with an electric mixer on a slow speed until combined.

Add the vegetable oil, water and vanilla extract and beat until the mixture is smooth and thoroughly combined.

Pour the mixture into your prepared baking tins and bake in the centre of your preheated oven for 45 minutes to an hour. (Check your cakes after 45 minutes, if a skewer inserted into the centre of the cakes comes out clean then your cakes are good to go, if not, keep baking them until your test skewer comes out clean!)

Once fully baked, turn your cakes out onto a wire cooling rack until they are completely cool

To make your buttercream, beat the butter and icing sugar using your electric mixer until it starts to come together.

Add the milk and cocoa powder and beat on a slow speed to start with until the buttercream is combined.

Turn the mixer up to full speed and beat for a few minutes, this makes the buttercream light and fluffy!

Spread half of your buttercream over one of your cooled cakes and sandwich the two cakes together.

Coat the outside of your cake with the remaining buttercream and smooth using a cake smoother or palette knife. You can also use ganache for this, which is super yummy and easy to use! Once covered and smooth, pop the cake in the fridge to set.

Once set, knead and roll out your fondant icing to approx 5mm thick and cover the cake, using your cake smoother to ensure an even finish. Trim the edges using a sharp knife.

To make the ganache drip, add the double cream and food colouring into a bowl and microwave on full power for 50 seconds. Add the white chocolate broken into small chunks and stir until the chocolate melts and the mixture forms a gooey consistency. If the chocolate doesn’t fully melt, microwave for 10 seconds and stir again, repeat if necessary, taking care not to overheat the ganache. Allow the ganache to set until it’s at a consistency where it will not just run off the cake. This could take an hour or more. Spoon the ganache onto the top of your covered cake, pushing some areas over the edge of the cake to form a drip effect! Continue until you have as many drips as you’d like.

Add the fudge topping and cake topper and voila, one gorgeous and delicious egg free chocolate fudge drip cake!

Eat and enjoy – Happy baking!


drip cake recipe

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