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The Blood Type Diet

So to recap, the Fast Diet was done for 12 weeks then a few more pre holiday (eating normally for 5 days a week, consuming approx 700 calories for 2). I then lost weight whiles we were on holiday in Portugal (although I did eat cake as the hotel food was too good to say no to and I refuse to diet on holiday) but we walked tonnes, swam all day and I came back fitter and leaner than before we left.

Fast Diet-Week 15

So it's week 15 on the Fast Diet (not counting the 5 week break after week 11) which actually typing finger to post, seems like a long time-3 and a bit months. It really is working and like its name suggests, I've found it fairly fast when it comes to results.
Pete and I

Pregnancy Pressures…

My first pregnancy was pretty tough with daily vomiting continuing until I was 28 weeks. Not fun. At. All. It also meant living on walkers, dry biscuits and dairylea (whatever I could stomach) daily and sadly no exercise (even a ride in the car induced puking).