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The Blood Type Diet

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So as those who follow this blog know, I’ve been on a healthy diet post the birth of my youngest son Alexander, now 11 months old, starting when he was 3 months old when I’d felt recovered from an elective C-section, had the OK from my GP to start exercising and had stopped breastfeeding.

Recovery from sections, in particular, take time though and I wasn’t ready to diet or exercise after 8 months post section with my firstborn.

I must say now I ABHOR the pressure put on women (by the media and one another) to lose weight quickly post-birth, and applaud Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge who made no attempt to hide her post partum bump (and looked beautiful with it) when debuting her Prince to the world.

Like the majority of women post-birth, naturally slim or otherwise, most women still look pregnant after they’ve had a baby. It can take a little but usually a long time to return back to pre-baby bodies if you so wish to (and very few will ever look 100% the same) but that’s OK, you created life. You did good Mama so be kind to yourself!

I ONLY started a weight loss plan and embarked on exercise when I felt ready, physically and emotionally and it’s been a healthy process.

C-sections mean the tummy take a while to get back to normal as muscle, skin and tissue have been cut through so although I’m not too far off with my body 10 full months on, the tummy mainly still needs work and I would like to lose inches and tone up everywhere.

Spanx will no doubt be sad when it does go as I’ve been keeping them in business this past year!

healthy food

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The Fast Diet

So to recap, the Fast Diet was done for 12 weeks then a few more pre-holiday (eating normally for 5 days a week, consuming approx 700 calories for 2).

I then lost weight whiles we were on holiday in Portugal (although I did eat cake as the hotel food was too good to say no to and I refuse to diet on holiday) but we walked tonnes, swam all day and I came back fitter and leaner than before we left.

Although mostly happy with the Fast Diet, the last few weeks pre-holiday were not that easy, I felt moody on the fast days especially as a teething baby meant disrupted sleep and brain function.

Despite having a healthy approach to food and knowing what works for my body: a low GI Mediterranean diet, I wanted to ask friends how they were or had lost weight after babies and what worked for them. And so the research began…

Most cut down on white carbs (especially in the evenings) and this is something I’ve applied myself in the last few weeks with quick, visible results. Others joined slimming clubs or had allergy and intolerance tests, removing/limiting offending food from their diets.

The Blood Type Diet

I also started to research the Blood Type diet online after reading about it on my new obsession, Pinterest and having heard a lot about it over the years.

A Blood Type o positive, I was startled by how bang on the diet was with not just my personality but what food my body likes.

Originating as a hunter/gatherer according to my blood type, the diet advises I eat lean, organic meat, alkaline fruit (plums, blueberries, bananas etc) and lots of vegetables staying away from cabbage and brussel sprouts (what a shame). I was told wheat was a no no and dairy should come from mozzarella, feta and goat’s cheese.

Even lentils would make me sluggish as my body would find them hard to digest and they interfere with insulin production (something my body isn’t great at controlling due to PCOS) but black eyed beans and pinto beans were fine (those two are my favourites).

Rice (preferably brown) and sweet potatoes were also where my carbs should come from.

I do always feel more energised and fuller (like most) eating lean proteins, the beans mentioned above and low GI sweet potatoes and rice. Funnily enough despite loving my lentil soup, I don’t always find it the easiest to digest.

Moreso it was freakily, consistently correct about the foods my body liked (maybe nature is good like that) stating I shouldn’t eat brazil nuts (I’m allergic) and acidic fruit no-no a no no as my stomach was already acidic. The only fruit not allowed which saddened me greatly was coconut and avocado. *Wail!

It also recommended frequent cardio exercise to help burn calories and manage stress (something I need-I love a good run when my kids let me). I also recently bought some new sportswear and am back on the treadmill and loving it!

I truly feel like this diet has read my mind or should that be my body. The thing is the recommendations are different for everyone according to your blood type so they’re not just charting off common diet advice.

A friend who was over for lunch today checked his blood type diet and thankfully for him (as a pescatarian) he found a diet consisting of mostly fish, beans and pulses is ideal.

In a month alone, I can really see a difference. I’ve lost weight and have more energy. Yes diets are about limiting calories and upping exercise but I really feel the food that works for my body have given me more energy and are helping me feel healthier.

There does however appear to be a lack of evidence substantiating the diet but for me, it’s working. Hello pre-pregnancy jeans and clothes in my original UK size 10. I’m going to be sticking to this one!

Have you tried the Blood type diet?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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