Stop Trying To Appeal To Everyone


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We all want to be liked. Of course we do. It’s human nature, drilled into to us from childhood. From a young age, we’re told to conform in order to be liked. To appeal to the masses i.e: teachers and schoolmates. The goal is to be accepted and respected by one and all. It’s not realistic though, or possible. Not then, not now.

Do you like everyone? No. So, why should everyone like you?

People bang on about the importance of carving out a niche for yourself when you blog/vlog but I feel they’re working back to front.

You are your niche, consciously or otherwise. Your voice, your interests, your point of you, your intricate complexities, the fact you’re perhaps vegan but scared of dogs or favour rice krispies over coconut granola, might love Justin Bieber but not Ed Sheeran (I adore them both btw), have a PHD in Education but can’t do your kids’ Grade 3 maths homework: YOU.

You shouldn’t limit what you write or share unless you want to. I don’t. But, equally you should understand that not everyone is going to be interested in you or what you have to say. You should understand from the off, that can’t speak to everyone, because you’re not a robot spurting homogeneous, vanilla crap, and thank goodness for that. When you try to serve all, you serve no one at all.

Look, you’re a quirky individual with drive, passion, fears, weaknesses and a hell of a lot of strength you might not even know you have. A section of people will absolutely get you. Your words and opinions will resonate with them. In that moment, at that time. And those people in all likelihood will be pretty similar to you. They will be men, women and even kids who see themselves reflected in you and your life. Most of all, they will be people who share your values.

Be you and your audience will come. That like-minded sector or niche or whatever you want to refer to it as (mostly parents in my case), will find you thanks to organic SEO, social media, TV appearance, articles, whatever…the ones who relate to you. Not all of course will because you and the arts etc are subjective but some will and those are the ones who matter.

So, stop worrying about everyone liking you.

Like yourself, write about what you like, and that will in turn will attract those who will like you.

When you stop chasing the likes and predicting what others might like, moulding and morphing yourself into some sort of fictional person who fits a niche or only writes within a niche you restrict yourself and worse, stopping liking yourself and what you’re writing about.  I’ve seen it with many.

When you start doing what the heck YOU like, sharing yourself authentically and courageously when you like, reflecting what interests you in that moment in time and then moving and adapting when you feel like it, only then, will you see the likes roll in.



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