A Reluctant Date Night


I love my husband Peter, but I love staying in and watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and being lazy equally (sign of a good marriage, right!) so I’ll be honest and say that I can’t be bothered going out tonight for ‘Date Night’.

These nights or ‘Day Dates’ don’t come along often enough so I know I should. Plus, the babysitter’s booked and I bought a jumper and jeans because it’s too cold to wear a dress. Rock ‘n’ roll.

Look, I know we’ll have fun once we’re out and I know putting in the effort always pays off. We revert back to the students we were when we first met, we mostly talk about the kids (standard), we have a little flirt (cringing writing that) and we also problem-solve a lot of shizz we don’t often find time for day-to-day. Oh, and we’ll have a laugh. Often, a real belly laugh (even if it’s mostly Peter laughing at me-if you watch my Insta Stories, ‘you know’, and yes he told me today, that it’s no longer the 90s, when I started serenading him in the park with ‘Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say Way-Oh’. Romantic or what?!

So what will we get up to? I’ll inevitably make him go for a freezing AF walk by the river in Windsor to see the swans despite it being pitch dark (because swans need company too) and he’ll inevitably complain it’s dark and cold (yes and yes).

We’ll have dinner, or skip that completely and go straight for the Jamieson on the rocks so we can warm our cockles after that flipping walk (hey naughty ones at the back). I’m actually now embarking on Damp January after initially (and ambitiously) committing to Dry January. AKA I have no willpower, and yes ‘Date Night’ is a special occasion as per the rules of Damp January (only drinking this month when it’s a spesh occasion).

So, I can’t really be bothered going out tonight but I’m putting on my new jeans and oversized stripy Topshop jumper Xander tells me I look like a teenager in (!)…erm… and I’m going on a date. With my husband because a little effort goes a long way.

…After one more episode of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up, though.

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