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The past 18 months have been a challenging period for all of us, and keeping ourselves and our families as fit and healthy as possible has been paramount on our minds. I know it has been here, particularly during lockdowns where the kids were limited when it came to outside activity. As someone who is now 6 months pregnant, my greatest goal has been, and continues to be, staying as strong and fit as possible for my baby, myself and my growing family. So, when leisure operator Everyone Active contacted us to talk about the Everyone is Family campaign, it felt like the ideal time for my family and I to get moving more. The campaign was aiming to get families active in August, with free exercise and activity plans for the whole family.

yoga in the garden with Everyone Active

I’ve approached my health as if it’s my job to be honest: walking an average of 11k steps a day with highs of 20k. I’ve been motivated with my diet too, eating a healthy, seasonal and balanced diet supplemented with vitamins and now I’ve overcome the fatigue of the first trimester, I feel better than ever. Firmly in my second trimester, I’m bursting with energy and prior to starting the campaign, I’d already begun to increase my fitness schedule, as approved by my doctor and midwife.

Everyone Active had also recently undertaken interesting family research, finding that 60% of the Brits intend to live life to the full this summer, getting off the sofa and exercising together as a family more. They also discovered that two thirds of parents (66%) believed that watching sports events such as the Euros and Wimbledon on TV had helped motivate their family to be more active this summer. Yes, to that and the Olympics inspired us hugely here too.

Lastly, they also found that  over three quarters (78%) of parents claimed their kids were now more active, because they spent so long inside during lockdowns and were now bored of looking at screens.

Yes, yes and yes!

Everyone active app

The true beauty of Everyone Active is that they offer a 360 degree approach to your exercise goals with physical leisure centres, an app bursting with home workouts spanning yoga to HIIT training; a website for family-based home and garden activities and an activewear shop you can buy leisure and fitness equipment from. They’ve thought of everything!

Everyone Active shop app

So August saw us get our sweat on with table tennis for all of the family as well as a long swimming session in their new leisure centre: The Centre in Slough (the closest one to our hometown of Windsor) as well as garden-based fun aerobic activities for the boys, and yoga for me, thanks to their easy-to-use app.

More of that to come!

First, let’s dive into more info about this market leader in the leisure industry.

The Centre, Slough

If you didn’t already know, Everyone Active manage over 200 sports and leisure facilities across the country in partnership with over 60 local authorities. Formed in 1987, it is the longest-established leisure contractor in the UK improving the health and wellbeing of local communities.

Its influence reaches as far as Sunderland in the north to Chichester in the South, and Mid Suffolk in the East to Plymouth in the South West. It also runs an award-winning, Swim England accredited swim programme.

family in the Everyone Active The Centre leisure centre

They advocate that all adults should achieve a minimum of 30 minutes exercise 5 times a week and their physical and online platforms help us all to achieve just that. We hit a 7 day quota working with them, that’s how motivated we felt. A sporty family anyway, the difference working out every day was huge, we all felt physically and emotionally stronger.

Everyone On Demand gives you access to the widest range of fitness and wellness partners on the market from fitness and personal training to mental wellbeing and prescribed exercise with a service or session to support everyone, no matter how you feel, every day of the week.

You will become exposed to sport you might not have thought of so for example, we play tennis weekly but rarely table tennis or badminton, something we will be doing now more often, after working with Everyone Active and finding it so easy to book out the tables and courts.

table tennis session with Everyone Active at The Centre in Slough

Everyone Active leisure centres pride themselves on providing a ‘community hub’ for local people and families, which can play a huge part in helping parents, grandparents and children get active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We adored The Centre in Slough which was spotless, well managed and brimming with varied classes for all ages and abilities (children of 11+ can even attend gym sessions) and there were tennis, basketball and badminton courts available for booking, PT sessions and swimming slots available in not just 1 but 2 pristine and warm pools and much more.

table tennis fun kids playing table tennis table tennis at The Centre in Slough table tennis at the Centre in Slough

swimming at the Centre in Slough swimming at Everyone Active's The Centre in Slough swimming fun with Everyone Active

Furthermore, Everyone is Active are providing families with Everyone is Family activity plans online to keep us meeting our fitness goals be it more adventurous pursuits like family rock climbing to online classes like yoga and pilates.

I took part in a video teacher-led yoga session in the garden thanks to the Everyone Active On Demand content and my kids played hopscotch and enjoyed piggy back races. You can find these activities below:

Staying fit with the family – Part 1


Staying fit with the family – Part 2

We simply used some masking tape on the faux grass to mark out hopscotch.

FYI, we are renovating our entire garden but managed to find the perfect corner that isn’t overgrown to work out in!! You can also do these activities in the park too, of course.

Playing hopscotch in the garden Piggy back activity with Everyone Active fun activities with Everyone Active activities in the garden with Everyone Active Hopscotch Activity with Everyone Active hopscotch in the garden with Everyone Active

Oh how I loved how relaxed I felt after the yoga class on demand, too. It was just what I needed at the end of a busy week.

Everyone active

yoga with Everyone Active

You can also buy the super soft hoodie you see here and the pretty palm tree yoga mat amongst many other things on the Everyone Active Shop, too.

Oh and before I forget, by signing up to the Everyone is Family activity plans, you can win a bundle of fantastic prizes including a family membership worth over £600. Get in!

Just to recap as I know this is a lengthy blog post, when you join Everyone Active, this is what you’ll receive:

Do go check out the Everyone is Family content hub here: https://www-everyoneactive.com/promotion/everyone-is-family/ and get moving!!

Thanks for the super week Everyone Active!

This is a paid campaign but as always, my words and opinions are honest.

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