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Both myself and my eldest son Oliver have super sensitive skin, which is often aggravated in the heat, especially on hot summer nights so even though I use a low tog duvet and hypo-allergenic bedding, I can still find it difficult to sleep especially in the summer.


I usually find myself waking up several times during the night due to overheating and irritated skin, particularly in heatwaves so I’m always on the look out for new products that might help me get some more, much needed zzz’s.

When I was approached to review Airstream Mattress Topper by Slumberdown I jumped at the chance, as did my kids (literally) then tucked themselves into bed, together in mine and my husband Peter’s bed.

The boys have a double bed in each of their bedrooms too and I’ll be picking up one each for their beds too!



And now for the science bit-

The new Slumberdown Topper is proven to be significantly cooler than a traditional memory foam topper due to its patented Airstream technology which is combination of special fibres that prevent a build up of heat, plus the Airstream® mesh side panels which provide a constant supply of clean, fresh air.


Having used and reviewed Slumberdown products before such as their anti-allergy bedding, I was excited to trial the mattress topper as I’ve always found their innovative products aid a better nights sleep. And I’m pleased to report that the Airstream Mattress Topper also delivered!

The topper was significantly cooler than my old memory foam mattress and whilst a full night’s sleep is pretty much impossible with a restless kids by night, I never once woke up due to overheating or irritable skin.

I was cool and comfortable all night long and found it easy to get back to sleep after being woken up my Xander having a nightmare (usually it take a couple of hours to fall back asleep on hot nights!).

The topper is also non-allergenic, which again is perfect for mine and Oliver’s sensitive skin.

And not only was the mattress cooling, it was also incredibly comfortable too.

I’m a bit like Princess and the Pea and find it difficult to sleep on hard mattresses, but I had no such problem with the soft but supportive Slumberdown Airstream Mattress Topper!

The topper is 6cm thick so it is deep enough to support the body’s contours and keep my spine nice and straight all night long. It adapts to any body shape whilst also allowing for easy movement.

Since switching to the topper I’ve found myself waking up every morning feeling 100% refreshed & ready to take on the world. I’ve literally NEVER slept better.

It got the kids’ seal of approval too-


The topper comes with elasticised corner straps so it is easily fitted to the mattress and is held firmly in place – even when 2 wriggly bambinos decide to join us in bed.


The cover can also be removed & washed at 40° and can be tumble dried too!

We made a little gif style video of it ‘magical’ unfolding for you!

The answer to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Slumberdown’s Airstream® Mattress Topper is available from Argos stores nationwide from 29th July 2015. Prices from £49.99 for a single, £50.99 for a double and £69.99 for a King.

P.S Check out the fab competition Slumberdown are hosting HERE where you could win an Airstream experience by sharing on the site or via social media pictures of you keep cool using the hashtag #SlumberdownKeepCool.

The winning entry will win an indoor family skydive for the ultimate Airstream experience and 3 lucky runners-up will win an Airstream Topper and Pillows.

Good luck!

Oliver wears Mini Vanilla Robot Onesie c/o Half-Pint Chic. 



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