It’s a pleasure to collaborate with LeapFrog again, this time, helping prepare parents for Parents’ Evening this October.


Parents’ Evening is of course, a chance to chat to your child’s teacher about their progress and how well they’re settling in at school so far. It also enables you to understand any problems and set up additional support where needed.

Both my sons have started a new (outstanding) school in a new town and my husband and I are looking forward to an update on their progress. 

children doing homework

Here are my Parents’ Evening tips in association with LeapFrog.

child does his homework

  1. Be Prepared

You are likely to only have a 10 minute slot with the teacher so make sure you ask the questions you set out to whilst being open to listening to key points made by the teacher. I know it’s hard not to become emotional (I cry easily) but stay calm whilst discussing your child. Which leads me to…

child writes

2. Be Calm

Be calm and open. Remember that like you, the teacher wants the best for your child. Know that you can ask for a longer follow-up meeting if anything arises which needs further discussion. I’ve always been offered meetings with both the form tutor and the head of school where needed. Some teachers are happy to respond to emails or have phone conversations too so don’t feel you need to ask everything in that one slot.

child draws

3. Be Proactive

Do be proactive and enquire about what you can do at home to help support your child be it to help them feel more settled in school or academically. Teachers will always offer useful tips and links to resources and home-based learning systems such as LeapStart so you can keep supporting your child out of school hours.

pens and pencils

LeapStart encourages children to learn through play and both my children adore theirs. Oliver enjoys helping his little brother Alexander learn through the system and as the levels grow with your child, LeapStart complements school-based skills like reading, maths, science and geography alongside social skills such as logic and reasoning.

LeapFrog LeapStart


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This is a sponsored campaign but as always, my words and opinions are my own and honest.

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324 Responses

  1. Nancy Bradford

    I think this is a great developmental toy / tool that my daughter would get a lot out of.

  2. chloe

    I would love this for my nephew would is coming on leaps and bounds and this would help his learning even more.

  3. Sandra Jo Siddall

    I would like to win because I think my nephew would love it! I love that it is educational & fun.

  4. Lucy Robinson

    Would love to win this for my son. I think it would benefit my son hugely.

  5. sandy ralph

    i would like to win this for my young grandson as it would help with his reading and writing etc

  6. Emma Jones

    Both my girlies would love this 🙂 they would share and learn together.
    fab giveaway x

  7. Samantha Mann

    I would love to win to get my youngest (4) interacting with words and books

  8. Rachael Lines

    Id love to win for my children, they would love to learn with this. So much fun

  9. emma penko

    I think this would be great for my 4 year old. Fun, educational and interactive! He would love this 🙂

  10. Dawn Samples

    I would love this for my son to help get him ready for school and learn while having fun x

  11. Christine Hobbs

    My granddaughter is home schooled so no parents evening for her, I would love to win the learning system to reinforce the schedule my daughter has devised which seems to working very well. I wish we had these learning aids in my day. I used to spend hours teaching my three girls to read and write and it so pays dividends and was always lovely to see them learn when they are relaxed happy and in there own home without distraction of classroom noise

  12. Sammie Jade Richardson

    Some great tips for parents evening, my eldest has just started secondary, I have 5 minute appointments with every single teacher, takes nearly 2 hours in total, treasure the primary school 10 minute slot haha. We love books in our house and hopefully the younger two will keep growing to love them, so much to learn from reading books.

  13. June Lord

    Dedicating the time to help my eldest daughter (7) learn through engaging activities was relatively easy until her brother and sister (now 4) came along. I’d love to win this because I really need to keep coming up with new ways to get them to sit down and learn and it’s exhausting. I’ve used other Leap Frog products before and think this new one sounds exciting.

  14. Anneka Avery

    I am so passionate about reading and it’s a great hobby of mine but my daughter struggles with her reading and I believe this amazing product would help her to read more independently (a skill I’m trying to develop with her)

  15. Marie Rule

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She would absolutely adore this prize.

  16. becki gates

    this would be perfect for my son and hopefully help him with his speech impairment. he loves reading books with me and tries so hard with his words x

  17. Laura Hood

    Would love to win one for my 4 year old daughter Summer she’s at that age she’s wanting to explore & learn I think these are great to introduce little people on their learning journey x

  18. Rebecca Funnell

    This would perfect for my nephew & i’d love to be able to give it to him as an extra crimbo pressie.

  19. Tammy Neal

    I’d love to get this for my niece so she can have a different way to learn and have fun at home.

  20. linda curtis

    i would love to win this for my granddaughter
    as she would really enjoy this

  21. cat williams

    This would be the perfect gift for my little man. He loves learning and this looks like a fab way to help

  22. Lauren Stebbings

    I’d love to get this for my kids so they could have a different way to learn and have fun at home.

  23. Rebecca Phillips

    My son is five and has just started reception. I think it would be a great tool to help him practise things he would be doing in a school, outside of school.

  24. Melanie Burton

    This would be the perf3ct a Christmas present for Jaydan to help him learn!


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