Oliver’s 4th Birthday Pirate Party

pirate party-honest mumA torrent of 20 little pirate boys and girls (and one chief pirate Mummy)-skull jewellery counts as piratey right(?!) ascended to David Lloyd’s for a heartily fun day to celebrate Oliver and his best friend Oscar’s 4th birthday.



My little pirate!


Mum and Dad thoroughly enjoyed themselves too and husband Peter (firmly behind the camera) even managed to get a shot of Mum and I when we weren’t chatting away or serving parents chocolate cake and tea!

Mother and daughter-Honest Mum

Alexander really came into his own on the day and relished being around lots of children, music and pirate style ‘boons’- that’s balloons to you and I!

Alexander-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest MumSweet!

And here is he with his unintentionally style co-ordinated Grandad! Very apt as I’ve never seen a closer Grandad and Grandson, they simply adore one another!

Alexander and Grandad-Honest Mum

I love sharing these pictures but of course cannot post all of them (as so many feature other children) but the day was truly joyful from start to finish.

With mostly children from Oliver’s pre-school in attendance (and a few close friends from outside school) along with brilliant entertainers hosting the party meant it was a really relaxed day we could all enjoy.


One of Oliver’s friends, darling little Dominic.

Fabulous food (hummus, crudites and gourmet sandwiches anyone?), games, and even a disco at the end (Oliver chose to dance with me over the queue of little ladies-I know my days are numbered on that one!), it was one special day!

The pièce_de_résistance (food wise at least) had to be the joint birthday cake.

The boys wanted a Cars style cake and hats off to Andrea the cake maker who created this masterpiece. Andrea is so busy she doesn’t need a website but you can contact me if you’re interested in hiring her!

lightning cake-Honest Mum

Cars cake-Honest Mum

Birthday cake-Honest Mum

We sang Happy Birthday twice so the boys had a chance to relish in their moment and these sweet pics have captured their friendship perfectly.

Oliver and Oscar-Honest Mum

Birthday boys-Honest Mum

Oh and here’s one more cute shot of Alexander for luck-you’re welcome!
Alexander-Honest Mum

It really was the party of the decade (OK make that the quarter)…

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