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My Happy Places Online

laptop with tulips

There’s a lot of, ‘Turn off the internet, it’s bad for you’ warnings circulating and yes, whilst you need time out from your laptop, particularly pre-bedtime for the best chance of a restful night’s sleep, the world wide web for the most part, is a force for good, if you ask me.

It’s a place to share creativity, get your art out into the world and connect with others, as well being a vital space to learn from and be inspired by. I literally can’t imagine life without it, and I still laugh at the memory of me telling my IT teacher in Sixth Form that I couldn’t see any point to learning how to use a computer as I’d never need it in adult life. Famous last words, right!

Here I share my can’t-live-without happy places online.



My first-love, the handle I discovered when I first started my blog back in 2010, means Twitter will always have my heart.  It was the first place online which made me feel less alone (breastfeeding at 3am and knowing I could tweet someone else in that exact same position was everything) and I don’t think a day’s gone by since I set up my account in November 2010 that I haven’t tweeted! I’ve made lifelong friends, colleagues and connected with brands thanks to Twitter.



Pinterest is one of the very few public places online that feels intimate and private. It’s where I can curate and share my passions visually, from food to fashion, travel, beauty and beyond. Not only is it great for referral traffic to my blog it’s the perfect merging of image search engine and social handle. Sacred from trolls and potential negativity, this visual feast of a platform never fails to make me smile. You can follow me @honestmum.


TV Online

Give me a marathon of The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Celebs Go Dating, First Dates and How D’You Get So Rich? and I’m one happy mama. I tend to watch all of the above to my own schedule,online and I’ve currently got 3 episodes of TOWIE to catch up on and I can’t wait. I’m a big fan of Suits and Harvey Spectre too (yum) and it’s pretty much the only show my husband and I can agree to watch together.


Retail Therapy Online

There are some high street stores I can buy from online as I’m always the same size there and Topshop is my BAE so has seen me spend many a late night shop there (the newsletter means I never miss the latest drops either). I’m also a fan of picking up designer pieces at reduced prices at Vestaire Collective (I’m currently wasting hours looking at Cartier watches there for the ultimate life wishlist). Kids clothes-wise, John Lewis is my go-to store online and IRL, and when it comes to beauty it’s Charlotte Tilbury and MAC all the way!


My Blog

Honest Mum is of course my number 1 (my third baby). My blog is my bestie to be fair, and I literally want to punch myself in the face for writing that (I have real life best friends too, honest) but it’s my everything online-my therapy, my mode for expressing myself, my space and pretty much my own piece of daily installation art (OK I’m definitely punching myself now) but this place, makes me happy. Happy to have you reading it, happy to be able to share what I like here, and happy (and grateful), it’s my full-time job.

I do love other sites online too of course (ha) from parenting and lifestyle blogs to online mags like The Pool and Red Online and tech must-reads like ProBlogger. My online girl crush Marie Forleo’s site is my go-to place for inspiration and I’m obsessed with YouTube naturally, for tutorials, vlogs and vids from creators worldwide.

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My Happy Places Online

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