My 5 Tips On Being Kind on National Kindness Day & Every Day


Yes some people suck in life, that much is true, and they can suck the life out of you too, but here’s the thing, when others go low, we go high Michelle Obama style, right, and whilst it’s important to cut out the negativity in your life, staying away from those who kill your happy vibes, it’s vital to be open to others, to give people the benefit of the doubt and to practice kindness where possible.

This adulting shizz isn’t easy is it? I’m a role model for my kids, I want to show them that respecting others and being kind is paramount. I’m raising the future and these boys are so big-hearted it truly makes me proud.

I wanted to share some reminders here (for myself as well as you guys) on the small ways we can show others kindness.

  1. Be Grateful. When you self-reflect and truly value what you have, you will be happier and more able to spread kindness and joy to those around you. Count your blessings, people. I like to keep a gratitude notebook by my bed, jotting down reminders of positive events, kind gestures towards me and things in life I value before I sleep.
  2. Work on your confidence. Once you believe that you’re enough and that, what you bring to the table is worthwhile, you’ll feel less envious and jealous of others and kindness will simply flow. Keep reminding yourself of your worth OK.
  3. Limit judgement. We all do it, it’s natural to make assumptions about others, it’s what keeps us safe physically and emotionally but do try and be open minded where you can. People can and will surprise you. In the same way that you might fear being judged unfairly by others, take people for who they are and how they behave. Try not to be swayed by others’ opinions and always go with your gut.
  4. Seek out the positives in life and in others. Compliment people where you can. You might just turn someone’s day around with your words. The other day in the supermarket, I felt frazzled and tired waiting at the checkout. The shop assistant looked up at me and told me that she loved my hair. The fact she took the time to tell me that, instantly lifted me. I wrote a post on the importance of Complimenting Strangers which touched many of you and is a reminder to reach out and make someone’s day. It costs nothing.
  5. You can never be too kind. Be good to others, expecting nothing in return. To be honest, kindness in itself makes you feel fabulous so even if it’s never , ever reciprocated materialistically or otherwise, the joyous ‘feels’ you receive from being caring and thoughtful towards others is enough of a reward.

Go forth and be your kindest selves, folks x

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My 5 Tips On Being Kind on National Kindness Day & Every Day

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