how to get white teeth

How to Get Whiter Teeth

how to get white teeth

You guys often ask me about my teeth so I thought I’d write a post on them.

I’m lucky that genetics have been on my side when it came to my gnashers, in the sense that my whole family pretty much have strong, straight pearly teeth.

I didn’t need a brace as a kid, and they’ve always been pretty white.

The only teeth-related problems I’ve experienced occurred as a result of my first pregnancy as I’d literally vomit on brushing. I did force myself to brush my teeth morning and night, but I couldn’t cope with it for very long so ended up with two fillings after Oliver was born. The price you pay for a gorgeous bundle hey-and the rest ;).

So that’s the scale of any teeth woes for me, bar chipping a tooth at the back on an apple pre-kids. A few years ago, looking through photos on social media I noticed my teeth weren’t as white as they were and all the tea and wine sipping had caught up with me making them more yellowy than before. A few friends had, had their teeth professionally whitened and looked ah-mazing so I booked in with my regular NHS dentist and asked for a Simon Cowell white smile!

This was two years ago and I couldn’t be happier. Having my teeth moulded (it did make me feel like I was going to gag a bit) and the custom made dental tray came back within a week or so. The dentist had Colgate whitening gel that I would insert into the tray before wearing it for usually 4-6 hours a day. Some sleep in theirs but I couldn’t relax with it in at night, it felt unnatural so I just stuck them in by day and tried to remember to take them out for the school run.

I have sensitive teeth so was advised to insert toothpaste into the dental tray first, placing that into my mouth and wearing it for 15 minutes or so before washing it out and placing the gel inside. That helps to strengthen your teeth so the gel doesn’t cause so much pain.

I kept the tray in for about 2 weeks at first I think, returned to the dentist who liked how white they’d become, saying it was nearly on the whitest shade on their colour chart (yes these exist) but being a perfectionist, I wanted to crack the whitest of white smiles so popped the tray back in for another week the following month.

Now I usually whiten them for 10 days once a year to keep them sparkly white.

I’d recommend popping into your dentist (not a beautician or buying online as they are experts) to discuss in more detail. You can have an instant whitening treatment if you prefer, but do see your dentist for advice.

To keep my teeth healthy, I of course brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush, ensuring I brush for 2 minutes minimum. I try not to rinse my mouth after brushing as it washes out the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste, lessening it’s preventative effects.

I floss day and night and also use incidental brushes to remove lodged food and fight gum disease. The brushes felt odd at first but I’ve gotten used to them and my teeth are healthier for it.

You can read more tips on keeping yours and your kids’ teeth healthy in my post ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brushing Your Teeth‘.


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