festive styleI can’t believe Christmas is upon is, it really is my favourite time of the year-a chance to see family and friends and reconnect, eat delicious food, and of course, get glammed up lots over the season!

We have lots of sweet traditions as a family from decorating the tree, fire on, while scoffing cherry liquor chocolates (me and Daddy-the kids eat a few chocolate tree decorations), before watching a festive film like Elf.

Christmas tree

I love reading about traditions all over the world.

In France, Christmas trees have never been particularly popular, but they seem to enjoy a Yule log.

In Denmark, a traditional rice pudding is served for desert which has one single almond is hidden in it – whoever finds it is thought to have good luck for the coming year. In Greece presents aren’t given until the 1st January-I must say although we are originally Greek Cypriot here, presents are definitely opened on Christmas Day and sometimes a small one to one another on Christmas Eve. 

This year, we’ll be staying at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve, so we’ll all eat together-usually a delicious soup my Mum has lovingly made (it was butternut squash last year) before a light dinner (grilled fish or seafood) pre the Christmas Day feast the following day.

Christmas traditions

turkeyBeing a family of foodies, we simply adore Christmas dinner-‘posh’ prawn cocktail for starter is my favourite or crab before the beauty that is bronzed turkey, honey glazed turnips, carrots and swede, garlicky brussel sprouts, homemade stuffing and usually lobster in a delicate cream sauce, for my husband Peter who doesn’t eat meat.

posh prawn cocktail


This is of course, all lovingly served on Mum’s beloved antique gold crockery that only makes an appearance once a year.


When it comes to fashion for the big day we go all out, Ralph Lauren Kids shirts for the children are usually the choice of the day, (Daddy follows suit with the menswear version) and I like to rock a pretty party dress with statement jewellery.

For the run up to Christmas and day-to-day, I love a tea or tunic dress. Stylish, pretty and importantly, comfortable, ideal for a busy professional blogger and mum of two, this tunic from White Stuff is the ideal partner to thick 100 denier tights and either ankle (these are from New Look) or knee high boots.

One of my part time jobs at uni was working at White Stuff, safe to say all my wages went on the stunning clothes in there!

This bold, printed V neck tunic titled ‘Redwood jersey tunic’ in iris blue is perfect for the festive period, and will be wearable beyond too. Super for a Christmas party in the day, I can equally imagine pairing it with silver sandals on holiday when the weather brightens up.

Thanks to White Stuff for the pretty tunic and the pretty decorations below, all gorgeous!

Do you like my style?

I’d love to read your festive traditions in the comments.

Happy Christmas folks!

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