Feeling a Little Lost Now the Kids at Back To School


I know I’m not alone in feeling a little lost today, as several of my friends messaged me this morning to say the same.

We’ve all gone from a busy, fun and oh-so LONG summer holiday with my our broods to a pretty abrupt (if you don’t plan far ahead-guilty) to the first day back at school, and it’s a surreal break in the habits we’ve accustomed over the holidays aka playing in the park until late most nights and waking up at 10 am!

Oliver, 9, has started a new school and with that comes inevitable first day nerves (both of us, not helped by traffic problems and late arrivals by all) and Alexander, 6, returned to school, now in Year 2 (which seems far too grown up for my ‘baby’-yes, I’m THAT parent) and while fresh starts are vital and exciting, the end to the holidays feels rather bitter sweet.

While some days were undoubtedly stressful as majority carer over the holidays (splitting up arguments and juggling deadlines with kids wasn’t always easy), I loved a more relaxed routine and greater spontaneity. Most of all, I feel grateful for all the quality time with my kids. The questions they asked (sorry Xander, I couldn’t answer who made G-d or what came first, the chicken or the egg) and the laughs we shared over the GC show (Oliver wants to know if there’ll be a VP show hahaha) and carefree tennis in the park before sunset and ice cream by the river or sloping around the stunning RHS Cliveden (sharing some photos above and below).

Cliveden Cliveden RHS Cliveden

bees plants flowersCliveden Oliver

We really did make some special memories this summer, more so than any other summer holidays I reckon as Xander in particular seemed to mature by the minute which saw his bond with older brother Oliver grow.

It was also the first holiday in years that I wasn’t blighted with throat problems (last summer was a right-off post thyroid op).

So, today is the start of a new chapter for all of us. I can finally enjoy a hot cup of tea rather than lukewarm or Xander asking to share, and I’ll be starting to make a dent in what is now a heaving and hopefully, understanding inbox and a chance to write in peace. It’s eerily silent though and today feels just like the times you will your kids to sleep after a long day, only to spend the next hour watching them when they finally nod off.

I was meant to be far more productive today, finally, now I had the time to work without interruption yet instead I’m watching the clock and willing school pick-up time. Motherhood, hey, it’s complicated!

Can you relate?


P.S. I shared some Back to School tips on Day Insure’s site if you fancy a read.

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